33 Happy Birthday Late Wishes Quotes

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1.This birthday wish is so late, I might as well wish you an early Happy Birthday for the next one.

2.Happy belated birthday, I hope you believe I actually hope you live my life I my wishes personally. late.

3.Happy belated birthday to face you. I forgot the • I have been • It's coming late, but it's better than late birthday. wishes, I love you.

4.There is no hurry to wish you; I am your one true friend anyway. Belated Happy birthday, Buddy. Hope you partied hard.

5.Oh dear, I did it again. Your birthday passed and I missed it, my friend! Happy belated birthday!

6.Happy-late-birthday to the most awesome colleague ever! Thanks for all your contributions and have a great year ahead!

7.I Know I’m a little too late in sending you my birthday wishes, but I don’t want to miss a chance to wish you a great life ahead!

8.I’m sorry Bhabhi for wishing you late on your birthday! I will certainly ask my brother to compensate for this on my behalf!

9.Happy belated birthday sorry for these your birthday. It was never • I am so even after your try my best. I love you.

10.I know I’m late wishing you a happy birthday, but mine is coming around soon, and revenge is sweet. I won’t mind, promise! Happy birthday, bro!

11.Although I’m late in wishing you a very happy birthday, I want to take a moment to appreciate your co-operation and support for making our project a huge success!

12.I might have missed wishing you on your birthday, but, trust me, it doesn’t happen more than once a year. Have an amazing Belated Birthday!

13.How could I forget your birthday? Must be because you look like you haven’t aged a day since the last one! Belated Happy Birthday Uncle/Aunty!

14.Now that everyone else’s birthday wishes have worn off, here’s a great big one from me! Happy Belated Birthday Sister/Brother!

15.Grandpa/Grandma, you’ve done so much for me over the years so I hope you had a good birthday. When I see you I will give you the biggest hug and makeup for late wishes!

16.I have been so busy dreaming of you that I forgot your birthday. Please forgive this romantic mistake. Belated happy birthday.

17.No one can ask for a better person to have in their life than you. Happy belated birthday, I can’t wait to see you again, Grand Pa/Grand Ma.

18.My Kiddo is not so little anymore! I know am growing old with you and so please accept my belated 13th birthday wishes, a dear teenager!

19.I wanted to be the first person on this earth to wish you a happy birthday, but unfortunately, I missed it entirely. Please accept my apology, mom. I hope your celebration was fun.

20.I’m not really that late in wishing you a happy birthday, it’s just that I didn’t want to be the first one to remind you that you’re getting older. Happy birthday, sister/brother!

21.I did forget your birthday but I have never forgotten to say I love you. Now you tell me, which matters more? Happy belated birthday to my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife.

22.You know that bad habit you have of always forgetting people’s Birthdays. Well, like father, like child! Happy belated Birthday, Dad!

23.Now that you are 18, you are no more a kid! So, I thought I will wait for you to enjoy the last few moments as a child before adulthood takes over. Belated Happy Birthday To You!

24.Like we were never on-time for college, for the mess, for projects, how can you expect me to on-time here? A belated happy birthday to you, my darling friend.

25.Happy belated birthday to my dear friend. There is no excuse on Earth I can give for missing your birthday. I’m very sorry. I hope you can forgive me.

26.You must tell me how bad you felt when I missed your birthday because I am going to give you that number of kisses right now. Belated happy birthday.

27.Thanks, Ma! for being the backbone of the person I am today. Even though I missed it, I have always looked forward to your special day. Happy Belated birthday, sweet mother!

28.Dad, I will never forget your birthday even though I forgot to send you a wish on time. I hope you enjoyed your special day to the fullest. Wishing you the finest of years to come.

29.Dearest Uncle, I can’t believe I forgot to wish you on your 40th birthday! But I realize you were 40 already! I hope you had a great day!

30.How could I forget my brother-in-law’s/Brother/Sisters birthday? No way! Technically, I remember it, but on the wrong day! Hope you a great one!

31.We were too busy counting the number of days that passed, since you were born. Sorry for forgetting to wish you amidst the chaos! Have a blessed and blissful life ahead!

32.Pardon me Sir/Madam! I did not know that it was your birthday yesterday! I feel to lucky to have you as my teacher and I hope you had a great time!

33.Dear Sir/Madam, you’ve taught us to accept our mistakes and ask for forgiveness. I forget your birthday and I seek your pardon. Please take my apologies along with my warm belated birthday wishes!