123 Best I Love You Because Paragraph

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1.I love you because you have always stuck with me through the thick and thin.

2.If I have to send you 100 cute paragraphs to save my life, I’ll send you 101 because that’s how much I love you.

3.I love you because your hand fits just right with mine. It is the perfect fit for me.

4.Do you like getting cute love paragraphs from me? Just wait and see what else I can do to surprise you.

5.I love you because you are more than enough for me. You make my heart feel so full.

6.I love you because you always manage to laugh at my jokes, even when they are not all that funny.

7.I love you because you understand me so well and you make an effort to make me happy.

8.I love you because you encourage me to be positive and to see the good in things.

9.I love you because whenever I am with you, I feel like anything in this world is possible.

10.Your eyes are more profound than Marianas Trench. I could get lost in them forever.

11.I love you because we have our own language together and our own memories and inside jokes.

12.Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re the one I adore, and I love you!

13.What if I cover you in super glue so you can always be by my side?

14.I love you because you value my opinion, even when we do not always see eye to eye on everything.

15.I love you because I know that I can trust you with anything, whether it is a secret or my own heart.

16.No matter how busy I get, I’ll always text you to assure you that I still love you.

17.I don’t need to send you a long paragraph to tell you how I feel, but in case you want to hear it from me again: I love you!

18.I’ll always be with you no matter where I am. No distance can separate us because our love is stronger than anything else in the world.

19.People should start calling us super glue cause it’s crazy how strong the bond between us is.

20.I can send you all these love messages, but at the end of the day, only three words matter: I love you.

21.I love you because you have such a special ability to see the good in everyone and in every situation.

22.I love you because your kisses make me melt, even after all this time that we have been together.

23.I love you because you make me feel good about myself. You know how to make me feel confident and strong.

24.I love you because your hugs, kisses, and warm embrace bring me so much comfort and happiness to me.

25.I love you because you are not afraid to take risks. You put yourself out there and I admire that so much.

26.I love you because you like to surprise me. All of your surprises, both big and small, never fail to surprise me.

27.I really couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw you. How can someone be that beautiful?!

28.Even if we fight, please don’t ever forget that I will still love you no matter what.

29.I can honestly say that I’m a big simp for you and will be for the rest of my life.

30.I went to the doctor the other day to get an x-ray, and I’ve been diagnosed with a missing heart cause I gave it to you.

31.I love that I can just be myself with you. I do not have to pretend to be anyone else for you to love me.

32.I love you because I can be completely weird and goofy with you in a way that I cannot be with anyone else.

33.Hey! I have a riddle for you: . Guess it correctly, and you’ll get a surprise!

34.Even if we ever get separated in this lifetime, I’ll spend countless other lifetimes looking for you.

35.Your clothes aren’t made from cotton. They’re made from girlfriend material cause you’re the best girlfriend ever.

36.I can never say I love you enough. You’re the first person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

37.Remembering that you’re a part of my life makes waking up every morning so much easier.

38.I love you because you have always been so supportive of me and my dreams in ways that I could not have imagined.

39.I love you because the idea of growing old with you fills me with so much excitement and happiness.

40.I love you because whenever I am with you, it is like we are in our own special little world together where nobody else exists.

41.I love you because you understand me. From the way my mind works to the little things that make me tick, you just get me.

42.I love you because you are always my calm in the middle of a storm. I can always count on you to make me feel calm.

43.Life can get dull sometimes, but every day gets easy to get through whenever I think of you.

44.Because of you, I know that true love exists. You’re the one for me, and there’ll be no other person that can compare to you.

45.I remember you told me you were craving chocolate, so I got you a whole box!

46.Do you want to know just how much I love you? I love you so much that I’d gladly share my fries with you.

47.I made you a Spotify playlist. That should mean something cause I don’t do that for just anyone.

48.People want their relationship to be like a romance movie, but our love for each other is much better than what you see in the cinema.

49.I hope you have sweet dreams, but not too sweet because I can kiss you even sweeter when we meet.

50.I love you because you are such an amazing husband to our kids. They could have not had a better person for a father.

51.I love you because you treat my family as if they were your own family. And you also get along so well with my friends.

52.I love you because you have such a wonderful way with words and that includes when you are expressing your love to me.

53.I love you because of your strong sense of adventure. I love that you are not afraid to try new things and put yourself out there.

54.I could tell you “I love you” a million times, but it won’t be enough to express how much you mean to me.

55.The way you linger in my mind is insane. But it’s the kind of insanity I don’t want to end.

56.Your favorite song just came up on the radio, and I instantly thought about you.

57.I feel like I’ve known you in my past life. We have a genuine love connection that no words can describe.

58.Just because the day is ending doesn’t mean my love for you will go away. In fact, I love you more and more each day. Goodnight baby!

59.I love you because you still blow me away and give me butterflies even after all the time that we have been together.

60.I love you because your soul is the perfect companion for my soul. That is why you are the only companion that I want to walk through life with.

61.I love you because of the sacrifices that you have made for me and for our relationship. The things you do for me never go unappreciated or unnoticed.

62.I love you because you have always put up with me and all of the little things I do that would probably drive any other person completely crazy.

63.I love you because I still feel fireworks going off whenever you kiss me. Your kisses breathe life into me.

64.I want to talk to you every minute of my day. You understand me as nobody else could.

65.Hello gorgeous! I hope you’re having a fantastic day because I am, simply just by knowing you’re mine.

66.I know that love is not always light. I love how you always accept me, even during my dark days.

67.You’re more than a lover. To me, you’re my best friend and my closest family, that’s how important I think you are.

68.Good morning, babe! I hope your day ahead will be filled with joy and happiness.

