43 + Inspirational Quotes For Overcoming Fear

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1.To be fearful is to forget that the Almighty is with you, for you, and in you.

2.Many things look fearful, but you must look at God, in Him all our fears are gone.

3.There is a peace that comes with the voice of God, desire to hear His voice when fear arises.

4.The only fear you’re permitted to entertain is the fear of the Lord, which is the beginning of wisdom.

5.If your prayers will please God and cause Him to answer, do it in Faith!

6.Faith is the activator of prayer. Without faith, prayer is merely talking to the air.

7.Fear has not solved any problem, neither can would it bring any solution, why give in to it?

8.A man of great faith has nothing to be afraid of. He is to be feared.

9.The Lord cares for us, let us keep approaching Him with our fears and without fear.

10.Fear is a stranger that introduces worries and anxiety to us. It does not only come to stay; it comes to steal.

11.When everything looks below what you ever expected, all you need to do is to call the attention of God.

12.A courageous man sees no reason to give up. He keeps going even when he feels fearful.

13.You don’t need to fear for the future, you need to work towards the future.

14.Fear drains you of the strength and happiness to live and use today to its fullest. Cheer up!

15.Whenever fear wants to set in, increase the volume of the sound of faith in your heart.

16.When all our focus is on God and not on the things around us, we will have no reason to be afraid. Instead, we will have more reasons to be courageous.

17.Focus on the bigger one (God) inside of you, don’t look at your frail self when unplanned situations arise. God is able!

18.Fear keeps you below the best of yourself. It reduces you to a lower version of yourself.

19.If a man allows fear, it can bring destruction to all he has built for a long time. Fear is a destroyer.

20.Dead faith is a sign of the presence of fear and the absence of hope.

21.How far we journey in this life depends on two factors: our hope and our faith. Keep building the faith and never give in to fear.

22.We can not face a situation bigger than we can handle it. Fear is never the way out; rather, it shows us the way out.

23.Show me a man of Faith and I will show you a man who is not hopeless.

24.Faith is at work in you when you always see hope in all things. But, if all you see is that there is no hope, it means fear is at work in you.

25.In prayers, you must choose Faith over fear and peace over panic, because faithlessness equals prayerlessness.

26.Giving in to fear might look like the only solution to a challenge, but NO, it’s not a solution, instead, it’s an addition to the challenge.

27.Being afraid gives you a weakness; being courageous gives you an unexpected strength to continue.

28.Hope makes no one ashamed. It is the confidence that our desire shall be our expectation.

29.You may have all the reasons to fear, but you have all the responsibility to maintain your faith.

30.Fear is a deception, and anyone that agrees to be led by this deception will soon be deceived into unpleasant situations.

31.Fear is a key to the door of failure and stagnancy. Faith opens the door to success and progress. Choose your key wisely.

32.There will be no faith without hope. Just like there would be no rain without a cloud.

33.Hope cannot be by sight. Hope is on the unseen but we have faith that we shall see it.

34.Relax. Be calm. The time of draught is usually preceded by an abundance of rain.

35.If an able-bodied man gives in to fear, he will soon become a cripple, because fear disables.

36.Fear can sap all the energy you need to think, plan and build wisely. Avoid!

37.Even when there seems to be no way of escape; the Lord will surely make a way for you.

38.Both fear and faith do not jump on us. They come by what we hear from others and/or what we say to ourselves. Be deliberate about words.

39.No matter how stormy the sea may seems to be. Remember that Jesus is on your boat; you don’t have to be afraid.

40.Fear might arise, it is that visitor that wants a host. Never allow it, keep building Faith.

41.Faith is an assurance that the best will happen, Fear is the thought that the worse will happen.

42.Pray without ceasing. When you feel like praying, pray. When you don’t feel like praying, pray still.

43.A hopeless man is a faithless man. To keep your faith active, keep your hope alive.