43 + Boyfriend And Girlfriend Quotes Love

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1.I didn’t believe in the love at first site before I met you. Yeah, it is your magic in me and it’s deep inside my soul.

2.Should I be happy about our friendship or should I cry cause that’s all we will ever be?

3.Nothing wound more than comprehending that he destined everything to you and you predestined not a thing to him.

4.Lovely kisses… Beautiful memories… Unique love. And much more I desire to share with you today and evermore. I treasure you forever.

5.That smile on your face provides every single breath to my life. Even if I am not with you don’t lose that smile.

6.Affection is an infinite line of the contentment and sorrow. If you feel impair now, you`ll be cheerful later.

7.If you spoil someone, sooner or later, this hurt will revisit to you. Maybe not from this individual and not in the identical aspect. But it will do!

8.When your spirit hurts, and you are not to be worthy of it, just keep in mind that the person, who has insulted you, doesn`t ought to have your love.

9.Love doesn’t spoil you. It is the most beautiful feeling in the world. A person that doesn’t know how to love hurts you. Don’t get it twisted.

10.The protecting form of our soul is being hurt. So you have to keep moving in order to overcome your hurt.

11.Don’t even try to underestimate my one-sided love since I only have the right to love you and I don’t need anyone permission even yours.

12.I think I will be much better on my one rather than believing in the other people who are supposed to be loved. No love, no mistakes, and no more fights. Just me, all alone.

13.There’s no law, moment, reason and thoughts restricting my adore for you since my love for you doesn’t have any boundaries. I love you much more than you could ever foresee.

14.If you love me as you said to me then acquire my heart but please don’t ever try to shatter it or else my world will shatter into pieces.

15.The hardest thing in life is to watch the one you love, love someone else.

16.If he breaks you, shatter your heart and leave then try to forget him and his memories but never forget the lesson that he taught about love.

17.When I said I forgive you it does not mean that I forget what you did to me. I just let my hurt heart let go.

18.When I ran from the culpability hide from the soreness I know you were there to support me from every aspect of this hardness life. I love you baby to infinity.

19.It only cost a minute to crush on someone, hour to adore someone and a full day to fall in love but it takes a whole life to forget someone. So please don’t be one.

20.You imply the lot to me for the reason that with you I’ve brought into being happiness, joy, peace, and relief. I love you to the sun and back.

21.When you are hurt more than once then you got the most powerful heart the others and can overcome every aspect of life-changing problem. So you cannot shatter my heart even if you intend to do it.

22.Stop weeping the tears of oceans for someone who couldn’t even shed a tear for you. Be strong.

23.When I first met you I thought that you were different from other boys I met before. But you are most welcome for proving me wrong.

24.Spending all my time with you, a second cover so many memories between us that I recall all these memories when I feel solitude. Is this your magic on me?

25.Your existence gives life to my existence as well so don’t even dare to fade away without me cause my existence will have no meaning without you.

26.No matter how hard I try making you happy but in the end, it is never good enough because I always end up hurting and letting you down. I think I am not supposed to be meant for you.

27.This moan that I cry may not signify anything to the person I loved anymore but I still deal with my tears to overcome all those heartbreaking sorrows that rest underneath my skin.

28.When It’s obvious that you don’t feel the same feeling of love for me… the dilemma is that as much as I can’t vigor your affection to me, I can’t force myself to prevent from loving you.

29.Occasionally you don`t have to to pay attention to sorry from the person who you are hurt of. You require something more to overlook about your shattered heart.

30.If you don’t appreciate my presence, my warmful touch, and my love then you will be realizing the importance of my presence when I am no more in your life. Trying to be strong.

31.When I just can’t let go any fear from my body I will to hide in your warm lap to let go my all the fears. Will you be my keeper?

32.Candies are just unsurpassable to your sweet sugariness and neither can daffodils can compete with your exquisiteness and beauty. Gratitude for being genuine. I care for you beyond words.

33.Now It’s been confirmed that I’m an enthusiast by my love doctor as I’m keen to your adore since I’m frantically in love with you from the first time I saw you. I love you beyond the universe.

34.Your beautiful hands on my head when I am asleep are like a cherry on top of the cake. Just perfect for us both and I do want it forever.

35.Earlier than I met you, my existence was presently despondent. Now I have got the chance to recompense each and every moment and instant of my life to spend with you. Please don’t ever let me down.

36.You know the thing that I realize staying with you is that love starts with a kiss, grows with the passion and mistake we make and definitely ends with lots of tears. Now it is literally enough for me.

37.Your love is the most gorgeous obsession in this earth, obscured deep within my heart. I want to drown in that ocean of your love. The heaven is vivid and my mind is filled with many enthusiasts. All these things came to my life because of you.

38.The first meeting of another half of every relationship has its own type of story but some people take it as a part of life. But our first meeting will be the best day of my life and it will always be if you leave me as well.

39.Some people say love hurts very cruelly; other than with you, I will be pleased to take all menace just to be with you and spend rest of the life with you, because I can’t predict and don’t know what my world would be without you. So don’t hurt me and I dearly love you.

40.The sun has the daylight to excel, so you will have to take my heart to love. For our delightful bond, I’ll plead we keep on together as long as the stars never end to buff and moon never stop to shine.

41.Just look how the computer keyboard keys U and I are placed side by side. That’s how the alphabets are to be supposed to be arranged because my affection will never die down to exist as long as it’s you and me.

42.I desire to be the whole thing in your world; I want to be your luminary, I covet to be your breath, I desire to be the star of your eye because I don’t feel like missing even a second lacking you. I do love you beyond the moon and sun.

43.Everyone says the heart is like a piece of breakable glass. If you threw it, it will break. But the only difference is that shattered piece of glass can be joined but the heart which is shattered into pieces cannot be revived. So don’t ever break my heart.