75 Smart Happy Birthday Wishes For Him

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1.My man is the best person I know and right now, I just want to greet him a happy birthday!

2.You took care of my heart when no one else would, happy birthday you kind person, my love.

3.And then you come to me and tell me that you love me and I kissed you a happy birthday!

4.You have the right to be happy and no one can tell you otherwise, happy birthday to you!

5.the best because • I am so day, how many years number. reach you. Happy birthday!" • "This year is year.

6.You awesome guy whom I love truly and will love for the rest of my life, happy birthday to you!

7.No one else comes close to you in my heart, I love you and happy birthday to you, my darling.

8.Happy birthday to you! You are the person I love the most in this world, forever my prince.

9.There is no one in this world that makes me happy as much as you do, happy birthday, dear.

10.I am still wishing you all the best in all the things that you decide to do, happy birthday to you!

11.No words can express this happiness that I feel for you right now, best birthday to you, love.

12.To the boy who changed my life in a single second and continue doing it, happy birthday!

13.I see you in all the places I go to, I carry you here inside my heart, happy birthday to you!

14.Thank you for always being there for me even when things get rough, wonderful birthday to you.

15.I wish that we are not in a long distance relationship at times like this, your birthday, dear.

16.Best bday to the most handsome guy in town, may all your dreams and wishes come true!

17.You are kind and that is what makes you a great person, so be happy on this birthday of yours!

18.You are the best person I know and no one will ever surpass you, believe me, happy birthday!

19.You make me happy and that is what is important, best birthday to you, my lovely man.

20.Some days, I wish that you could be right here with me when your birthday comes by.

21.You make me feel like a child and I love you for it, wonderful birthday to you!

22.You are the person that I love the most in this world, so let me greet you a happy birthday.

23.I wish I was there with you today on your birthday, being a working girl really sucks.

24.There is no one else I would rather be with right now, especially on this birthday of yours.

25.I cannot explain the happiness that fills me up whenever I am with you, wonderful birthday to you.

26.Hoping for a person to come is the worst thing ever but having you is best, happy bday!

27.Wonderful birthday! Stay being the person that you are and remember that I will stay here for you.

28.No matter what may change, I will still be here for you, just know that, wonderful birthday to you.

29.I wish you would listen to me when I tell you that you are kind, happy birthday to you, love.

30.After all this time, it is still you that I love, wonderful birthday to you, my lover, my lovely boy.

31.You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I hope that you know that, happy day!

32.Best bday to you, may your day be filled with love and happiness, I miss you so much.

33.If there is one thing I can give you, just tell me and I surely will, happy birthday to you, love.

34.Even when you change, my love for you will stay the same, keep that in mind, happy bday.

35.I wish that you know just how much I love you so, best birthday to you my one and only.

36.You make me believe in the magic of life and I am thankful for that, wonderful birthday to you!

37.I wish that no one in this world would listen to your haters, you are kind, wonderful birthday!

38.You are the reason I am happy, you are the cause of my smile, wonderful birthday to you, my love.

39.Today is the day you celebrate the anniversary of your birth, so stay happy and just smile.

40.You make me believe in true love again and again, my dear, happy bday to you today!

41.I love you and that is the reason that I must greet you a best birthday with all that I have.

42.There is no way I am giving up on you just because we are far apart, best birthday, my love.

43.You give me courage whenever I feel like giving up and that is why I love you, happy bday.

44.You make me feel beautiful even when I do not think I am, thank you and best bday!

45.No one else need to know about us, you and me, we are happy, wonderful bday to you!

46.You make me look at life in a different life, thank you for that, best birthday to you, love!

47.Even if you get old, I would still find a way to surprise you when your birthday comes around.

48.I wish that I can be by your side and whisper best bday into your ears, my lovely king.

49.If I can just give you one thing, I would give you all that I have, happy bday to you, dear.

50.My dearest love, I hope that you have a fun day today, celebrating the best day of your life.

51.There is no way I am going back to the place you saved me from, wonderful birthday to you!

52.I miss you my darling, and I just wish that we can spend your birthday together some day.

53.I want to tell you that I love you and that I appreciate the things you do, happy bday, dear.

54.Some days, it feels as if the world is just full of boring things, but your birthday is exciting!

55.There is no one I would rather spend the rest of eternity with but you, wonderful bday to you.

56.No one can ever replace you in my life, I would just like you to know that, happy bday!

57.This day is a reminder of how much you have grown over the past years, wonderful bday!

58.Best bday to you, the only person I know in this world that still tears up for cartoons.

59.You are the one who gives me strength, that is the truth, thank you and happy bday to you.

60.I feel that we are a whole lot closer than before and I like that, wonderful bday to you, dear.

61.You are the reason that I write, you are the one I dedicate them all to, wonderful bday to you.

62.Best bday! Keep in mind that even when you get older, your soul will stay the same.

63.of the most • Happy birthday, dear friend! I actually forgot like going underwater own because it your birthday. I just thought for being one the package! Happy birthday!

64.I just want to tell you that I miss you so much and that I will be with you forever, my baby.

65.I love you and I love the way you tell me that you love me too, best birthday to you, dear.

66.You are the prince of my life, you are my knight in shining armor and I love you so.

67.I will be there for you whenever you need me, for today I just want to greet you, stay happy.

68.Let me greet you in the best way possible, let me surprise you on your birthday my beloved.

69.You are the only one I love the most in this world, just know that, happy bday to you!

70.I do not even know what to say anymore but I want to greet you the best birthday ever!

71.You are so awesome in the way that you touch people without even knowing, wonderful bday.

72.I want to make you really happy today and I still do not know how I should do just that.

73.How can I ever find someone to replace you when you mean so much to me? Wonderful bday!

74.Wonderful bday to the boy who stood up when no one else did, bless you for your courage.

75.You gave me strength, you make me feel awesome and I love that, best bday to you!