147 + I Love You Quotes For My Boyfriend

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1.My love for you is encompassing because your love for me is overwhelming. Te Quiero.

2.I love you and take you for being a major part of my journey on earth.

3.Being with you makes me soar higher. Thanks for being my wings. Love you greatly.

4.You are exquisite. Thanks for accepting as me in spite of my flaws. Love you baby.

5.Your name is engraved on my heart, a song on my lips. I love you.

6.You have woven a web of love around my heart, don’t ever release me from it.

7.Many people have boyfriends but with you, I have a friend whom I love enormously and brings out the best in me.

8.“I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes”

9.Knowing I have you, gives me the courage to take on the world. I love you, baby.

10.You are amazing, just the way you are. I love you with all of me.

11.My, my, my! I love you and I am saying thank you for always sticking up for me.

12.You introduce me to your friends and family as “the love of your life”. I love you.

13.You never joke about anything that has to do with me. I’m assuring you, my love, always.

14.“I didn’t say “I love you” to hear it back. I said it to make sure you knew.”

15.God loves me! Yes, He does… If He doesn’t, He wouldn’t have given me an angel for a boyfriend.

16.No makes me smile and brings delight to my heart as much as you do. I love you.

17.Thank you for guiding me through my darkest periods.Thanks for being my flashlight. Te Quiero.

18.I can count on you, no matter what you will be always there for me.

19.Your love created a beautiful world inside my soul. Whenever I escape, I feel depressed.

20.There’s nothing you’re given; no matter how small, you appreciate. I love this part of you.

21.I love the way you play with my hair and tickle me, makes me fall for you every day.

22.You, being a major part of my life, is one of the best things to happen to me. Thank you for being you.

23.You are my ocean, and I could drown in your love any day and every day. I love you.

24.As long as the sun rises every day so would my love for you remain. I love you and only you.

25.You are my Jack and I am your rose and together, we are insurmountable. Te Quiero.

26.Being with you feels like being deposited in a fountain of wisdom. Wo ai no.

27.Joy floods my heart whenever I think of you and I am elated to be close to you. I love you.

28.“I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you.”

29.You have given me the most precious gifts; your love and friendship, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

30.You make me a better person, I love you with my heart, my soul and all of me.

31.For all you’ve done for me, I owe you a lot. Let’s keep making this ride of love interesting.

32.You don’t seem to care about my past. You love me even more than I imagined.

33.You always find a way to make me laugh, even when I don’t want to.

34.Your hands are my favourite thing in the world to hold. Your heart is my favourite thing to love.

35.You are exceptional. I am glad to know you as a friend, confidant and lover. Thanks for being with me.

36.Love may be hard to find, but with you, it has been wonderful. I love you from the depth of my heart.

37.You are my wings and with you in my life and in my heart, I keep glowing. Je t’aime.

38.I love you so much more; with or without your big beautiful blue eyes. I cherish you forever, my dearest.

39.“A fake boyfriend will put a lock on his phone. A real boyfriend will say, “Hey baby, can you read that text for me?”

40.I like that I feel confident in our future with you, I see you as the perfect husband for me.

41.Your spontaneous and romantic nature turns each of my routine days into a holiday. I love you.

42.Words can’t express the amount of hope, your presence in my life has brought to me. I love you dearest.

43.Knowing you love me, as made a great difference in my life. I truly and totally love you.

44.Wow! It is all I can say whenever I think of you. I love you enormously.

45.You are a pillar of strength, a wall of support and cushion of love to me. Te amo.

46.Love is a great risk but I am glad I took this risk with you. Wo ai no.

47.You have deposited in me a thirst to know more and be more. Te Quiero mucho gusto.

48.I love that I can enjoy simple things with you, the sun and your kisses make me happy.

49.I love the fact that you love life and you never lose hope. This part of you challenges me.

50.You set me aside from everyone else and you point out things I never noticed about myself.

51.I love you because you call me sweet names. I want more of them, please.

52.My friends are so jealous that I have you. They wish they could have a relationship that’s as perfect as ours.

53.You inspire to do better and be better. I love you and thank you for everything.

54.Marvellous is the description of how being with you feels. You’re simply delightful, my treasure.

55.My love for you has no boundaries. Always have, always will. I love you beyond the stars, my knight in shining armour.

