56 Quotes For Funeral Flowers

Visit:675   Updated: 2022/12/12

1.You came. You fought. You conquered. Now take the glory while we remember you forever.

2.You may joy stop grief from happening, but you can choose not to hold grief to heart.

3.Words may fail to heal sometimes, but I hope tomorrow brings us more gentle comfort to our souls.

4.Sending every care I have through these funeral flowers to my sweet parents. I’ll miss you two for life. May your souls be at ease wherever you are.

5.You will be missed but never forgotten.  You have captured a place in our hearts. Rest in Peace.

6.I hope these flowers express the depth of your importance to me. We’ll reunite my wonderful grandpa.

7.You are the parent I never had. No one can take your special place in my life. Goodbye, granny.

8.My sincerest condolences to every family member and friend as we honor __. She/he will be forever missed.

9.I think every day of what you two did for me. You made growing up days fun for me. You are the parents every child deserves to have. Goodbye, mum and dad.

10.I cry daily because I miss you both. I’m alive. I wish I could talk to you one last time.

11.With you here the world was a better place. You will be sorely missed by all your family and friends.

12.We may not see beyond the grief today, but we’ll look back in the hope we’ll receive comfort tomorrow.

13.Dearest mum and dad, you both are loved now and forever. Your memories still cleave to my heart. You surely are blessed with peace.

14.Today marks a tough journey of living without you. It’s still unfathomable we won’t even get to talk again. Please receive all my love for you via these flowers.

15.I’ll never recover from losing my best friend. Part of me was formed by you. You transformed me. I can only pray your soul is tested in the afterlife.

16.Your life only reveals greatness. You’ve been an inspiring force. Enjoy heaven, for your reward, must be great.

17.Thank you for those fun moments you gave me. I look back at them with a bitter-sweet feeling. I’ll never forget my homie.

18.My little girl was such a spark. I’m sure she’s now an angel in eternity.

19.You may be gone now, but many thanks for the legacy of excellence you left us with. We will forge higher because of you.

20.Your love is cemented in my heart. I cannot help but search the crowds for you, though you’re no longer here.

21.You touched my life for a moment, yet I’m different since then. That moment stayed with me for life.

22.I’m blessed to have an inspiring mama as a grandpa in my life. Thank you for being an amazing man.

23.Sometimes, we’re on different pages, but we’re always close. You still gave me a listening ear, and for everything, I’m grateful.

24.You were a huge personality with a big heart. People flocked around you because of your life-giving energy. Thank you for being a positive person. Keep resting.

25.Your life taught us we must always live by the highest ideals, and do what is worthy for generations unborn.

26..  As you danced in the light, love lifted you.  As you brushed against this world so gently, you lifted us.

27.I know you’re resting in heavenly bliss, though I wish you could spend more time with me. Miss you grandpa.

28.You had a vibrant spirit and a strong personality. Your great wisdom will be missed. Goodnight granny.

29.Death has done its worst, but it couldn’t take the impact you had on me. I’ll forever cherish what we had.

30.It’s a cruel fate to lose someone like ___. Time may heal this wound but he/she remains unforgettable.

31.Saying goodbye to a baby is tough. Little __ was a bright light. I wish I could reduce this pain you feel. I’ll be here for you.

32.Hubby, you have a bad habit of leaving me sometimes, but you left me forever this time. I’ll be comforted by your thoughts of you. Wait for me in heaven.

33.All your little acts of love and kindness have made a mansion for you in heaven. You’ll never die again.

34.You played a melody in her heart that no one else can play again. I’ll continue to relive that melody.

35.For years, our lives were shared. I gave you my hand, and you gave me your heart. We enjoyed a lot of blessings and little tears, but one must part now, but only for a short time.

36.We don’t have to depend on our memories to capture the hearts of our lost loved ones. They dwell in a sanctuary in our souls, far away from death’s grip.

37.I would turn to you whenever I needed help. My heart aches when I think you won’t be here anymore. Rest on granny!

38.Her life is with honor. His many contributions formed the hallmark of this society. He remained the bedrock of this society. Unforgettable soul.

39.Rest in peace my love.  Your life's work is done.  Everyone who knew you can only say, "Well Done".

40.We can only be grateful that a man of such stature was sent to reside amongst us for through our encounter with men like him, we also became giants.

41.Never loving brings loss, but loving someone brings grief. Yet grief is nothing compared with never taking the risk to love. That is a different kind of pain.

42.We were so unprepared to lose you that we thought you would spend a vacation with us. We treasure you and your moments for life grandpa.

43.Grandma reminds me of sweet oyster dishes and the yummiest ginger cookies. I wish I had more memories with you. Miss you granny.

44.I may not be able to mourn with my family, but accept my deep love in celebration of grandpa.

45.To my parents, I’m sending my love using these flowers as you both are laid to rest. I pray you both enjoy eternal bliss, and I receive the strength to overcome this grief.

46.You both are the best parents any child could ask for. The days are going to be tougher without you two. Still, thank you both for the gifts you have been.

47.To a fantastic sister, I’m honored to be friends with you. Rest in perfect peace.

48.Losing you, grandma, is disturbing. You were an extraordinary woman; life’s greatest celebration. Thank you for being a positive person. Keep resting.

49.Dad and mum, you both were great people, and you raised a wonderful family. My siblings and I will comfort each other as we learn to live without you two.

50.Losing him is like having a festering wound that refuses to heal. We can pray that his soul is received by the Lord.

51.He touched so many lives in ways that it’ll take many generations to repay. His position in our hearts is only secure and we’ll forever honor the man he was.

52.Nothing can be the same now you are gone.  All our lives were enriched by knowing you.

53.This pain of losing you makes me more compassionate towards others. It humbles the heart and makes a good person a better one.

54.All I have now are those good and bad moments we have shared as a family. These will be relieved as often as I can till we reunite again. Stay peaceful.

55.I’m sending my biggest wishes through this flower card. Nothing can replace your essence in my life. May your soul be made whole again.

56.You both were my icons. I lived by the examples you showed me. You were my lifeguards. Now I feel incomplete with your absence. Sleep on.