86 Copy Paste Love Paragraphs

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1.With you, breathing becomes magical. You’re everything I’ve ever dreamed of; thanks for being in my life. I love you.

2.I cherish and love you. This relationship is worth taking risks for, because each time I look straight into your eyes, I see something special.

3.I love you for our life together, I love you for making me happier than I ever could be alone, I love the hopes we have together.

4.All I want to do right now is be with my angel — you. That’s because you’re my life and my air, too. I love you so much.

5.Thanks to your kind heart, your generosity, and your heartwarming assurance, life has become much better. We deserve each other, plus all the happiness in the world.

6.When I first saw you, my heart cried out with lots of joy for it has something incredibly perfect that suits and completes its missing part. You, and you alone, are the one I love.

7.I love the way you wrap me up in your arms, whispering sweet talks to me, and telling me you want more. I can’t get over this feeling.

8.I miss us. I wonder how you feel comfortable when you’re not around me. I hope to see you tonight, my love. How about that?

9.Saying I love you won’t prove or change anything, but then I do. I can’t repay you for every single thing you’ve done, but I won’t stop loving you the best way.

10.I don’t think I can love you enough. Do you want to know why? Well, it’s because you’re a beautiful and precious jewel in my world.

11.I’m whole again, and it was possible because your love did the magic in making me complete. I feel alive because your love came for my rescue.

12.A day without you is like a day without air. I wouldn’t breathe if I ever lost you. Nothing else completes me like you do, my love.

13.Come see me soon, sweetheart. I am not feeling too good, and I am sure I need some of you; as you’re my whole sweetness.

14.My life has felt this much happiness since I started to date. You’ve brought so many positive changes into my life, and I can only thank you for this beautiful experience. I love you.

15.I will never stop showing you optimum love and respect. You earn my love and respect in so many ways. There is no going back because what I feel for you is out of this world.

16.Here I am, giving thanks for another day of having this special feeling with you. It wouldn’t have made sense with someone else. I love you, hubby.

17.You’re my destiny husband, and nothing can come in between us. We are a perfect combination, and that’s why we easily fell in love. Nothing is going to break us.

18.I want you to know that, every little thing you do counts, and has a significant impact on my life. This journey wouldn’t have been this beautiful, with someone else. I love you.

19.You’re the reason I enjoy the taste of fine wine, the smell of fresh flowers, and the flavors of the best food. Life is good because of you.

20.I can’t wait to be next to you. I miss being with you, as I am the happiest person whenever you are around. We may be apart but you are always here inside my heart.

21.My love will forever be with no one else but you because we’re bonded to be just one in this game of love. I love you so much.

22.I’m delighted to be sharing an amazing and highly coveted relationship with you. You provide me with the safety and warmth my world needs. I love you.

23.I love you, as my heart continues to beat. The only thing I don’t get tired of receiving on a daily basis is your love. I can’t stop loving you.

24.I wish to appreciate you making me the awesome person I am today. Thanks for your support. Thanks also for loving me unconditionally. I love you, too.

25.The attitude you portray is divine and rare, too. You’re a dream come true, I’ve always dreamt of having true love, and God brought you to me. I love you.

26.You, to the brim, fill my heart with joy unspeakable. Every day, my mind rejoices of your love. You’re an angel, a gem, and a jewel. I love you much.

27.You’ll always be a vital part of me; a part of me that gives me life, so if that part is absent, you know what happens. Baby, I love you so much.

28.A love that has no reason, but a love that grows every day. You are my world and without you I am incomplete. I am so in love with you.

29.I love being with you and I can’t get enough of your kisses. You are my perfect match in every way and I enjoy every moment that we share.

30.You are a blessing in my life, I feel truly happy when you are around. Your love is the only thing that keeps me going.

31.You’re the one that enters my life from nowhere and suddenly becomes my world itself. I cannot go on without you, my love. Stay with me forever.

