39 Female Confidence Quotes

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1.Show the world who you are. You are an admirable personality for your confidence and virtues. Keep changing the world!

2.Do not run away from reality. Face it and overcome what has to be overcome!

3.Being a leader is proof that I am not lazy. I carry my burdens and help others with theirs.

4.Stand for whatever you believe even if you have to stand alone. That makes you a notable woman.

5.Women’s voices are not to be ignored or overlooked. Every contribution they have will make some difference.

6.The strength of a beautiful woman is not always in her words but in patience, and right actions.

7.A wise woman protects her marriage like she would her newborn. She can’t let go of it!

8.Every woman is expected to earn her husband’s respect, but, a strong and confident woman earns every man’s respect.

9.I am always conscious of the fact that I am strong, so, I strive to remain who I am. Nothing will ever be strong enough to break me down.

10.Wherever sensible decisions are being made, it should be counted as a great privilege to have women in those places.

11.The children of a confident woman are blessed because they learn of her and grow up to become confident themselves.

12.Gender is but a slight difference between God’s creations. It is not a sign of inferiority or superiority.

13.Though she is greatly criticized, a leader stands for her convictions and never allows them to be overthrown.

14.She is not afraid of making mistakes. She is a risk-taker. She is a leader!

15.Strength, courage, patience, love, generosity, wisdom, prudence. A strong and confident woman possesses all these.

16.A woman has always been needed in bringing forth life. She needs to enjoy life as well!

17.Your tears are an expression of your strength and your smiles are indicators of peace. He who has you has something priceless.

18.Beauty changes with time, but, no change will ever sweep away the beauty of a strong and confident woman.

19.I do not need anybody’s validation. I embrace what is right and shun what is wrong.

20.Let it never be heard that you are doing anything shabbily. You must put in your best in whatever you do.

21.You are not just a cook or a housewife as a woman. You are a destiny molder, a shaper of lives, an advisor, an indispensable necessity!

22.Leadership is not an easy task. Only an excellent leader will have followers who can defend her even in her absence.

23.Comparing yourself with others does not make you become like them. Originality is the power of a beautiful, strong, and confident woman.

24.A strong and beautiful woman has something to offer beyond her body. She has ideas, skills, virtues, and very many special qualities.

25.The fear of God is in my heart. Therefore, I am stronger than my peers!

26.People do wonder why I am this strong. That is simply how I am wired!

27.I do not sit around idle, nor do I work during playtime. I know what to do and when to do it.

28.Speaking the truth is one of my values. I will not refuse to tell you the truth because I love you.

29.Don’t be afraid of failure. Know that it’s just one of the instruments of success.

30.A leader leads as well as serves. Being a leader is not the same as being better than others. It’s just a special privilege to conduct others.

31.A leader is not an all-knowing creature. She knows what she knows and learns what she doesn’t know.

32.Working alone is not an attribute of a leader. She sets goals and surrounds herself with relevant people for the achievement of the set goals.

33.Beauty fades like the flowers of the field. But, a woman of virtue is forever beautiful.

34.It is my responsibility to raise people who will lead generations to come. I feel blessed to be trusted with such responsibility.

35.Love fills my heart, and compassion moves me to do good. I am not heartless, and this is my strength!

36.It’s okay for you to compliment me and it’s okay to criticize me. Only know that whether you compliment or criticize me, I bring out the beauty in both.

37.You have every right to be who you want to be. Do not let barbaric beliefs or society or anyone choose who you should be for yourself.

38.You deserve some pampering and care and attention. You are human, not a bag or a shoe that can be thrown around the corner.

39.A leader is not afraid of failing. She knows that failure is part of her success story.