69.If I was reborn in another life as a lion and you were a gazelle, I’d still spare you from being eaten cause my love for you knows no bounds.

70.Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? The universe sent you my way cause it knows I need a guardian angel.

71.Thank you for being my biggest supporter. Without your love and encouragement, I wouldn’t be able to be the man I am today.

72.I can’t wait till I wake up tomorrow. I want to talk to you first thing in the morning because my day doesn’t start without you.

73.I love you not because you are perfect inside and out, because you are not. But you are perfect for me and that is all that matters.

74.I love you because you have such a strong love for life that has made me view the world in a completely different way than I used to.

75.I love you because you are not afraid to be real with me and tell me the truth, even when it is not always something that I want to hear.

76.I love you because you can be so cute, especially when you are not trying. Most of the time you probably do not even realize how cute you are being.

77.I love you because you gave me our wonderful, beautiful children. I could not have picked a better person to have children with.

78.We can never stay mad at each other for too long because we love each other way too much to stay angry.

79.I will cherish you for the rest of my life because you’re like the treasure sailors and pirates spend their lifetime searching for, rare and one of a kind.

80.365 days in a year isn’t enough to show you how much I love you. I would need a lifetime.

81.The day you came into my life was when my life really began. I love you, and I miss you even if we’re apart for one hour.

82.Every beat of my heart is dedicated to you. You’re the reason why I get out of bed every day, ready to get through anything because your love makes me stronger.

83.My feelings for you will never change, and no matter how hard loving me can get, I hope yours never do too.

84.How do I know you’re the one for me? You laugh at all my jokes, no matter how lame they are.

85.If I had a dollar every time I got lost in your eyes, I’d be a billionaire.

86.I love you because you have given me so many priceless memories that I will always cherish, and you continue to give me many more memories to treasure.

87.I love you because you have taught me so much about myself and about life. There is so much that I did not know before I met you.

88.I love you because you make me feel like I am enough. I do not have to try too hard to impress or please you because who I am is enough for you.

89.I love you because you are such a hard and dedicated worker. When there is something that needs to be done, you give it your best effort.

90.I love you because you show an interest in my interests and you like to share your interests with me as well. I love that you share this part of your life with me.

91.I can name hundreds of stars after you, and it still won’t depict how bright the light is that you shine in my life.

92.I just want to let you know you’re unique. Oh, have I said that already? Well, this is your daily reminder!

93.No matter what happens between us, I will forever be grateful for every single day I got to spend with you.

94.No amount of cute love paragraphs in the world is enough to express my feelings for you, baby. You’re everything I could ever ask for. I hope you feel the same way about me.

95.I want to be the reason you have a good night. And when you wake up, I want to help you start your day on the right note with my love.

96.I love you because you always shower me with a certain tenderness and affection that makes me feel like the most loved person in the world.

97.I love you because you have always refused to give up on me, even when there have been times that I felt completely ready to give up on myself.

98.I love you because you allow me to be myself. I do not have to change who I am for you and I am so grateful that you like me just the way that I am.

99.I love you because you give me my personal space when I need it. No matter how much I love you, you know that sometimes I just need to unwind by myself.

100.I love you because you stay true to who you are. No matter how much things have changed over the years, you are still the same person inside.

101.I love you because ever since you came into my life, I laugh harder, smile more, and cry a lot less. You have been good for me.

102.I love you because when I find myself feeling sad, I am at least comforted because I know that you will do anything that you can to make the pain go away.

103.I love you because you have a crazy sense of humor. When you make me laugh, I sometimes end up laughing so hard that my sides hurt.

104.I love you because you have never been afraid to voice your opinion on things or stand up for the things that you believe in, even when it is not the popular thing to do.

105.No matter where you are, I would gladly travel across the world thousands of miles just to be next to you.

106.Life is a funny thing. It sends you so many people to meet, but there’s only a handful of people that can make you feel loved. You’re at the top of the list.

107.I’m crazy about you. Every day of my life, I think of how perfect you are and how lucky I am to have you by my side.

108.I can never run out of words to say about how I feel about you. I want you to know that I love you more every day.

109.For some reason, every day we spend apart makes me feel closer to you. I can’t wait to be reunited with you again.

110.One thing I love about you is how you make me laugh like no one else. Even when I’m sad or angry, you know exactly what to say to make me feel better.

111.If you ever want to know what the most important thing in my life is, look in the mirror.

112.I love how you always stay by my side through thick and thin. You’re my ride or die, and I would gladly do anything for you.

113.Love isn’t always sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes, it’s like an unpredictable roller coaster ride. But no matter how many ups and downs we go through, it’s worth it cause I’m with you.

114.One day in the future, I’ll ask you for your hand because I want to be with you through thick and thin, through sickness, and in health.

115.I can guarantee that every second of my sweetest dreams won’t be as sweet as every second of my waking moment cause that’s where you are.

116.Before you go to bed, I just want to let you know that my day doesn’t start when the sun rises tomorrow. It begins when you’re awake.

117.Even if we fight and I get angry at you, I will never go to bed without wishing you goodnight and saying I love you.

118.I love you because when you hold my hand or when I am in your arms, I feel as if I am in the safest place in the world. When I am with you, I feel like I am protected.

119.I love you because you always make time for me. No matter how busy or crazy life can get, you always have time for our relationship.

120.I love you because we can stay up late together just talking about anything and everything. I never have a boring conversation with you.

121.I love you because I can always talk to you about anything. I do not have to worry about your reaction and if you will judge what I have to say.

122.I love you because you have the magic ability to make me smile for absolutely no reason at all. Your presence alone is enough to make me break out into a huge grin.

123.I love you because we are always quick to make up after a fight and you always make an effort to smooth things over between us.