140 Best Girlfriend Birthday Card Messages

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1.Happy birthday to my darling new girlfriend, I’m so happy that you’re in my life.

2.To my awesome new girlfriend who is super kind and great, happy birthday my love.

3.Happy birthday to my beautiful girlfriend, you're just as gorgeous as the day I met you!

4.Grateful that I get to call you my girlfriend. I celebrate you and your new age, happy birthday dearest one.

5.Nothing compares to the feeling of having you as my new girlfriend. A wonderful birthday of love to you.

6.I can’t get over how excited I am to wish my new girlfriend a happy birthday. I love you so much, enjoy your special day.

7.If there’s anything like having the perfect girlfriend, it’s about you. Happy birthday my love.

8.Happy birthday to a very special girl today! Sending you lots of love on your birthday!

9.You're my sister, my friend, my confidante, wishing you a birthday that is as beautiful as you are!

10.To my new girlfriend who has filled my world with all the good feelings, happy birthday, my love.

11.Will you be my new girlfriend forever and a day more? A special birthday of love and good wishes to you.

12.Is it just me or do I have the most awesome new girlfriend (insert wink emoji). Birthday love and best wishes my baby.

13.I am so lucky to have a girlfriend like you in my life. Thank you for your special birthday wishes.

14.Happy birthday to my beautiful friend, every day shines a little brighter with you in it.

15.As charming as you are, it's no wonder everyone adores you, including me! Happy birthday beautiful friend!

16.Happy birthday, my beautiful bff! May we be friends forever and ever! Hope this is the best year yet!

17.From a best friend turned to my new girlfriend, I couldn’t be more excited to share your new age with you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

18.You are the perfect girlfriend and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Wishing you a joyful birthday celebration.

19.All the birthday love and best wishes to my awesome new girlfriend. I love you so much, babe.

20.To my birthday baby, happy birthday my love. Have fun and cheers to your greatness.

21.The world has to know that I have the most amazing new girlfriend. Wishing you a perfect birthday.

22.You continue to give me reasons to love you more. Have your best year yet, happy birthday.

23.Sending loving wishes to the birthday girl today. Hope you have a beautiful celebrate and a magnificent year!

24.To the girl who makes everything feel great, happy birthday sweetheart. I hope you enjoy your day and new age.

25.All the birthday love and best wishes to my favourite birthday girl. Cheers to a year of love and progress.

26.Happy birthday my love, I couldn’t be happier to spend this most special day with you.

27.To my one and only new best girl, happy birthday darling, have an incredibly fantastic new age.

28.I will make sure that you have the beautiful birthday that you deserve. Do have a special day my love.

29.You came into my life and automatically became my favourite person. Happy birthday fave(insert smile emoji).

30.Happy birthday my love, sending you good vibes and all the success you need for your new age.

31.Happy birthday hot mama, sending you some wonderful birthday vibes on your special day today!

32.My first time celebrating your birthday with you, I promise to make it as special as I can. Happy birthday baby girl.

33.The best birthday wishes to my new best girl. I love you with everything in me, promise to make today special for you.

34.I can’t imagine being anywhere else but with you for your special birthday. I love you immensely.

35.Welcome to a new and exciting chapter of your life, it will be awesome. A beautiful birthday to you.

36.This will definitely be a year to remember for success and beautiful memories, happy birthday my darling.

37.Thank you for the token of live you sent me on my birthday. I will definitely keep it close to my heart.

38.To my beautiful friend, you deserve the very best on your birthday today! Have a spectacular birthday!

39.Happy birthday to my beautiful sister! You are so wonderful to me, and I'm luck to call you my sis!

40.You make me so happy and I intend to return the favour every day that I spend with you. Have a splendid birthday.

41.The thing is; I’m never letting you go. My baby, have the most special birthday.

42.I’m the happiest person today because I get to spend this special day with you. Happy birthday my love.

43.Happy birthday queen of my heart, I sincerely hope you have an amazing year all round.

44.You are my favourite new thought and I wish you a fairytale happy birthday with all-round happiness.

45.This is me wishing my amazing new girlfriend the most amazing of my birthday. I know that you will have a great year ahead.

46.You are going to have an exceptionally beautiful year because you’re an exceptionally amazing girlfriend.

47.With or without a crown, you are the queen of my heart, happy birthday queen, best wishes.

48.Thank you so much for selecting such a thoughtful and generous gift on my birthday. I appreciate your choice baby.

49.I love gifts, but above all I love you the most girl. You are my sunshine. Thank you for your wonderful heart melting birthday wishes...

50.Thanks for celebrating my birthday with me. I love the gift you got me. Lots of love, hugs and kisses to you...

51.Hey foxy lady, have a fabulous birthday! I only wish I was half as fierce as you are!

52.This is the first birthday I’m celebrating with you and hopefully, there will be many more. Happy birthday best girl.

