102 Best Long Sweet Message For Girlfriend

Visit:1038   Updated: 2022/11/20

1.Sometimes you amaze me, with the way that you smile and make me feel happy. I love you, my sweet girlfriend.

2.I love you for always been there for me. It’s a good thing to have a loving and caring girlfriend like you.

3.I know that, very soon, it will be “my wife” and not “my girlfriend”, right? Yeah, that’s what I hope for.

4.My life has found it’s lost rhthym ever since the very day that I met you, I appreciate you so much, my sweet girlfriend.

5.You are not only reliable lady who is an epitome of selflessness, forgiveness and compassion. I love you, my sweet girlfriend.

6.My sweet girlfriend, you know that I love you, right? Yes, I do. I’m also using this message to say that I am grateful for your sacrifices too, my dear.

7.Anytime that I see your face, it gives me joy and a sense of fulfilment. I appreciate very much you, my sweet girlfriend.

8.My and you, my girlfriend, are like thread and needle. We will never part away like most “lovers” do. It’s you and me forever.

9.Fly kisses to you my sweet girlfriend—the one who causes me to feel like there are butterflies in my tummy. I love you, dear.

10.Just like a soul that has found eternal rest, so does my mind feels right now. I love you, my lovely girlfriend.

11.Just like the fishes have the sea, and the birds have the sky, so do you have my heart too. I adore you, my sweet girlfriend.

12.Darling, I’ve missed you since. How I wish that you are here with me, to shine your charming face. I miss you, my sweet girlfriend.

13.The world is full of sadness. But still, I smile. And it’s all because of you. I appreciate you, my lovely girlfriend.

14.My sweet girlfriend, you are my to-be wife. And I see you as my everything, baby. I just can’t let you go just like that for any reason.

15.Wanted to be the first person to say good morning to the most beautiful lady on the planet.

16.Ever since I found you, my life has changed, completely. I stopped being pessimistic like I used to about life again. I love you, my sweet girlfriend.

17.Just like the green-which meridian. You are the centre of my love and I appreciate your love for me, my lovely girlfriend.

18.Life makes more sense when we discover what to live and die for. Baby, knowing and loving you has given my life real meaning.

19.It’s so lovely reading long sweet message this morning. I thought it will be nice replying you too, You are indeed, more than a sweetheart. Have a great day my girlfriend.

20.I am already feeling like a king, for knowing you and be your man. I love you more than the way my mouth or words in a long sweet message can tell you.

21.My girlfriend, my everything. You are the only one that my heart falls for. I appreciate you so much baby.

22.I love you more than you can ever think of. My mind is always thinking of how best to please you. I can’t let you go, my sweet girlfriend.

23.Your love is more like my lead. It’s a big-time lie to say that “love is blind”. For you have shown me and I’ve seen what true love is. I love you, my sweet girlfriend.

24.My sweet girlfriend. You are just like the remote of my heart; that controls each and every single move I make. I love the way you drive me, crazy baby.

25.My sweet girlfriend. It’s because of you that I always smile like a fool. Lol. You really make my days be filled with excitement, I appreciate you, dear.

26.Baby, please don’t cry, it would all be okay. I’m here for you, I love you.

27.I wish you, sweet dreams and a healthy body to start up the new day ahead. Goodnight darling.

28.Every twenty-four hours begins with a second, and every sweet day starts with a lovely thought of you in my heart. My sweetheart, I love you, my girlfriend.

29.Good morning to you, my sweet angel. It’s because of you that my boring life still feels good. I love you so much, my dear.

30.Whenever I wake up in the morning and think of you… The thought of the sun pops up on my mind too, I feel happy to have a stunning girlfriend like you.

31.My girlfriend, my everything. I care for you and I will be your man, if only you won’t let me go, just like that. I love you, my girl.

32.What’s life without a sweet and lovely girlfriend like you? I sometimes assume that you are an angel that came down from above to change my story, for good.

33.I just want to tell you this… You are my only girl and I intend to walk down the aisle with you someday, I love you so much, my girlfriend.

34.Finding your love is like a treasure, something that I will never let go away, for anything in this world. I adore you, my sweet girlfriend.

35.Almost every now and then, my heart skips a beat when I think of you or my mind recalls your comely face. I really love you, my sweet girlfriend.

