39 + Team Appreciation Quotes

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1.[Team member’s name], you did an impressive job out there on the project. Keep it up!

2.You all have been very influential to the success of this organization. Keep giving your best.

3.Your colleagues speak highly of you. I’m happy to know that you are making a positive impression on your team members.

4.I am ever grateful for being a part of this team. You excel in leaving no one behind in achieving success together. Thank you.

5.You deserved that promotion. You have been up and doing from day one. So happy for you!

6.I appreciate the fact that you all are always at your duty posts. It has helped move this business forward in no small way. Thanks to you all!

7.You have made tremendous improvements since the last periodic evaluation. This is highly commendable. Keep it up!

8.I have seen no other hard-working team than this since I joined this company. You guys have really been exceptional. Keep it up!

9.I want to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to every one of you for your diligence and excellent work attitude. You have been very amazing. Thank you!

10.I can sleep with my two eyes closed because I know you always deliver very excellent quality. Keep it up!

11.Our journey so far would have been impossible had it not been for the role every one of you played in making it happen. Thanks to the best team ever!

12.Words will fail me to describe exactly how effective you have been as a team. You are the living description of what teamwork is. Keep it up!

13.You always arrive at work earlier than others and leave later than them as well. Your hard work and diligence are not unnoticed.

14.Thank you for your impressive contribution to the team’s success this year. You have proven yourself to be an invaluable asset. Kudos!

15.Your diligence and cooperation together as a team have brought about the realization of our goals for the year. I am so much indebted to you all.

16.You all have been very cooperative. Without your continuous support, we couldn’t have achieved that feat. Thank you all!

17.Your performance and output have continued to impress me. To appreciate you, I’ll be giving you a salary raise of 30%. You deserve this and much more. Keep it up!

18.That you love what you do is highly evident in the quality of your output. Keep it up!

19.Reaching this peak in record time would have been impossible without a strong and supportive team like you. Keep it up!

20.Such an excellent job you did back then! I am so glad to have you on my team. Keep it up!

21.This phase has been really tough and demanding yet you gave it your all to make it a success. Your efforts are well appreciated. I look forward to working with you on further projects.

22.If there’s one thing I know for sure that is responsible for our successes thus far, it is cooperation. You all have been very supportive and inspiring. Keep it up!

23.On behalf of the management of company [XYZ], we would like to express our profound gratitude to you for the assistance you rendered us in carrying out project [Z]. Thank you very much.

24.Dear [XYZ], I am writing this letter to appreciate your help in making project [x] a success. I want you to know that without your support, this project wouldn’t have gone anywhere. Thank you very much.

25.The way you executed that project blew my mind away. I never imagined it could be as bright as that. Keep it up!

26.Thank you for being a diligent and trustworthy employee. You can always be relied on.

27.It has been great and highly rewarding working with you all. Together we achieved a lot and I believe we will accomplish greater things in the future. Thanks a lot!

28.You always meet up with deadlines and do not delay in delivering projects promptly. Keep it up!

29.You have been so consistent for [x] years. I’m putting you up for promotion and a salary raise. I hope you like it and keep being consistent.

30.I always look up to having you at any brainstorming. Your brilliant ideas have been what has paved the way for the company’s success this year. Thank you.

31.Winning the ‘Manager of the Year’ award was impossible without having the team of the year. You have all been cooperative and dutiful. I look forward to accomplishing more feats with you.

32.You came through for me while I was down in my health. You are all amazing and truly care for me as a team member. I am greatly indebted to your kind gesture. Thank you all!

33.Sometimes I look back and wonder where the company would be without a team like you which consists of diligent and hardworking members. Keep it up!

34.I don’t know what we all would have achieved if you had been slack in discharging your duties. You have been so consistent and faithful. Keep it up!

35.The way you collaborate and cooperate amongst one another is truly commendable. It has made us achieve more in lesser time. Thank you all.

36.You employ all of your skills, knowledge, and talent when carrying out any assignment given to you. The last assignment you executed was impressive. Keep it up!

37.A good employee will challenge his/her boss to be better. I’m glad you have been that employee. You have made me be a better manager. Thanks!

38.I am glad to see that you are making considerable progress in your new task. I never doubted your ability. I’m glad to see you doing well in a new field.

39.Dear [XYZ], I want today a BIG thank you for your unrelenting support throughout the time I was executing the project. Being there for me went a long way to ensure I was able to complete it successfully. Thanks a great deal!