71 Best Breaking Up By Text Message

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1.It’s so odd that we’re now strangers to each other. It’s time to move on. I wish you all the best.

2.I have many reasons to love you and a very few to hate you. But the reasons not to love you overpower. I’m sorry, never wanted to break your heart.

3.It takes two to tango. It takes agreement to continue going. At this point, I can’t go anymore with you. do have a great journey, bye.

4.My love for you keeps reducing day by day and you deserve to be treated better than I am doing. You will find someone that will treat you with respect. I’m sorry to say goodbye.

5.Nowadays, I’ve been feeling that our relationship has no future. We have lost our spark and it’s sadly time to say goodbye to each other. Good luck with your life.

6.It’s super hard on my part but we really need to break up. It’s necessary for us to accept fate and grow no bitterness in our hearts. Stay safe, take care. Goodbye.

7.Maybe you’re not too bad, you’re just not good enough for me. I am done with this relationship.

8.I am losing you gradually and I’m not getting the deserved attention. We may not be able to revive our first love, but we can end the relationship peacefully.

9.I believe we will make better friends than lovers. Although it’s hard, I will suggest we break up and remain friends. I truly appreciate you for those times spent together.

10.You know how much I love you but it seems we don’t understand each other nowadays. Our staying together is becoming impossible daily, I’m sorry I have to call it a day.

11.It’s is time for us to move on. We have managed ourselves for too long. There are no feelings for you in my heart again, thanks for your time.

12.I had always wished that this will continue till eternity, but the universe is saying otherwise. At this point, I have to say, GOODBYE.

13.I appreciate all that you represent in my life. I value all that you helped me to achieve. Although we cannot move on together again, you hold a special place in my heart.

14.I know we’ve had the most wonderful times together, but I think it is high time we take our separate paths. You’ll always remain a good memory.

15.I can’t wrap my head around why you broke my heart and left me. Honestly, I respect you and will keep loving you, but it’ll be hard for me to start something new. I wish you all the best in life.

16.When I met you, I saw an angel. Now I realize that all angels are not sent to us. Obviously, we are not meant for each other. It’s over.

17.This is not a closed door that could be re-opened; this is rocky wall that’s meant to be forever. We are separated to never be re-united. Goodbye for good.

18.Maybe it’s too difficult for you to say with words. I’ll help you put in words what you’ve been saying with action. It’s over between us.

19.I know I’m very guilty for not giving you enough attention. I’m sorry I couldn’t take the time out for you. You’re meant to be treated honorably. At this point, I have to say goodbye regrettably.

20.Our relationship has been fun all the way and filled with sweet and bitter memories, but it is time for me to move on. I know this may not meet you well. Please, forgive me.

21.Every moment spent with you was awesome, but I don’t feel any connection with you anymore. I can’t continue to cope with this dryness. Thanks for contributing to my growth.

22.I appreciate those times we spent together, at this point I need to focus on something else. This relationship is a whole lot of distraction to me.

23.You have been an amazing partner all the way, but I believe we will be better off separately. Please let’s put an end to this relationship.

24.I’m not happy quitting this relationship, but I know it’s for the good of us. I believe we are better off separately. Although it’s hard to say goodbye, but I’m sorry, I have to say it.

25.The journey has been a rough one. I will like to end this journey at this point. I believe we have both learned our lessons though in a hard way. I wish you all the best in life.

26.Nothing seems to fuel our love, it keeps going down the drain daily. I desire an enjoyable relationship not where I’ll be struggling to be accepted. It’s painful though, but I have to tell you goodbye.

27.When I loved you, I loved you so much that I never thought I could ever possibly hate you. But now that I do, I hate you so much that I can never think of loving you again. Goodbye.

28.Maybe we’re not mature enough to handle this relationship. So, instead of dragging it on and making it worse, let’s call it off and move forward in life. Goodbye, will miss you forever.

29.I must sincerely appreciate you for adding positively to my life. We both know that things have been hard lately and I feel the best thing to do is to part ways. Thank you for giving your best.

30.I have lost my identity in this relationship, I got so used to you that I don’t even know who I am again. At this point, I need to be myself, I’m sorry to call it to quit.

31.The problem with our relationship is that you kept thinking about the fights we had in the past while I kept thinking about the smiles we’d share in the future.

32.From obvious observation, we are not compatible together. There’s no reason to continue this journey, and I don’t mean to hurt you, it’s just the sincere truth.