53.Hoping that you have the most special day as you celebrate your birth anniversary. Have a great birthday.

54.Thank you to my super girl for making this day fab. Thanks a lot my lady love.

55.Having you as my girlfriend is one of the biggest gift of god to me. Thanks a lot for the mid night birthday cake celebration. It really means a lot to me.

56.Bae, I am extremely grateful to you for the gift that you have sent me. It totally made my day. Thank you for the lovely birthday wishes...

57.You have a beautiful soul and it just shines, Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady!

58.Our relationship may be new but my love for you runs to the ocean depth. Happy birthday my love.

59.Out with the old, in with the new. Have a year filled with happiness and excellence, happy birthday dear.

60.From the first day that I met you, I knew that I wanted you in my life always. Have a wonderful new age, happy birthday.

61.To my favourite new person in the world; happy birthday my love. It’s going to be a fun and successful year for you.

62.Cheers to making many beautiful memories with you for the rest of the year have a beautiful birthday dear.

63.You are the first and last girl I have loved in my life. Thanks a lot babe for wishing me in such a unique manner on my birthday.

64.Thank you for such a grand celebration on my birthday. Thank you for loving me and for all those love memories!

65.Another year older, another year wiser, and you're still as beautiful as the day I met you, Happy birthday, my love!

66.To my beautiful partner, every day with you is cause for celebration. Today just make its official, Happy birthday!

67.To my love of my life, you are beautiful, kind, smart, funny… and I can go and on… but this card wouldn't fit it all. Happy birthday!

68.To a very special lady today, may all your birthday dreams and wishes come true!

69.Sending birthday wishes to a wonderful niece. We're so blessed to have a beautiful soul like yours in our family.

70.We love and we fight but we'll always be family. Happy birthday sister, hope it's a good one!

71.You are the best new girlfriend anyone could ever ask for and I hope you have the best of year. I love you so much.

72.Now that you’re here in my life, I like me so much better and may your new age be so much better than the last. Happy birthday my love.

73.I’ll be here for you through the year in all the ways I can, wishing you the happiest of birthday with all the love and success.

74.You have become the best part of my life and nothing can change that. Have a year to remember, happy birthday love.

75.You are the most important part of my life and celebrating your birthday with you means so much to me. Have an awesome new age.

76.Celebrating your birthday on this special day because it’s the reason that you exist. Cheers to your beautiful existence and everyday success.

77.Thanks a lot for making my birthday fantastic.The memories of this birthday will be cherished forever. Love you a tons...

78.I may have missed your birthdays in the past but now, I have all of forever to make it up to you. Happy birthday my darling girl.

79.Today is the first of the many birthdays that I’ll celebrate with you. Love you, my queen, have the happiest of birthdays.

80.From the deepest part of my heart, I wish you a happy birthday and the best of everything for your new age. I love you, baby girl.

81.All I want to do is spend this special day letting you know how much you mean to me. Have a fantastic birthday my love.

82.Nowhere else I’d rather be than by your side celebrating this beautiful day with you, a beautiful birthday to you baby.

83."It’s so easy to love you, my sweetheart. Your smile, humility, and kind heart fill me with immense pleasure." Wishing my queen a magnificent birthday.

84.Hey girl! You are the charm of my life. I am lucky to have you in my life. Thanks a lot for the birthday wishes and the gift. I loved it just like you!

85.The shirt I received from you on my birthday was just perfect. From size to colo it was amazing! And yeah, thanks for that lovely greeting card too...Get ready for your return gift too...

86.Happy Birthday to you! You are beautiful inside and out, and I hope you know that!

87.Here's to wonderful birthday wishes for a beautiful niece! May your day be as delightful as you are!

88.Today is all about you; my new girlfriend who makes everything in my life so much better. May your new age be incredibly beautiful.

89.You are here with me and that is all that matters. May your birthday be as special as it needs to be.

90.My heart led me to you in the most beautiful way and now I’ll be here for you in all the ways I can be. Happy birthday my love.

91.There are not enough words to tell you that I love having you as my new girlfriend but I’ll start by wishing you a beautiful birthday and an awesome year ahead.

92.You make everything worthwhile, I do hope that you get the incredibly beautiful new age that you deserve. Happy birthday, babe.

93.I’ll celebrate with you every day that we spend together but on this most special day, I wish you a happy birthday and the best of wishes.

94.Girl you are the one with whom I would love to grow old and celebrate my future birthdays. Thanks for your heart-warming birthday wishes. Love you darling!

95.To my beautiful niece, you have brighten everyone's lives since you came into the family. hope you have a wonderful birthday!

96.Your new age will be as amazing as you are, happy birthday my beautiful one.

97.Something new, something beautiful, something amazing and much more. I wish you all that and more for your birthday.

