35 Smart Christian Wishes For Healing

Visit:494   Updated: 2022/12/15

1.Hoping that you feel better soon. I’ve been praying that Adonai shows you favor and grants you peace and healing.

2.Sending you love and good wishes. I’m gathering with my family to pray with you, that you’re healed and loved well during this time.

3.May you be filled with grace and love while you continue to heal from this illness. Praying that you start to feel better soon.

4.Praying that you’re blessed by Vishnu and feel a comforting presence with you. Please accept my sincere get-well wishes. Looking forward to seeing you in good health soon!

5.May Buddha bless you and heal you. I know that you’re so excited to have this baby, but I’m sorry this pregnancy has been so challenging for you!

6.So sorry to hear about your illness. I’ve gathered with my family to pray for you, and I’m hoping that you feel better soon.

7.May Adonai bless you and make His face shine down on you. I’m praying that He blesses you with His compassionate, healing power.

8.May Brahma grant you a balanced body, mind, and heart. Hoping that you achieve wellness soon—I know that it’s been a long and difficult road for you. Sending my prayers and lots of love.

9.May Adonai hold you close to His heart. I’ve been praying that you feel His peace and love, especially as you continue to rest and get better.

10.Praying that you achieve a balanced heart during this difficult time. I know it’s hard when you’re sick. Sending prayers, hope, and love in your direction.

11.Praying that Allah grants peace during this hard season of your life. I know this diagnosis was such a hard blow.

12.May you receive peace through the grace of the Guru. You’ve been through such a turbulent time, and I know you want peace. Please accept my good wishes for you and your family.

13.May the Guru’s wisdom bless you during this illness. I made some soup for you and would love to bring it by. Hoping that I see you soon and that you bounce back to health quickly!

14.Praying for God to hold you in the palm of His hand while you continue to heal. I’m so blessed to hear that you’re feeling better and that the surgery went well. Hoping you get to go home soon!

15.I’m so glad I got the opportunity to stop by the hospital and pray for you. Gathering with your family to pray that Allah grants you healing was a gift. I hope it was comforting to you as well!

16.May you feel protected and loved. I know you’ve been fighting this illness for a long time, and I’m so happy that you’re finally on an upward swing. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

17.May blessings of love, peace, and healing surround you and your loved ones. Praying that no one else catches your flu! I’d love to come over and help if you need it.

18.I hope you feel better soon—so sorry that you got hit with the flu this season! It’s been a really bad strain. I’ve been praying that you can find refuge in Allah while you continue to heal.

19.Blessings from Buddha on you and your family. You’ve been through such a long road to finish chemotherapy, and I’m so proud of your strength and resilience.

20.Sending prayers, love, and good thoughts your way. I’m having a lot of fun looking after your pets during this time. I’m just sorry it’s not under better circumstances!

21.Praying that Brahma sustains you with love, truth, and healing. May your physical body be as robust as your heart. I’d love to come by and visit you at the hospital if you’re feeling up to it.

22.Praying that you’re granted a sense of peace and balance during this tough time. You’ve put up with so many doctor visits and diagnoses over the years. I’m so glad that you’re finally near the end of the road.

23.Praying that Buddha establishes you in perfect health and beautiful happiness. I’m sending some flowers to the hospital soon—hopefully you like them! Whenever you feel better, I’d love to drop by for a visit.

24.May God make His face shine on you. I’ve been praying that you feel better soon, and I am hoping that you get those test results back quickly. I’d love to drop by your house to pray with you and bring over a meal if you’d like. When would be a good time?

25.Praying that Jesus blesses you with His love and peace. I know being sick is really hard on you, especially during such a busy season at college. Praying that you feel better and get all the rest you need!

26.May God bless you with His peace and healing. I’m so sorry to hear that you were struggling with the flu! I brought up your request to my prayer group at church, and we all have you in your hearts and in our prayers. Love you!

27.Praying that Allah grants you the ability to rest in His peace. I know you said it’s been really hard for you to sleep at the hospital. Hoping that you can rest soon. I’d love to stop by and visit, whenever you’re feeling up to it.

28.May the Buddha grant you wisdom, health, and patience. You’ve waited so long to be cancer-free, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results with you. No matter what they are, I hope you feel better soon.

29.My family is praying that Allah, the Sustainer of Mankind, cures you soon. I know you’re looking forward to feeling better and being able to get out of bed! We’re hoping and praying that the rest of your pregnancy goes very smoothly.

30.May God give you the blessings that He gave to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. May He also bless you with the love he showed to Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel. Hoping that He gives you well-being and peace of mind soon. Love you!

31.My family is praying that Adonai holds you in His hands and grants you peace. I know this diagnosis was devastating for you. I’m hoping that the doctor’s plans work perfectly and you’re able to weather this season with peace.

32.May the One God show you light and grace while you continue to heal. I’m so glad your accident wasn’t worse. The One God was protecting you, and I’m so happy that the doctors say you’ll make a full recovery.

33.I’m so sorry to hear about your cancer diagnosis. I am praying that God sends a guardian angel to watch over you and that He works a miracle. Sending good thoughts your way—please let me know if I can do anything to help.

34.May the grace and wisdom of the Guru be with you as you take time to rest and reflect. I know this time is hard for you, and I’m hoping that spending time in prayer and reflection will make it easier.

35.I’d love to come by and do morning prayers with you. I could bring a meal and we could visit and catch up if you’re feeling up to it. Does that sound okay to you? I’d love to call you to confirm the details. Looking forward to praying with you.