55 Smart Sad Love Quotes

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1.“I spend hours looking through lyrics and quotes to find the words that I cannot say”

2.“The problem with love is: You can love who you want… But so can they.”

3.“How do you tell someone that the reason you’re sad is that you love them?”

4.“I try to make people feel loved and wanted because I know what it’s like to not feel loved and wanted.”

5.“I get nervous about everything. Sometimes I don’t know why I’m anxious. I just am no-one seems to understand that.”

6.“I know it’s over, and it never really began, but in my heart, it was so real.”

7.“Be w someone who constantly makes you roll your eyes but makes you smile right after”

8.“Sadly, the only way some people will learn to appreciate you is by losing you.”

9.“Benvolio are you in love? Romeo out—Benvolio of love? Romeo the one I love doesn’t love me.”

10.“I trusted you, but now your word means nothing because your actions spoke the truth.”

11.“I’ll see you when the road decides it’s time for our paths to cross again”

12.“Sometimes we expect too much from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.”

13.“I didn’t fall in love with you, I fell in love with the person you pretended to be.”

14.“I think a part of me will always be waiting for you, even if the other knows you’ll never come.”

15.“Some people will only love you as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where the benefits stop.”

16.“I’m technically single but my heart is taken by someone I can’t call my own.”

17.“Thousands of eyes were staring at her, and she fell for the one looking down.”

18.“Sometimes, all you can do is lie in bed, and hope to fall asleep before you fall apart.”

19.“Sometimes, all you can do is lie in bed, and hope to fall asleep before you fall apart.”

20.“I can fake a smile, I can pretend to be happy, I can do a lot of things, but I can’t pretend that I don’t love you.”

21.“It’s okay to cry when there’s too much on your mind. The clouds rain too when things get heavy.”

22.“My heart broke the day I saw you looked at her the way I look at you.”

23.“And I guess I’m just afraid to live without you. You’re all I’ve known for a long time.”

24.“We’re a mess you and I, but the truth is, you captivate me in ways no soul ever will.”

25.“Dear crush, I may not have the prettiest face for you to look at but I do promise I have the biggest heart to love you with.”

26.“Never lose yourself while trying to hold on to someone who doesn’t care about losing you.”

27.“If you can’t get someone out of your head, maybe they are supposed to be there.”

28.“You never fail to amaze me. Every day there is something new that makes me love you even more than the day before.”

29.“It hurts the most when the person that made you feel special yesterday makes you feel so unwanted today.”

30.“I’m sorry I mistook all our laughs, long nights, sweet texts and jokes as you caring. I’ll think twice before I waste my time again.”

31.“I love you. And I will always love you until the day that my very last breath is taken from me.”

32.“If you hate me hate me alone don’t be out there lying about me trying to recruit people to hate me with you”

33.“ “Love is overrated,” she says. “It always leaves you feeling empty in the end.” “But don’t you think it’s worth it?” “No,” she replies. “Not if it destroys who you are.”

34.“I hate when people ask me ‘Why are you so quiet?’ Because I am. That’s how I function. I don’t ask others ‘Why are you so noisy? Why do you talk so much?’ That’s rude.”

35.“The most empty people love the deepest because they have nothing else to fill themselves with other than the love they have for you.”

36.“Yeah, I miss you. I miss you. I miss having you to talk to whenever I wanted. But I know I have to move on because this is pointless.”

37.“There’s nothing more confusing and painful to a woman than being told that she’s amazed by a man who treats her like she’s not good enough to commit to”

38.“People scare me. They change their minds so quickly. One moment it’s “I love you” and “You make me happy” and the next it’s “I’m not sure anymore” and “this isn’t what I want”.”

39.“And if I’m honest, I don’t believe you ever truly loved me. You just got a little lonely at night, and you loved that I loved you.”

40.“The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.”

41.“You don’t know pain until you’re staring at yourself in the mirror with tears streaming down your face and you’re begging yourself to just hold on and be strong. That is a pain.”

42.“Do not question an old love, a done love. Don’t touch it, search through it, rip it apart. Let it be what it was and put it away somewhere untouched. And then walk away from it you’re your own life. Let it hurt until it doesn’t.”

43.“Don’t break up. Fix the problem. Start the romance again. Go on dates again. Work on winning each other over again. This is why there are so many failed relationships. If you love each other and are best friends then breaking up is not the answer.”

44.“Boys do cry when they see their mother in pain. Boys do cry when their sister leaves them after marriage. Boys do cry when they see their father in trouble. Boys do cry when they are hurt. Boys do cry when they are heartbroken. Boys are not robots!! They too have feelings and emotions. They just don’t show. But boys do cry. Tag someone”

45.“When he breaks your heart. He feels nothing. He moves on quickly. Like nothing happened. You feel as if a piece of you is missing. You can’t eat, you can’t sleep. All you do is think about him. Wondering if he’s thinking of you. Wondering if he ever misses you. You’re depressed for weeks, months, sometimes longer. But then you realize what’s important in life. And you decide that you need to worry about yourself. You soon move on… And he’s stuck watching you smile. And realizes… He missed up. He’ll regret everything.”

46.“I just really wanted you to know if you don’t already know by now, that you make everything better. You made me better, made my days better, even my future is better. All because of you. You made my life the best it could ever be.”

47.“Did you ever love me did I ever love you, are you being serious right now you know I did and you ruined me with that power of knowing I’ll love you over and over again even if you broke me I think the real question is did you ever love me”

48.“She said: As I was fighting for you, I realized I was fighting to be lied to; fighting to be taken for granted; fighting to be disappointed; and fighting to be hurt again… So I started fighting to let go.”

49.“You think you “Played” me but, who ended up losing? I mean what did I lose? A boy that didn’t appreciate what I did for him? What did you let go? A girl that would go out her way just to please you and someone that rode with you through thick and thin. A girl who loved you regardless of your flaws (trust me there was a lot). You can easily be replaced, but a girl like me? Good luck finding a girl who put up with you as I did. Sorry, you played your damn self.”

50.“The difference between real love and fake love is this: Real love is so quick to resume its original shape after being stretched and expanded. Always to recover no matter what it endures. Fake love is brittle. It breaks over even the simplest of things.”

51.“A message for my children when the day comes that there is no more tomorrow for me, one of my biggest regrets will not bring able to be share at your side should you need me. My wish for you then will always be that your lives are long and healthy and that you follow your dreams wherever they may lead. When you look back and I am but a memory I pray that you remember that you were, are, and always will be deeply loved by me.”

52.“He was an ass. He made sure you fell for him and he wasn’t even there to catch you. But worst of all, he made you trust him. He made you think he wasn’t like all the others. And you know what? He was right. He wasn’t like all the others, he was so much worse…”

53.“How to love someone who is broken gently, lay your hands on their soul like a whisper and find the places in which they are broken. Then love them until these fractured places become crevices, and the crevices become thin, white scars that they only just barely remember.”

54.“This is the girl who would have done anything for you if she could have had any guy in the world she still would have picked you. She kept expecting because she believed in you. But you gave up on her, and now she has given up on you too.”

55.“When it’s real, it won’t be perfect, but if you’re willing to work at it and open up, it could be everything you’ve ever wanted. Anything that isn’t tested will fail, your heart and relationship included. So loss and disappointment aren’t designed to deter you from love, they are there to teach you how to do it better. Stop holding back in the present just because you got hurt in the past. It’s behind you, stop tripping over it. You may have your doubts but just know, fear will always hurt you faster and longer than love does.”