52 + Comforting Quotes For The Grieving

Visit:2025   Updated: 2022/12/14

1.I am not leaving you but I think giving you space is the best for now.

2.The quickest path to loving you less is pushing me away. When I go, do not call me back.

3.Leaving you alone is not what I want to do but I need to work through my emotions.

4.You can’t continue pushing me away and assume that my feelings for you will be as usual.

5.I think it is better if we don’t see each other for now. Let us give ourselves some space.

6.Pushing you away is not something I would like to do but doing this is the best.

7.I understand how you are feeling now but I am here for you. Feel free to talk to me.

8.It is better if we don’t see each other for the next few weeks. I need some time to be alone.

9.Crying every day will not bring the deceased back. You have to move on and pray for the deceased.

10.The deceased memory still surfaces within us but there is nothing we can do to bring the deceased back.

11.I want to be alone so that I won’t hurt you. You deserve to be treated like a queen.

12.Let’s give ourselves some space to work apart. I want to get out of this grievance alone.

13.The idea of being with you at this moment is not the best. I don’t want to make you feel bad. Let’s mute ourselves for now.

14.Take your time to get healed. I know that you are going through a lot now. I am sorry for what happened to you.

15.My company is the best thing you need right now and I will provide it to you.

16.I understand you are doing this because of the mood swing. Don’t make a decision that will not be pleasant.

17.Being ignored is part of the things that I don’t like. If you want us to stop talking, I understand.

18.This is not what you should be doing right now. Pushing me away is not the best option. I will wait for you to get better.

19.I am not feeling good now, I just want to be alone. I will contact you later.

20.The pain of losing the loved one makes me feel bad. I think I am not getting out of this anytime soon. You can have time for yourself.

21.Leaving you is not my fault but I see that is what you want at this moment. I will give you the space that you needed.

22.Normally, you shouldn’t be doing this but I accept that you are pushing me away. I will always be there for you when you need me.

23.You tampered with my affection with your behavior. I believe you didn’t do it intentionally, I understand.

24.It is not easy to forget it but you have to be strong to live with it.

25.Being with her forever is what I wish for but I believe that she didn’t desire to leave me too.

26.There are lots of things on my mind now and this relationship is distracting me. I want to make myself happy.

27.You didn’t do anything wrong. You are one of the best people in the world. Permit me to be alone till I get better.

28.You have been a wonderful person to me and supported me to be okay. I think I should be alone for now.

29.This period is one of the most difficult times for you. I will help you get well, Babe.

30.I know that it is difficult to forget about it but God is with you at this moment.

31.Let me know if there is anything that I can do to make you strong. You need to be happy again.

32.You have been a wonderful person to me and this is not the time to move away from you. I will be happy if you can get out of this grieving state quickly.

33.Your pain is my pain and your grieves make me sad. I know that you realize that you are pushing me away gradually.

34.I need to concentrate on my life and think more about my life. Please, let’s give ourselves some space till next week.

35.I am prone to shouting when I am sad. I don’t want to yell at you this time. Just leave me for now.

36.I have tried my best to make this friendship work but it seems I am forcing myself on you. I will stop doing that soon. Thank you for all the memories.

37.I was shocked to hear the news. This shouldn’t have happened but it is part of destiny. I am here to stay with you.

38.It seems you want me to be far away from you. If that is what you want, I will accept it.

39.I am supposed to get out of this grieves since last month but I am not making any changes. Don’t allow me to continue hurting you. Have some time to yourself.

40.Dear friend, I hope you get well soon. I can’t wait to go on another vacation with you. I am not going anywhere without you, I will stay with you forever.

41.We will surely miss the deceased but we should be thankful for the time we spent together.

42.You will surely miss the deceased but he is still with you. He didn’t leave you, stay strong.

43.Being in a relationship is not the best thing for me now. You shouldn’t be annoyed because I said this. It is for the benefit of both of us.

44.Allow me to be happy again. When I am out of this difficulty, I will contact you.

45.When I put myself in your shoe, I understand how you feel. Please let me know what I can do to make you happy.

46.I know that he is gone but his memories will still be in your heart. You have to be strong.

47.This relationship is important to me and I don’t want to ruin it. Let’s spend a week without talking to each other.

48.You are feeling alone and I know that I caused it. I will get back to you as soon as I feel alright.

49.There is no perfect world to say to you but all I know is that it shall be well.

50.I need some time to clear things off my head and I don’t want to hurt you. Talk to you later.

51.If you notice that I stop talking to you one day, it is not because I decided to leave you but because you pushed me away.

52.The way I met you today makes me happy because you are moody yesterday. Let’s go and have some fun.