36.It’s a small world that we are living in, that’s why whenever we meet. I instantly begin to wish that we are here to live forever. I love you so much, my sweet girlfriend.

37.A colleague told me he has the best girlfriend in the world, I just smiled and told him: “Wait till you see and meet mine”.

38.You are indeed an angel, no, My Angel. I love you, baby. Thanks for not giving up on us.

39.Anytime I think of you or of marriage. Honestly, I always tell myself that I just can’t wait to walk you down the aisle with the sweet girlfriend of mine reading this message.

40.Having a lovely kind of girl like you is rare. It’s a big-time privilege, I must say. I love you for all that you are baby.

41.I’m happy to be your boyfriend. It’s a privilege to be your guy, I really appreciate your love and affection for me.

42.It’s a good thing to always talk to a cute and loving girlfriend like you. I just can’t wait to hear your romantic voice, in real life again.

43.Your love is such that I can’t resist because it makes me happy than I even expect, baby. I appreciate you so much, my girlfriend.

44.If there is anything that makes my life so sweet and lovely. Then, it’s you, my lovely girlfriend. I appreciate you from the deepest depth of my heart, baby.

45.For the sake of our love, I send you this message to say thank you and that my life has found its rhythm because of you, my sweetheart.

46.If there is any girl that keeps turning me on in my life, then it’s you. Even though, we’ve always been together and had seen each other for long. I love you so much, my girlfriend.

47.For the good things that you do to me, I will continually do my best to see that I make you smile too. It’s indeed, a good thing to have a sweet girlfriend like you.

48.For the sake of your support and concern for me, I’ve come to the realization that my life is full of fun because of you. I love you so much, my lovely girlfriend.

49.What’s life without a sweet and lovely girlfriend like you? I really appreciate you, my sweetheart. For every single moment that I’ve to spend and will spend without you.

50.You keep me feeling like I’m a king even before we get married. Wow! I really can’t wait to see me beside you walking down the aisle. I love you, my sweet girlfriend.

51.Although they say that love is made up of little moments, I still see us living in months, years and even decades from now. Because ours is forever my lovely girlfriend.

52.I thank God daily for giving me such an amazing gift as you. You’re simply amazing, baby.

53.I just thought to say thank you for accommodating me in your amazing heart. I’m never leaving there.

54.Love is the sweetest word, but it’s not all that sweet if it’s shared with someone not special like you. Loving you is one thing I will do for the rest of my life.

55.Open your eyes, stretch your body, open your mind and receive the love I sent for the day. Have a beautiful morning.

56.I will love you without boundaries and take your hearty throes with ease. I will be nice to you more than your sweetest dreams. I love you, my girlfriend.

57.Guess what I always say when I see you? HAPPY SAILING because your love makes me feel like it’s a smooth moving boat. I love you, dear.

58.It’s a good thing to have a girlfriend. It’s another thing to have her always going extra miles to make sure that you are happy to be around her.

59.Most guys complain about having girlfriends that don’t really love them. But as for me, you do. Without any form of pretense, I really appreciate my heart’s depth.

60.My friends even say that you’ve used “Juju” to to “Jazz me” into loving you. It’s indeed a mystery, for me to always have you on my mind.

61.Sweetheart, ever since the day that I met you, my life has changed and I became the opposite of the bad kind of person that I used to live, before. I love you, my sweet girlfriend.

62.My life has just been boring all this while because of your absence. I’m now very happy that you are back, baby. I love you, my sweet girlfriend.

63.They say that too much of everything is bad. And you happen to be good. But still, I will never get fed up with your goodies. I mean it, my sweet girlfriend.

64.It’s a big-time privilege, I must say—to have an amiable, charming, lovely and caring girlfriend like you. I still can’t believe that you call me your boyfriend.

65.For the sweetest girl in my world. I say thank you for your love and companionship baby. Yeah, you even deserve more appreciation than that.

66.My lovely girlfriend, I see you as my one and only sweet and lovely angel. There is no girl that I will ever let to take away your place in my heart. You are mine, forever.

67.You were definitely made for me, and sent from above. Please don’t deny me, my heaven sent gift. Be mine forever.

68.Your presence has really made my life more fun and worth living. Thanks for being amazing, thanks for being you.

