60 + 50Th Birthday Messages For Women

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1.Happy birthday to someone who’s more fabulous at 50 than ever.

2.Happy Birthday, pretty woman! You deserve the best!

3.Wishing you the very happiest of returns on your 50th birthday!

4.Happy 50th birthday! May you stay forever young and beautiful the next 50 years.

5.You make 50 look amazing! Happiest of birthdays my gorgeous friend!

6.Welcome to the best chapter of your life — the fifties!  Happy 50th birthday!

7.You’re not old, you’re the vintage model! Have a great 50th birthday!

8.Don’t forget that you’ve earned all those wrinkles! Happy 50th Birthday!

9.Happy 50th birthday. Looking 50 is amazing, if you were 10 years older.

10.Happy 50th birthday to someone who's not nifty at 50 (I would say you're the niftiest).

11.Happy birthday to the coolest (and youngest at heart) 50 year old I know.

12.Happy birthday to someone who's 50 in body and ageless in mind.

13.Happy birthday, sending happy thoughts to the most beautiful woman on earth!

14.Hoping for a gorgeous day for my gorgeous gal, Happy birthday sweetheart!

15.Hey pretty lady, wishing you a fabulous birthday today!

16.Happy 50th birthday to the sweetest lady I know. Enjoy this precious day!

17.Birthday wishes to the best buddy anyone could have. Happy 50th!

18.50 already? Time sure flies when you’re getting old! Happy birthday!

19.Happy birthday to someone who's niftier at 50 than any person has the right to be.

20.Happy 50th birthday. Enjoy turning a half-century, starting today. You deserve it.

21.Hope your 50th birthday rocks, just like you. Your heart and soul just sing.

22.Sending hugs, kisses and birthday wishes to a beautiful girl!

23.You shine brighter than any star in the sky! Happy 50th beautiful person!

24.Whoever said 50 is nifty must have been 100 or 25. Happy 50th birthday, you nifty old fart!

25.Happy 50th birthday! Here’s to 50 more years of the incredibly strong, kind and loving you!

26.Happy 50th birthday to the kindest, smartest and loveliest friend anyone could ever have.

27.Happy 50th birthday. You've reached the age when you can recognize every song in an elevator.

28.Happy 50th birthday. Turning 50 is great. That's what all my 70-year-old friends tell me.

29.Hey hottie, Happy birthday to my sexy partner-in-crime!

30.Fit and fabulous and 50? Yes! Best wishes on your special day!

31.You have taught me so much and I will never forget it! Happy 50th!

32.Happy 50th birthday! May the next 50 years of your life be as fabulous as the first 50.

33.Don’t skimp here! A serious dose of inspiration is a must-have in any birthday message.

34.Happy birthday hot mama, sending you some wonderful birthday vibes on your special day today!

35.Happy birthday you gorgeous girl! I hope all your wishes come true!

36.Hi cutie, Have a delightful birthday! Make this birthday one to remember!

37.Don't know what to write? Get inspired by close to 200 examples of 50th birthday greetings on this page.

38.Happy birthday to someone who's been fabulous at every age and is now more fabulous than ever at 50.

39.Happy 50th birthday. May the next half-century bring you everything you desire.

40.Happy 50th birthday! You should be so proud of the person you've become and will be. We are.

41.Sending birthday wishes to a beautiful lady! Celebrate big!

42.Happy birthday beautiful! Hope your day is a fabulous as you are!

43.Hey gorgeous gal pal, wishing you an awesome birthday today!

44.Happy birthday to my beautiful wife, you get prettier every year!

45.Happy birthday hot stuff! I'm so lucky to call you mine.

46.You’re not 50. You’re 20, plus 10, plus 10, plus 10! Have the greatest 50th birthday!

47.Get the fire extinguisher out before you light those 50 birthday candles!

48.Yes, 50 is nifty…if you're rich, slim, beautiful and famous. Happy un-nifty 50th birthday!

49.Happy 50th birthday! I know, for a fact, that life’s finest moments start at 50 for people like you.

50.Happy 50th birthday! At your age, you can look back with pride and look forward with hope.

51.I heard you turned 50 today! Days like this make me so happy I am younger. Happy birthday!

52.Everything good comes to those who turn 50. Good food. Good wine. Good friends. Good love. Happy 50th birthday!

53.Happy 50th birthday! You've learned to take life seriously, but never yourself. That's a gift! Enjoy it!

54.Need some ideas for your friend's 50th birthday card? Get inspired by the examples of 50th birthday wishes below.

55.Happy 50th birthday. You've reached the age when you're offended by nobody offering you a seat on the bus.

56.Yep, it's that easy! Now, it's your turn!

57.Happy birthday beautiful girl, did you know you light up my world?

58.You are aged to perfection, happy birthday lady!

59.You have a beautiful soul and it just shines, Happy Birthday to a wonderful lady!

60.Here's to wonderful birthday wishes for a beautiful niece! May your day be as delightful as you are!