33.I did not see a future for us in this relationship. I just want us to end this journey so that we don’t waste our precious time. Thank you for all you did.

34.You’ve changed so much. You don’t have any time for me. You don’t have any love for me. And I can’t tolerate it all. That’s why I decided to send you this break-up message. I hope you’ll respect my decision and leave me alone.

35.After much consideration, I observed that this relationship has not benefitted any of us. Our level of productivity since we came together has dwindled. Please, let’s accept our fate and move on.

36.This relationship is full of deceit, argument, and bitterness. I can’t stay where there is no affection and understanding. It is good we end this relationship and enjoy our lives.

37.I can’t manage a hard relationship any longer. There’s no mutual understanding and I do not see a common ground for us. We should part ways and find true happiness elsewhere.

38.Honestly, we are both at fault for this relationship that is not working. All efforts to put it together proved abortive. I think we need to end this on a peaceful note. Goodbye.

39.I wanted to love you, honestly, I tried my best. But I don’t know why you pushed me away every time. I can’t take this anymore. There’s no point in keeping a relationship like this. We both need time and space. And that’s why I am breaking up with you. Take care, bye.

40.We both have to stay positive and think about the good times we had. A breakup isn’t that bad, it’s just the beginning of another adventure. I’ll definitely miss you and I hope that our paths cross again in the future.

41.Having someone by your side means a lot. I have so much expectation that your love will lift me up and that you’ll take care of me. But you failed to do that. Maybe it was not a good thing to have any expectations when it comes to love, but blame my good heart for that. That was my mistake and I need a break now.

42.The good things in our relationship are long gone. All that’s left between us are fights, bickering, and being angry at each other. I’ve grown so tired of these things that I need to shift my focus on myself now. Good luck and take care.

43.You could have thousands of boys in your life, but you’ll never find one like me. Maybe you will find someone who’s better looking than me, but you won’t find anyone who will love you more than me. I pray for you, best of luck.

44.I can’t deny that I still love you. But your actions have proved to me that I can’t trust you anymore. Things would’ve been just fine if you’d stopped with your lies and deception. All you had to do is accept that you hurt me and put in the effort to say you’re sorry. Despite that, we were a perfect couple, so happy and joyful. It’s sad how we missed our chance to be in love forever. I wish you all the best. Goodbye.

45.I would’ve never fallen in love with you if I’d known from the start that you’d hurt me this much. But it wasn’t entirely your fault. I was foolish to think that our love would last forever because I was blinded by it. I thought I was living a fairytale life, but it was just my imagination playing tricks on me.

46.Your hurtful words and actions have broken my soul into a million pieces. You’ve given me countless empty promises and half-truths and you never stopped. You never tried to put yourself in my shoes and understand me. It’s more than one person can tolerate. My soft heart needs a break from you. Bye.

47.This day wouldn’t have come if you could only accept me the way I am. But instead, you emphasized my flaws and faults, and told everyone that I’m the weak one in our relationship. You couldn’t stop bickering about things I hadn’t done. You should have appreciated the things I did for you, for us. Instead, you listened to what others told you and never asked me what my poor heart wanted from you.

48.It’s understandable to have ups and downs when you’re in a relationship with someone. But the effort to keep it going should come from both of us. I can’t be the one who always pulls all the strings and ignores his values because of you. I barely see you giving any effort into this relationship. I’m really tired of trying, so I think it’s best that we break up.

49.I feel like there’s no love between us anymore. It seems as if we lost ourselves somewhere. I can’t take this feeling anymore. I want to solve this all today. And I want to tell you that I can’t continue this relationship, I need a break. And that’s a breakup. Take care.

50.When I woke up, I had this weird feeling in my chest and I finally realized what it is. I realized there’s no love between us anymore. I can’t continue our relationship, because if I do, I would go against myself. And I need some time for myself. Take care and bye.

51.Every night I cry myself to sleep, not because you’re leaving, but because I was so naive to trust your meaningless words. I gave my heart to a guy who never knew how to handle my kindness. I was a fool for loving you this much.

52.Even though we have no future together, I can’t treat you like an enemy. You are and will be my best friend always. I hope you won’t mind staying friends with me. I respect you and I still wish to be part of your life. It’s just that I don’t think that we can stay in a relationship anymore. I have to take some time for myself.