69.My love for you will never wax old, but shall continuously grow. I love you forever.

70.Love is an amazing gift to have, but only when it’s with the right person. You are excellent for me babe. I love you, I love us.

71.I will continually love you because you are my sweet lover, my heart, my buddy, my one and only sweet friend, whom my heart craves for. I love you, my sweet girlfriend.

72.My mind has finally found a comfortable home and a place of stay. And this has happened because I’ve finally found You. I love you, my girlfriend.

73.It’s because of you that my life feels sweet and lovely, baby. I’m happy to be part of your life. It’s a big-time privilege, I must say to have a sweet girlfriend like you.

74.May you grow and be the strongest, influential and most impactful lady of your time. I really appreciate you, my girlfriend.

75.How I wished that I will stay here and be merry, with you forever. I mean, I just don’t feel good about the thought that we will one day part away. I love you, my lovely girlfriend.

76.Making you feel happy is a lifetime promise that I’ve made and I’m willing to keep to my words, every single day of my life. I adore you, my girlfriend.

77.For all that you’ve done for me. I say thank you and I am willing to do even more than you did for me, my lovely girlfriend.

78.Your encouragement, your prayers, your kind gestures of love are all deeply appreciated by me, dear. I don’t take what we share for granted.

79.You enrich my life in so many ways, dear. Your love is my stamina and your smile, strength for each passing day.

80.If I could have just one wish fulfilled, it would be to have and to hold you for the rest of my life and in eternity.

81.I could write you love messages or poems, but baby, talk is cheap. Allow me to show you what love is all about.

82.People go round searching for true love during their lifetime. Some find it, some don’t. I thank God I found mine in you.

83.The secret meaning of every morning, either cloudy or sunny is HOPE, the hope of making yesterday’s wrongs right. Have a fulfilling morning.

84.I want to be with you without letting you go away forever. You make my heart beat skip it’s throb when I think of you. I prefer to make you love and nought. I love you, my sweet girlfriend. Take care.

85.Waking up in almost everyday thinking about you makes me feel so special about being your boyfriend. You have turned my life around. I love you my Sweet girlfriend for always being there for me.

86.I don’t care where this love would take me to, I am ever ready to go there. Your love is genuine and super sweet. And every day I wake up with smiles because I love you, my girlfriend.

87.You are the first thought I have every time I wake up in the morning. And when I’m about to sleep, I also think of no one but you. I wish these last forever. I love you, my sweet girlfriend. Take care okay?

88.I will not stop loving you even when the sun stops shining it’s light and all the rivers become dry. If these are not possible, then leaving you is impossible. I love you, my sweet girlfriend.

89.In fights and quarrels, downs and ups, happiness and sorrows. We will go through them together, not just now but forever. I love you, my dear.

90.Your love is genuine, I still wonder how possible it is to find a virtuous girl like you, I really appreciate you, dear.

91.Why will I even make you sad, intentionally? When you’ve made me realize how deep your love is, for me? I care for you, my dear.

92.There is no point trying to put you side by side with your peers, you are distinct in so many ways baby. I love you so much, my girlfriend.

93.If there is any girl I’ve met in my life that makes me feel so happy, then it’s you. I appreciate every single moment that I share with you.

94.Whenever I wake up, the very thing that pops up on my mind is you… I begin to think of you and wish that you are here with me. I appreciate you, my lovely girlfriend.

95.Who would ever make the attempt of letting go a wonderful girlfriend like you? To be honest, I really adore and appreciate your love so much, baby.

96.Every night begins with a smile, from your face—as I see you in my dreams. Baby, I love you more than mere words can describe.

97.It all started sometimes back, like a prank. But here are we, in love. I just can’t wait to be with you as my wife. I love you, baby.

98.My heart has now found its base in you. And forever, I will keep my words and be faithful to you, I love you, my lovely girlfriend.

99.Someday, we will get married and both share moments of joy together with you. We will sing songs of love and we walk down the path of life.

100.Whenever I hold your hand, I begin to smile. Because being with you alone is like being let to have a glimpse of heaven. I love you, my lovely girlfriend.

101.Baby, I adore you. I’ve been thinking… I really don’t know what I did to deserve such an angel as you.

102.I love you so much, babe. Never knew I would ever love someone this much, you are different shades of awesome.