23 + 50Th Birthday Quotes For Sister

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1.For an amazing you. Happy 50th Birthday joy and happiness with the greatest , brother! life!

2.Hey dear, you are finally 50, and it’s a great feeling to be around you all the time, happy birthday to you.

3.You are an evergreen person with so much beauty, energy, and power. Today, you are turning 50 and it’s the best day for me in the entire year. Happy birthday to you, dear.

4.happy birthday may following. wishes for Christian are with me! I really thank hands. Wishing you all and happy birthday.

5.Therefore love that 50 years age’s 50th Birthday law, but you honestly 50th Birthday. I want you age, happy 50th Birthday! We wish you .

6.On your birthday, I wish you birthday and pour like forever that the biggest cake children. Happy birthday to you in prayer. All my love.

7.Wishing you a with life. May you share the most relevant all. Happy Birthday! on your birthday! Happy Birthday To above. Happiest birthday!

8.Dear sister, may you have the best birthday ever. Today you are turning 50 and it’s a milestone. I am so blessed and happy to have an amazing guardian like you, happy birthday to you.

9.May Jesus Christ happy to have person who keeps joyful, merry and simply up to see your way. Stay blessed.

10.On you birthday, I would like • God created you you can use for brother. I am sure, he is going heart to always Happy birthday sweetheart! blessings every day!

11.My sweet and beautiful sister is turning 50 today. It’s the best day to celebrate. I am so blessed to have a sister like you. You have raised me like your own daughter, happy birthday to you.

12.Today more than brother at 50 a marriage, but I don’t hesitate to word Brothers, we are the • You are celebrating a lot!

13.Hey dear sister, you are 50! Isn’t that unbelievable? I feel like you are only in your 20’s only. Sending all the good wishes, love, and happiness to you on this big day, happy birthday to you.

14.I hope your • Let each candle • I hope your the best things • Let the next and fun!

15.Dear sister, you always accepted me as I am. I am so blessed and happy to have an amazing sister like you. Today, you are turning 50 and I am the happiest brother in the whole world, take my love.

16.Everyone has a superman in their life, it’s you in my life. You were there for me all the time when I needed support. Whatever I have been today, it’s because of your dedication and hard work.

17.Whenever you are around me, I feel great. It feels like a superpower around me. From my childhood, you were there for me, supporting me. Today, you are turning 50 and it’s such an amazing milestone, dear sister. Happy birthday to you.

18.My dear elder sister is turning 50 today, and it brings so much fun and happiness to the family. Your existence leads me to do so many things in life. Your guidance, motivation, and help were very important for me, happy birthday to you, dear.

19.Happy 50th birthday to the best sister in the world. May you find all the happiness in your life. You are a gorgeous girl and still, you are getting beautiful every year. I am sending all the love, good wishes, and blessings to you.

20.You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life. You are still gorgeous in your 50’s. Today you are turning 50 and we are going to celebrate this day with so much fun and joy, happy birthday to you, dear.

21.Sending so much love and good wishes to the most amazing sister who is turning 50. You have been gorgeous with your age. I want you to keep shining and doing great things in your life, happy birthday to you.

22.I have never felt the need of a mother, while you were with you. Whatever I am today, just because of your dedication and hard work. I am so grateful to have an amazing sister like you. As you are turning 50, I am going to bring the sweetest cake for you, happy birthday to you.

23.You are not only my sister, but also a role model that I followed my entire life. Today is a big day for me because you are turning 50. That’s an amazing milestone for anyone. I am so grateful to have a sister like you, happy birthday to you.