43 + Long Distance Text Messages

Visit:1791   Updated: 2022/12/12

1.I don’t need fame. What I need are your hugs, kisses, and soft words. Keep loving me with your soul.

2.I’m high on unconditional love for you. I’ve fallen in love with you many times over.

3.As I gaze at the stars at night, I feel your soft presence. It seems even distance can’t erase the feeling of your warmth. Come home soon baby.

4.You light up my sky. I can do nothing without you by my side. Come home to me soon. I love you.

5.Sometimes, I’m sad about not seeing you every day. So, I think of all the good times we had together and they keep me going.

6.You appeared in my most dispirited time and revived me. Your love broke through, and I adore you.

7.This distance is proof of how powerful our relationship is. Nothing can stand between us. We remain one no matter what.

8.Even though I’m surrounded by hundreds of people daily, I still feel lonely without you. May the days speed fast so I can see you again.

9.When nothing seems to be working out, I only need to look at you to have hope. You’re simply the best.

10.I’m terrified of losing you. I’m so into you, and one with you that losing you feels like losing myself.

11.Whenever we share a hug, time slows down and you come into full focus. You fill my lenses and my world.

12.My love for you keeps blossoming daily. I’ve promised to love you and I’ll keep that promise no matter what.

13.I have seen your love and felt it. You love with fierce intensity and I’m returning your love.

14.Knowing that I’m seeing you tomorrow makes me invigorated to work through today. I’m doing everything to make tomorrow a free day.

15.I desire to have you every moment of the day. You capture me like a nail to a magnet. Life is worth living again with you.

16.I may not be able to give you everything in this life, but I’ll make sure to give you all the love in my heart.

17.I’m tired of looking at your picture every day. I’m tired of texting and waiting for your replies. I’m even tired of our phone calls. My heart craves to see you soon.

18.Life is already a bed of nails, but the knowledge that I have an amazing wife like you eases the pain.

19.You are in my heart forever. You’re my happiness, my strength, and my comfort. Your hugs, kisses, and sweet words are a healing balm to my soul.

20.You are smart, handsome, kind and everything a woman desires. You made me whole from the second we became one.

21.I wish we could have a world where we would spend hundreds of years together loving each other. I’m sure loving you can never tire me out.

22.Though we have a whole ocean separating us, I feel closer to you than ever. Your love for me is the bridge that keeps us united.

23.I can’t wait to hear your mesmerizing voice again, to have you cuddle me, and to hear you call me my pet name. I can’t wait for you to come home.

24.I can’t wait to close the distance between us. I’m tired of acting normally before others when my heart aches to see my lover. Honey, give me wings so I can fly to you right now.

25.I love the sound of your voice, and I love your whispers in my ear. I enjoy how we fit into each other. We are a perfect balance.

26.You’re exceptional. I am devoted to you. My love for you will continue until death does us part.

27.You’re the love every person craves to have. I’ve yearned for a love like this and I feel blessed to have it. I’ll always cherish our connection.

28.Looking into your eyes, I can see my future with you. I’m convinced I can go through this life with you beside me. I know I’ll overcome this world with you. I love you always.

29.Having to wait for you hurts me, but I’ll go through anything to have you by my side. You’re worth it.

30.How can I stay angry at the love of my life? Staying away from you makes me miss you a lot. I always crave to hear your voice again. I love you.

31.One of the best ways to have a journey is to share it with someone. It’s more worthwhile sharing it with someone like you. I’ve discovered more of myself because of you.

32.Life has been tougher without you. Our two were indeed better than one. I feel more grateful for having you in my life. I love you.

33.I am grateful for everything you’ve given me: friendship, loyalty, and love. My life would have been a desert without you.

34.Being in love is powerful. You feel a different kind of strength. You can do anything for the one your soul treasures. That’s how I feel about you.

35.I feel happier waking up and feeling assured of my love for you. I am keeping count of when my eyes will behold my beau again.

36.No matter what happens to us, we’ll always be back together. You’re the heart that keeps my body alive. I can’t do without you.

37.Every time we spend together is a treasure. Well, God has blessed me with a rare gem. I will preserve you, my gem, and keep you with me all the time.

38.I don’t know how you do this but there’s something magical about you. You know how to make everything right. You’re my genie.

39.You complete my life. The years of waiting for that special someone were made worthwhile when I found you. I love you with all of me. You made my day.

40.Time stops with you beside me. Nothing else seems to matter at that moment. All I pray for is that our love for each other becomes stronger with each passing day. I love you.

41.I consider it an honor to wake up and see you by my side. You’re virtuous and perfect. I hit the nail on the head with you.

42.I admire your authenticity. You stay real with everything and everyone. You are everything I dreamt of in a life partner.

43.I have a dream where we were happily married in our dream home. You were more radiant than ever.