56.I may not be the perfect girlfriend, but I promise you that my love for you is just perfect. No one can love you as I do.

57.Only you make me experience those emotions, which nobody can give me. I love you because we are family and friends at the same time.

58.I love you because you believe in my goodness even when I don’t. You always see greatness in all I do.

59.Our love story is a slow dance, where you lead me and I go after you, the safest place for me is your arms.

60.God has used you to correct so many errors in my life. What if I hadn’t met you?

61.The day God created you, was a day of happiness. You have brought joy and gladness to my life. I love you.

62.If I am to write all the reasons why I love you, a book won’t suffice. You are simply special.

63.I never knew two hearts could beat as one till I met you. You bring out the best in me. I love you.

64.You light up my world with your presence and when you are not around I feel empty.

65.Your devotion to us makes it as clear as crystal that you are special. I love you.

66.You are my sunshine and a burst of fresh air on any given day. Keep being awesome.

67.Saying I love you is an understatement, you are simply amazing. Je t’aime mon amour.

68.Thanks for inspiring me to be more and to do more. With you by my side, I know the best is yet to come. Te Quiero.

69.As long as you’re on my mind, I’ll always feel close to you even when we’re miles apart from each other. I miss and love you so much, boyfriend.

70.“Before I met you, I never knew that it was possible to miss someone this badly.”

71.You always made sure I was okay even when you were hurting and needed my attention. I love you for everything.

72.I could say that I love you every single minute, and still, it could not be enough as every minute my love for you grows.

73.I love you because you have taught me the true meaning of love, you’ve breathed love into my life.

74.I love you because you always believe in me and inspire me. Thank you, always.

75.You’re the only one who opened my eyes to true happiness by entering my life.

76.You waited so long for the YES I was going to say. No one would ever have done that. You’re the best.

77.You are a dream come true. Thanks for being patient with me and loving me despite my flaws.

78.You are my rainbow possessing colours of love, strength, belief, wisdom and so much more. Thank you.

79.Your ability to smile even in the midst of problems is remarkable. I love and respect the man you are.

80.You are a rare kind of man and I am grateful that I am yours. I love and respect you, darling.

81.Life without you would feel like the moon without the sun. I am blessed to have you.

82.Before I knew you, I use to be scared to fly. Now that I know you. Nothing is in possible. Te Quiero.

83.Remarkable is how I feel whenever you are present. You bring out the best in me. Te Quiero mucho gusto.

84.“I have decided to stick to love; hate is too great a burden to bear.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

85.“Even if I spent the whole day with you. I will miss you the second you leave.”

86.“I’m in my bed. You’re in your bed. One of us is in the wrong place.”

87.“With each touch, with each kiss, with each word I fall in love with you even more.”

88.You are the light and reason for my happiness. Everything about you makes me smile a little more. I love you so much.

89.I tend to smile a little more whenever I am with you. You bring the brightest smile to my face. I love you so much.

90.I love you because even in the coldest weather, you warm me with your love and warmth.

91.You are a determined man, you work so hard for the sake of our future. Thanks to you, you make me better.

92.You are a light at the end of the tunnel for me, I’ll follow you wherever you go.

93.Your voice is extraordinary. It’s a one of a kind and I love it so much. Everything about you and your voice melts me.

94.Even when we’re not married yet, you play the role of a boyfriend, a brother, a father. I can’t thank you enough.

95.True love isn’t for sale. If it was, I’d have paid a huge amount in getting a priceless jewel like you.

96.God saw I have really suffered for the sake of love, and then He sent you to change my life for the best.

97.Your belief in my capacity is like spring burst forth from the mountains. Your insights are refreshing. Love you, darling.

98.A plant can’t survive without carbon dioxide nor sunshine, just like I can’t live without you nor your love. I love you deeply, my dearest boyfriend.

99.There’s no space for anyone else in my heart and soul, mind and body other than you. I love you to the moon and back, sweetheart.

100.“My mom has always said, “the only man who deserves you, is the one who thinks he doesn’t.”

101.I love the way you look at me, I adore every wrinkle on your face, you are the man, with whom I wanna grow old.

102.You make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world, you are able to see the beauty everywhere.

103.You are my inspiration, for you, I am ready to change and become a better person than I am.

104.You are inside my heart. With you I feel over the moon, my love for you is flowing through my veins, can’t you see?