53.I had dreaded it. I had prevented it. I had preserved it. unfortunately, I can’t avoid it, even though it seems like I can’t afford it. it’s not easy, but it’s necessary to say thank you. it’s all over between us.

54.I had stretched for you, to the limit. I had accommodated you to the maximum. I wish I have more capacity for this, but I’m not built to constantly struggle to be loved. It’s time to move our different paths.

55."It may also speak to guilt and shame — and a way to circumvent those uncomfortable feelings by not having to face up to the breakup-ee," she says. "It also speaks to bad relationship hygiene," meaning they might not have the skills necessary to communicate effectively or contribute to a healthy relationship.

56.I always wanted you to be better toward me and to treat me the way I deserve. But you failed to do that. Your poor behavior and rude words broke my heart into a million pieces. And I can’t take this anymore. I’ve tolerated it for so long because of my feelings for you. But now I’m done with you. I don’t love you anymore. It’s over.

57.A loving person is medicine for any kind of pain. But there’s no medicine in the world for the pain you experience from that one. You stole my heart and never returned it. I gave you everything I had and yet you couldn’t even love me the right way. Your words were cold and your touches were emotionless. We need to be apart. I won’t become a henpecked boyfriend who can’t have his own voice in the relationship.

58.The decision to break up with you was not easy at all. But all I ask is that you please don’t cry, and rather forgive me. It’s better to take strong decisions to come out of tough situations, it’ll help both of us to grow and be better.

59.I’ll always remember our first kiss and the way you made me feel when we hugged. I’m truly grateful for that. But it’s better not to stay associated with each other anymore. You treated me right, but our spark is gone.

60.I know I’ll have a hard time forgetting you. After all, we spent almost every day together. But you know time is the greatest healer, and we’ll both recover sooner or later. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. Have a good and successful life.

61.I’m thankful for all the great time we got to spend together and for all the beautiful moments we shared with each other. But it’s time to go our separate ways and find our happiness with someone else. I hope you have a good future ahead.

62.Only a few ‘welcome’, do not come with a bye-bye. I never knew that when I welcomed you into my life, you came with a luggage that will soon birth the bye-bye. Those luggage are too big for me, I hope someone else can help to carry it for you.

63.All of my friends told me I needed to get away from you and not start anything serious with you. But I didn’t listen to them. Instead, I chose to listen to my heart. Now, look where we are. I can’t bear the hurt anymore. And I never thought I’d have to face this type of negative energy in my life. I need to get away from you, I have to walk away. Honestly, I hope I never hear from you ever again.

64.You were always trying to justify your actions by telling me that they were harmless white lies, but when you keep making excuses for your partner over and over again, it starts to take a toll on your soul and body. You never bothered to feel my pain or to wipe the tears from my cheeks. Now I have no choice but to break up with you and move on alone.

65.If someone says that you were my greatest mistake, don’t believe them. In fact, you were the best gift of my life. But our energy wasn’t synchronized and we couldn’t last. I’m sure that someday someone will win over your heart, but just know you’ll always have a special place here in mine.

66.Yes, being alone may look sad to other people. After all, facing life problems by yourself is a tough task, but it’s not impossible. Being alone is better than have somebody who makes you feel alone. This is why I have to leave you. Goodbye.

67.There are times when someone comes into your life whose only role is to teach you a lesson and then leave. You can’t seem to be on the same page with the person and you can’t be happy together. You won’t find peace with them, there’ll just be no grudges and no love. That’s the case with us, so it’s better to call it off. Thank you for everything you taught me. Bye forever.

68.I’m not going to waste my precious time and energy on you, and neither should you. Let’s forget we were even a thing and move on like nothing ever happened. I’m not interested in continuing our relationship and I have no desire to talk to you again. Good luck.

69.Not even in my wildest dreams would I have thought it would come to this, but sometimes nightmares become a reality. I’ll always cherish the memories we had together. I need to regain control over my life again and I think the only way I can achieve that is by being alone and not with you.

70.Goodbye, this is going to be my last message to you. I am writing to you to let you know that I still love you and I will keep loving you. But I’m not going to be with you in a relationship. You are the wrong one for me. I made a huge mistake by loving you, and I will regret that my entire life.

71.Ending things between us seems easy for you. After all, you never honestly cared about my emotional state. You asked for space and freedom and I gave you that. Now I hope you’ll understand there’s no other way for me to be happy again. I have to break up with you. I’m not going to bother you and please don’t make this harder than it already is.