32.Give me a little time, and I will love you more than I did yesterday because you are the rainbow that shows up after the rain. Life is much better with you in it, and I love you with everything in me.

33.I can’t stop thinking about how I feel when I am with you. All the long nights of sweet talks. Can we make tonight one of those nights?

34.With you, I see a future so bright because you give me pure bliss. Your love means everything to me, and it can’t be compared to anything. Thank you for loving me the best way.

35.You will be forever special to me because no man means as much as you do to me. I’ve realized that life without you isn’t worth living, and I’d rather die than live life without you.

36.I will always love you because you have this beautiful way of turning sad situations around. Nothing compares to the love I have for you. It’s forever you and me.

37.Love made me what I am, today. Let me stress it; YOUR LOVE MADE ME WHAT I AM TODAY. I’m so happy for giving us a chance. I would’ve missed a treasure to behold, for a lifetime.

38.You are my best friend, my soulmate, and my lover. You mean the world to me, and I will always love you!

39.Dear girlfriend, there’s nothing compared to the joy I have whenever I’m with you. You’re my sunshine amidst the storm. In you, I find peace. Thanks for being mine.

40.May the loveliest and sweetest fragrance of joy, love, harmony, and friendship continue to follow us wherever we go. You mean a lot to me and I love you so much.

41.My heart is now your colony, and my wholeness? It’s under your command. My love for you grows as the clock ticks. I love you.

42.My world experiences a turnaround whenever you are around me. I love you because you always pull closer anytime I lose control of myself.

43.You and I equate to a life journey which is filled with sweetness and blessings of life. I love you.

44.I’ve been thinking about how much I love you and it made me a little sad that I can’t see you tonight. So I just wanted to say, “I love you!”

45.You are my husband and my best friend. I love you more each day. When we married I knew it was for good. I trusted your love from the start. Thank you for loving me back unconditionally.

46.I love you so much, I feel like there are no words to describe how much. Your eyes, face, body, everything about you is beautiful and it makes me happy just to be with you.

47.“I love you because you are my best friend, my human diary, and my other half. You mean the world to me and I love you so much!”

48.Someone should have stopped me from falling in love with you. Now I am so lost in loving you that I can barely separate my soul from yours. If this is not called true love, I don’t know what else is!

49.Hey snack! I love it when you’re around me and exhale slowly with that hot breath of yours. Makes me want to keep being with you all night.

50.With you by my side, I’m ready to face life’s journey till the very end. I am ever prepared to give you the best love in the world because you deserve it. I feel fulfilled knowing that you are mine.

51.I have recorded no regrets so far because I am living my best life with you in my life. You changed my whole scenery. Loving you is the least I can do to make you feel appreciated.

52.I’ve loved you all my life, I’m still loving you, and I will always love you no matter what happens. You’re my everything, and I’m grateful to you.

53.When I look into your eyes, I see deep and sincere love with no pretence. You make my heart smile with every single thing you do. That’s why I won’t stop loving you.

54.I never knew love was staring at me in the eye when I met you. I wasted a lot of time, but now, it’s all worth it. Thank God I accepted you into my beautiful life. Ever since, it’s been more beautiful.

55.If only you could have the ability to see yourself through my eyes, then you would understand that you are so special to me. You mean the world to me, darling husband. I love you so much.

56.Love doesn’t come fully formed. It is a seed that grows. Even when times are hard, don’t curse the dark and keep your candle burning. Good morning my prince charming.

57.I promise I won’t replace you. I don’t think I can ever replace you because nobody on the face of this earth can fit perfectly into your place. No one, I mean no one, can love me as you do.

58.Just like the summer, you came so slowly and now my entire world is filled with the wonders of your love. I place no human around you; you’re my everything. Yes, I love you.

59.Living life without you is the severest punishment anyone can give to me. You have made my life worth it, and that has completely changed everything. I love you, my baby boo.

