36 + Emotional Messages Definition

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1.Darling, I promise to make our love affair a secret till the set time you are ready to make it public. Trust me, babe.

2.Time has put our love to test, yet, we are still standing firm and happy just as ever. I love you, mine.

3.Baby, you are all I have, I promise to protect you with every breath that’s within me even in the face of death.

4.I make our union coordinated; you make it exceptional. I make our union logical; you make it flawless. I make you rooted; you give it wings to fly. I love you!

5.I promise to never jilt or cheat on you now or after marriage. You will remain the only woman that rules and has the keys to my heart.

6.I promise to give you my rapt attention while you speak. I will never trivialize your chats. You are the only voice my heart longs to hear.

7.It’s only a fool that will doubt the existence of God, so it is for me to doubt your love for me. Your love knows no bounds and I’m grateful for that.

8.You are my El Dorado, in you, I have found perfection. You are greatly loved by me, darling.

9.I will clench to you, morning, day, and night. Nothing will cause me to say goodbye to you–not even disease nor disability. I will stand by you always.

10.I promise to help you when falling; hold you tight when you are lonely; provide food when you are hungry; protect you when you lack shelter. You can count on me, sweet.

11.You will ever remain special to me all the days of my life. I will not treat you like a cliche. You are, and you will remain my most valuable asset.

12.Thank you for choosing me amongst all men. I will never disappoint you. I will love you the same way you have loved me. You are the most beautiful damsel in the world.

13.Many years ago, I gave you the key to my heart and I’ve not had any reason to regret it. You filled my life with joy, peace, and love. I’m grateful, darling.

14.I can’t promise to take you to the moon, but I promise to give you all that makes life livable. I’ll always be by your side, no matter what.

15.I quit perturbing about the things I don’t have when I realized that building a family with you is an unmerited gift. I thank God for allowing us to cross paths. You’re all I need.

16.I became restless since the day I met you and I didn’t regain my peace until I accepted your proposal. Now, I have an overflow of peace.

17.I have a loving, caring, and handsome husband who is always there for me. I want to express my gratitude, that’s why I’m sending you this message. My king, you are all I have ever desired.

18.I will never be ashamed to call you my girlfriend. I will introduce you to my family, friends, and co-workers. I’ll always be proud of you.

19.Are there still faithful men in the world? Yes! How did I know? Because you are one of the few faithful men who will never cheat on their wife and betray her trust.

20.I give all I am and have to you; it is all yours. I will not withhold anything from you. I will share all my life secrets with you. Just promise to be there for me too.

21.I will always treat you like the queen you are. You have my life, no one can compete with you–not even my mother or sister. They all come second.

22.It’s amazing how I fell in love, got engaged, and married to a man I never dreamt of marrying. Hmmm… Destiny really can’t be altered. I’m blessed to be called your wife.

23.Your words are refreshing as the dews of the morning. They are like water to a thirsty man. Thanks for refreshing me each day with your loving smile.

24.I promise never to change my ways after marriage. I will always do what compelled you to entrust your heart in my hands.

25.The older we grow, the clearer I realize I can’t live without you. You are the air I breathe and the life I live. I love you, baby.

26.You loved me not because I’m flawless, but you chose to accept me the way I am. This your loving act has dumbfounded me. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

27.I promise to trek 10,000 miles with you… just vouch you will be with me too. I promise to be with you till the end of time.

28.I will willingly release my time, money, and all that I have just to make you happy. You mean much more than that to me, baby.

29.You are a shoulder I cry on; you offered me hope when I’m hopeless; you comforted me when everyone neglected me. Indeed, you are a husband. I love you greatly.

30.If at any time you are faced with any challenges, I promise to stay with you and fight till you overcome. I will neither leave nor forsake you in the face of trials.

31.You can always be sure of a solid supporter through life’s thick and thin. I will always be there for you no matter how hard the journey is.

32.I know life has many unplanned hurdles, but I promise never to leave you no matter how hard it is. I will always be by your side.

33.You are a master key that unlocked all doors of my life: joy, peace, fortune, love, favor, and mercy. After God, you are the greatest to me. You’ve done for me what my mum and dad couldn’t. I’m dumbfounded by your kindness. Thanks.

34.My mantra was always “men are scum” until I found you. I didn’t know I would ever be drowned in the deep waters of love. Sometimes, it all seems like a dream to me and I need to wake from my sleep. However, I discovered that this is how I will live the rest of my life. I don’t want to come out of this love ocean. I love you, darling.

35.Had it been the best thing in life are the most expressive, how will I source the fund to buy you? No amount of money will be able to buy you; you are priceless. You have engulfed my life with love which can’t be traded with money. Thanks for making me live in a utopia while on earth.

36.When asked, “Why are you smiling?” I smile the more. They don’t know the source of my smile. You have removed every modicum of worries and replaced them with a reason to rejoice. I am the happiest person in the universe. I love you with every breath in me and I vow never to hurt you.