105.Even when you’re busy or have to go somewhere, sometimes you still make an effort to still talk to me. I love you.

106.Words can’t even begin to describe how much I love you. Whenever I’m with you, I feel like I’m bursting at the seams with love.

107.Thanks for your devotion and commitment, your enthusiasm about life. Through your eyes, I see the word in a whole new way.

108.You are different shades of hope and I am delighted to know that you are mine and I am yours. I love you.

109.You are my rainbow, I can’t imagine my life without you. It would be empty. Te amo.

110.Oh my God! This was what I thought when I first met you, being with you has left me speechless.

111.My heart is yours to adore, cherish and love forever, and I’m glad to call you mine today and always. I love you more than you know, my dearest boyfriend.

112.My heart will always and forever be your sweet love favourite place to dwell in; continue to dominate my whole being I love you unconditionally, my darling boyfriend.

113.For all the happiness you brought in my life, I love you is simply not enough. I cannot believe I am blessed with someone like you.

114.Your love never changed for me. It grew day by day, and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love you so much.

115.With every passing day, my love for you has grown stronger. I love to the moon and back, and I can do anything for you.

116.You always support me when I am upset and always laugh at my foolish jokes. You love me without changing me. I appreciate it.

117.We are connected! Even in the crowd, I’ll find your eyes and even the ocean noise does not stop me from hearing your heartbeat.

118.Each time we kiss my female principle strives to merge with your male nature. Truth is, I am so addicted to you.

119.The little things that you do for me can always make me feel special no matter what sort of a mood I’m in. I love you.

120.When I tease you, you don’t take it personally and you feel free to tease me back. I love to tease. I’m a bully.

121.I share my happiness and pain with you, and you seem cool with it every time. You’re one in a million!

122.I have always believed in myself. Whatever I want, I go for. I went for you because I wanted you. By the way, no regrets!

123.You make me feel like a baby whenever we are together. You mean much more to me!

124.Everything about us seems like a fairytale. If this is a dream, I never wanna wake up.

125.Despite all that people told you about me, you stood your ground and never left me. I owe you a whole lot.

126.Thanks for your support, it makes me better than ever. I respect the man you’ve become.

127.The memories we’ve made together, are memories I would always cherish, till my last breath.

128.Your words of wisdom inspire me to be a better person. You are truly a diamond.

129.Keep soaring high. Keep being the Eagle that you are an never lose focus of who you are and all the things I love about you.

130.This last one year of being with you has made me the happiest woman alive. Thank you from the depth of my heart.

131.You open my eyes to the infinite spectrum of possibilities available in this world and for that I deeply and sincerely love you.

132.Thanks for understanding me better than I understand myself. I hold you in the highest esteem. You are simply awesome.

133.Joy overwhelms my heart at the sound of your name. You are simply awesome. I love you.

134.If I were to write about how awesome you are, a book won’t be enough to describe you. You are exquisite.

135.You, being a major part of my life, is one of the best things to happen to me. I appreciate your time, effort, support and commitment to us and for us.

136.There is a lot to be acquired in life but I am grateful to have the greatest of them, and that is you. Wo ai no.

137.Hope and your name are synonymous, love and your personality are siblings. I love you from here to the moon and back.

138.You are not perfect and I know that, but through your imperfections, I see a remarkable man. I love you, darling.

139.You would be taken care of before you even ask, be helped before you request it and find love before you search for it. I love you very much.

140.I love everything about you. You’re the real deal; always have, always will. I love you from the depth of my heart, my prince charming.

141.You’re my everyday superhero, my life and my muse. Thank you for coming into my life; with you, life is more beautiful and fun-filled. I love you beyond the stars.

142.Every passing day, my heart is filled with your undying love just as much as my thoughts are always about you. I love you so much, my love.

143.Your love is like the air I breathe, but I’d rather have oxygen on standby, just in case. I love you beyond the stars, my muse.

144.My love for you is beautiful and breathtaking just like the sight of the picturesque of the sunset. I love you more and more.

145.“And then suddenly, you meet that one person that makes you forget about yesterday, and dream about tomorrow.”

146.“I just wanna see you. Hold you. Hug you. Touch you. Kiss you. Cuddle with you. Love you.”

147.It is all because of you I got to experience what love actually is. You taught me to love, and loving you is the best feeling.