60.Whenever you set your eyes on me, I feel my temperature shoot up. There’s this lovely sensation you make in me anytime you’re around me. I cannot stop my heart from beating for you. I love you, darling.

61.The love you have for me makes my world glow. It makes the sun to rise, the winds to blow, and the rainfall. Even when all those things happen, my love for you will still be beautiful for you.

62.I love you, and I’ll never ever stop loving you. True love has gone a long way in changing how I view the world. My love will patiently wait for you forever. I love you.

63.Just like the spring found in the air, your love refreshes all areas of my body. My love for you is stronger than the eagle. I’m not ashamed to let the world know how much I love you.

64.I’m free because your love freed me from the bondage of thinking that there’s nothing such as true love. Thanks for coming into my life. I love you so much.

65.Your silent and breathless laughs have given shape to all the lovely memories we have. The love I have for you will last until the earth rotates no more.

66.When I’m with you, my happiness knows no limitations and no bounds, too. I know very well that joy truly exists because your being shows that. I love you very much, my girl.

67.I love you so much, and you mean more than words could ever explain. I can’t believe I’m in love with you, but I am. Thanks for everything that you do and have always done for me. You are amazing.

68.My love for you is beyond explanation because you own my heart. I’m your queen, and together we will rule our kingdom forever. I love you with everything in me.

69.Up until now, I can’t spot the exact thing I like about you. You’re always on my mind, day and night, and there is no beautiful feeling than that. I love you.

70.Words are not enough to express how much I love you and how much you mean to me. You are my husband, and I will live to share every moment of my life with you, till death do us part.

71.When I think of all the plans that you have for me, I can’t stop thanking you for being the best thing in my life. There’s no looking back at all. I’m all yours forever. I love you.

72.I will never give room for anything to come between us, because my love for you is true, and nothing can change it. I hope you feel the same way about me too.

73.With you by my side, I do not need the world. You’re more than the world, to me. You’re my dream come true, and nothing will stop my heart from beating for you. I love you pieces. Please, forgive me.

74.My love for you is real, and I am sure of it. I give it with all my sense of fulfillment because it is the best I’ve got to offer. You’re my sunshine and my motivation. I love you forever.

75.In a world where people are motivated by various factors and dreams, my sole motivation is you and the future I want us to have. Cheers to a brighter future.

76.Your presence in my life has made me know how the warmth of love felt like. From the bottom, your love changed my life and lifted me to a greater height.

77.You’ve been the only person in this world filled with billions of people, that won’t attempt to give up on me. I love you so much. You’re the best, as always.

78.I’m on a journey of fruitfulness and blissfulness with you, and I don’t care about any other thing but you. You have been that somebody I’ve been searching for. I love you.

79.I want to love you with all of me. My world, heart, and soul are under your command. Will you be my queen and rule my world forever?

80.For you, I’ll do anything, including going with you to the end of time. I desire to sleep and wake up beside you every morning. I love you, my sweetheart.

81.If you ever doubt my feelings for you, you’ll break my heart. If you don’t believe the words which come from the deepest part of my heart, then I’ll be torn. I love you beyond what words can describe.

82.Anything I think about you, it makes me look forward to all the memories we are yet to create. You deserve the best, and that’s what I’ll always give you. I love you.

83.I’ve never felt this way in my life. You are the love of my life and I can’t live without you. You are amazing, funny, beautiful and everything that I ever wanted in a woman. I will love you forever.

84.You are my friend, lover, and soulmate. You bring out the best in me. I love everything about you, from your wild side to your warmth and compassion. I love you more than words can describe.

85.Today, tomorrow, and forever, my love for you will remain pure because what I feel for you has been at its best. You bring me back to life each moment I see you around, and nothing compares to that.

86.I love how you get me in the mood, even in the middle of the night. You give it to me like there’s no tomorrow. I don’t wanna ever stop feeling this way. Tonight, we go all hard again!