98.I’ll be here for this birthday and every other birthday after this one. Birthday blessings and love to you.

99.I thank you from the core of my heart for making my birthday extra special. You have always done more than expected for me.

100.Thank you so much for your warm wishes and the gift. You cant even imagine how happy you have made me by being a part of my life.

101.They say that it is scientifically proven that people who have more birthdays live longer.

102.My new girl after my heart forever and ever. Cheers to what will be a successful and fantastic new year for you.

103.I celebrate the new and forever queen of my heart. Remained blessed my love, happy birthday.

104.I don’t know how I got lucky enough to be with you but I’m so thankful. May your birthday usher beautiful moments into your life.

105.Never have I ever felt this way before and I want nothing else except this feeling. Have yourself a fantastic birthday.

106.I’m so excited about all the good things that will happen in your new age. Many happy returns my love.

107.You are amazing, and I hope the world knows how beautiful and awesome you are! Happy birthday!

108.Happy birthday to you, our beautiful niece! Wishing you a day and year of laughter and love!

109.I haven’t known you for so long but you already have my entire heart. I hope you have an excellent year, happy birthday baby.

110.It was love at first and now you’re all mine. Love you to the moon and back, have the beautiful birthday that you thoroughly deserve.

111.I’m so happy that I get to share your beautiful life and birthday with you. Cheers to your beautiful new age.

112.As long as you’re here with me, I’ll be ok. Do have the beautiful new age that you deserve.

113.Watching you at 12 a.m. outside my house just to wish me happy birthday was not less a nightmare for me. Thanks bae, thanks a lot. You have done more than I deserve in my life.

114.Thank you so much for sending me such a lovely and meaningful gift on this special day. You have done much more than required baby...

115.So many things I want to say to you on your special day but I’ll start by saying a warm and happy birthday to you.

116."A very happy birthday to the loveliest girl I know. I hope you are blessed with lots of happiness and satisfaction. My heart aches without you, but I know we’ll be together soon".

117.I had no idea that you would gift me such a beautiful and unique present on my birthday. You have no idea how happy I am after receiving it. Thank you sweetheart.

118.You take my breath away every day with how exquisite you are. Hope your beautiful smile shines brighter today on your birthday! Hope to celebrate many, many more birthdays with you!

119.Baby you could not have been able to pick me a more perfect gift than the one you have picked. Thank you so much for the lovely gift.

120.Thank you bae for accepting me and making me a part of your life. Thank you for the marvellous birthday wishes. This was my one of the best birthdays I must say.

121.You are now officially too old to have individual candles for your cake. Enjoy retirement!

122.A special love and best wishes to my new favourite girl in the whole world. I love you now and always.

123.As special as you are is how special your birthday and a new age will be. I love you, babe.

124.You are just as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside and I wish you the very best on your birthday today!

125.One day a year is simply not enough to celebrate someone as awesome as you.

126.A beautiful person like you deserves a beautiful birthday and you shall have it. Cheers to a year of celebrations.

127.I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the arrangements that you have done on my birthday.

128.Happy birthday niece, you're still the cutie pie I remember. You're just another year older today. Hope your wishes come true!

129.I know I don’t say it often. But I thank you for everything you have done to make my birthday special. Thank you for your wishes. I love you sweetheart...

130.When I'm as old as you, I hope that I am half as funny as you think you are.

131.You are everything to me and so much more. May your new age be everything you need it to be and more.

132.In so short a time, you have become the most precious person in my life.

133.The fact that you exist makes me so happy, many more years of success and beautiful moments to you.

134.I know my office meeting ruined some of your surprise plans. Sorry bae but please don’t get sad. But still by getting together in the evening we made up the lost time. Thank you so much..

135.It feels so great to have you in my life and I want this feeling forever. Hoping you have your best year yet.

136.There are no perfect words for your special day so I’ll begin by telling you that I love you. Have an awesome year babe.

137.You are the one who knows how to bring smile on my face. You are my inspiration. Thanks a lot for your special birthday wishes. I have treasured each and every word in my heart.

138.You can make your relation with your girlfriend more warmer by sending her some wonderful thank you messages for the birthday wishes from her. So select some wonderful quotes and messages to express your love, gratitude and thank to your girlfriend.

139.It takes commitment, love, faith, and understanding for long-distance relationships to last forever. These birthday wishes will help you strengthen your relationship with your girlfriend/wife who lives far away from you. Share these lovely messages with her and make her birthday fun and memorable.

140.Are you finding it difficult to say thanks to your girlfriend for the birthday wishes received from her? Let us make it easy for you. Appreciate the efforts of your girlfriend that she made to make your birthday special. Share something positive and give her a show of appreciation for her generosity, love and time. Here we are presenting 27 best thank you messages and quotes to send your girfriend for receiving sweet happy birthday wishes from her.