31 Best Sweet Romantic Quotes

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1.At night, the earth rests from the task of the day, enjoy it without stress and have a cool night.

2.“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

3.I treasure the moments we share together, the gist we share and the passion we consummate. Sweet dreams, my love.

4.When the night comes, everything comes to rest except my deep thoughts of you. Sleep well and have a beautiful night rest.

5.You are the sweetest candy in the bucket full of sweets. Have a sweet rest and a sound sleep. Good night, my dear.

6.I’ve met many people but no one has touched my life with a love so strong as yours. Good night, babe.

7.Being lovely is a virtue, but being romantic is a gift. Good night to the most romantic woman in my life. Good night, my girlfriend.

8.Like a man squeeze out the juice from a succulent orange and enjoys the refreshing taste is the way I feel when I’m in your bosom. Good night, my wife.

9.Every night brings us unique packages and opportunities. Make the best use of tonight. Good night, my darling wife.

10.Some people cherish one-night stand but I cherish an eternity with you. Good night, my woman.

11.Hey, don’t fret. You are the most beautiful woman in the world. No other competitor. Good night, love.

12.A joyous soul is like water flowing down a slope, it goes effortlessly. You bring honey to my life without stress. Good night, my angel.

13.The sound of your name serenades me every night. It is melodious and rhythmic to me more than the sounds of many instruments. Good night, dear.

14.I can bury my face all day in your hands; the warmth there is enough to incubate my feelings into maturity. Good night, my dear.

15.Good night is a sweet message from me to you today. It’s not just a wish; it’s an expression of my desire for you- everything around you will be good. Good night, my dear wife.

16.My watermelon, good night and how are you doing. Have a fantastic night time ahead. Good night, dear.

17.Your beautiful face is lovely to behold even in darkness. Anyone seeing your face alone at night will know you are in for a good night. Good night, dear.

18.I want my day made and my nights complete. You do the two effortlessly. Thanks and have a blissful night.

19.When I open my eyes to see, I want to see you. When I close my eyes, I desire to dream about you, for with you I’m complete. Good night, my love.

20.As long no one can disrupt the breaking the day, so shall my love for you will never be disrupted. Good night, friend.

21.Nothing is a good as sleeping and waking beside the person you love most and equally reciprocates the same love. Good night, my angel.

22.Across the distance and all oceans, our love remains unshaken. You are wine that makes my heart merry. I’ll always be here waiting for you, my beloved. Good night.

23.Yesterday is gone, and today is about going the same way but today would not be complete until I beep this good night message. Good night, wifey.

24.With every beat of my heart, everything in nature draws you closer to me to hold. I’ll forever hold you tight and never let go of you. Good night, my candy.

25.I desire you to sleep to you can rest, yet I want to keep staring at your smiling face. How do we settle the score? Smile to me in your dreams. Good night, my love.

26.Your eyes shine brighter and sparkle more than the stars that twinkle at night. Those eyes are my weaknesses. When I see them, I forget myself. Good night, my love.

27.To go up may be difficult, but to remain on top is more difficult. I love you going on top because it gives me pleasure. Good night, my love.

28.Whatever occupies one’s mind must be worthwhile and endearing. You’ve been on my mind since morning. I wish you a memorable night, my love.

29.By many deeds of shame, we learn that love grows cold. You have kept the fire of our love with actions that are worthy of emulation. Good night, my love.

30.Every night, love drips from your face like water drips from the sky in form of the early morning dew. That’s why you deserve a beautiful night, good night to you.

31.If the world can wait for the night to relax before resuming activities, then everything that you need will wait for you to appear. Good night to you, darling.