45 Baby Congratulations Messages

Visit:3488   Updated: 2022/12/22

1.Congratulations on the arrival of your beautiful baby. Let us know if you need anything – we’re here to help!

2.It’s hard to say who is blessed more, you are for having a new baby, or it could be your baby having you as parents. Nevertheless congratulations!

3.Congratulations on your new addition to the family. We can’t wait to spoil [him/her] and give [him/her] all our love!

4.Congratulation on your newborn [Son / Daughter], [He / She] will be soo cute. Such wonderful genetics they would inherit.

5.Congratulations! Time will now fly pass so quickly as your little one grows up quickly! Cherish every minute.

6.May your new little baby bring you a lifetime of happiness even at the toughest time.

7.I hope your newborn inherits only the best features, I can’t say the same for you.

8.Congratulations! As new parents, may you be filled with joy and happiness with the arrival of your new baby [Boy / Girl]. Wishing your new family all the absolute best.

9.Congratulations on your new role as proud parents of a happy and healthy baby [Boy / Girl]! We hope this is a marvelous time filled with lots of joy and happiness for your new family.

10.A flower is beautiful but a bouquet spreads the sweet scent all around the house. Congrats on having Triplets!

11.Congratulations! This is a beginning of something wonderful for your family. I hope that this journey is filled with lots of laughter, love and warm cuddles.

12.If the sun shines for a thousand years, it could never outshine the warmth and ecstatic joy I feel as I congratulate you on the birth of your son.

13.Congratulations on the new baby, it’s always exciting to see who the baby looks like more and who traits they have inherited. Enjoy parenthood and create many memories.

14.Love you all so much – she is an absolute doll, with an angel’s smile from heaven.

15.This is the start of something special, the next few years are going to be the most memorable.

16.Time to celebrate the safe arrival of your newest baby born!! May babyhood be filled with lots of love and memories. All the best!

17.As new parents, cherish this extraordinary time and may it be filled with lots of joyous memories. Just wait until they start speaking!

18.These baby steps will walk miles, littles ones to bigs. As parents you have big shoes to fill, you are the role model for your child.

19.WOW! This is incredible news!! It is great to hear that your new baby has arrived safe and sound. Enjoy your new role of proud parents.

20.What an adorable little one, we know she will grow into a magnificent, strong woman!

21.Sending you and your boy warm wishes, and don’t hesitate to call if you ever need anything!

22.We are so thrilled to send warm blessings to this little man and his beautiful family.

23.When you have a moment, just remember to keep in mind how awesome this little guy is.

24.The most incredible journey and outlook about being parents is catching a glimpse of yourself in your newborn!

25.Parenthood is such a wonderful experience, lots of memories will be made. Wishing your family the very best.

26.I’m so happy for your newborn’s safe arrival, don’t forget to let me know if you need anything. Always happy to babysit so you can have a peaceful sleep or meal.

27.This is a beginning of something wonderful, your newborn will bring you memories to share. I hope everything goes well. If you need anything I’m always here for you.

28.This new change will be forever, I promise you it would be the better type of change.

29.Welcome to the world little [Prince / Princess], I hope your queen and king spoils you with riches. May your journey be filled with joy and love.

30.Hello little one, welcome to the world! You have the best mummy and daddy anyone could wish for. You will have everlasting love and happiness.

31.You don’t have to stay up late accidentally anymore, I’m sure your baby will keep you wide awake. I hope you’ve been practicing your vocals.

32.I left a loving message inside one of the books I gave, it explains how they were born. No need to explain to them, I got you covered!

33.Life will only get harder I tell you, just wait until they start talking and walking.

34.Congratulations on the arrival of your new happy and healthy baby! May you cherish this extraordinary time that only comes around once and may it make for lots of wonderful memories. All the best and with lots of love.

35.I hope you like the gift I gave you, I thought you might need a stronger perfume from all the nappy changing.

36.Dearest friend, I have planned a wonderful welcome home party for you. There will be a barbecue, cheese and the finest wine for me especially.

37.I’ve put my number on speed dial on your phone just in case you want to get out of diaper changing.

38.You are so caring that even God knew you have enough love to sprinkle on two cuties.

39.This is such brilliant news! Create amazing and long lasting memories. So excited to meet the little one once things settle down. if you need any help at all, you have my number. Lots of love!

40.Welcome to the new big world little one, this is a place full of excitements and wonders.

41.I hope you are blessed with a non-crying and obedient baby otherwise we are not having dinner together if you are bringing [Him / Her].

42.Welcome to the new chapter of your life, this chapter is a beginning of something great! It will be filled with new potentials, new discoveries, and challenges.

43.Congratulations!! The parenthood journey has begun, may you be filled with much joy, delight, and happiness with the arrival of your new baby [Boy / Girl]. Wishing your new family all the very best and as always, please let me know if there’s any way I can help.

44.We are thinking of you during this exciting moment in time, you will have sleepless nights and days. But I can tell you that it will definitely be worth it to see your Bubba smile. All the best and with lots of love.

45.Wishing you both much joy and happiness with the safe arrival of your newest family member!! May you find babyhood and parenthood a wonderful and rewarding experience that is filled with lots of loving memories. All the very best during this moment in time.