93 Good Night Greetings Quotes

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1.I miss our conversations until the morning, the night is empty without you. Sweet dreams my love.

2.As the night gets dark, let your worries fade. Sleep peacefully knowing you’ve done all you can do for today.

3.My good night kiss is knocking at your window. Open your window and feel its warmth. Good night.

4.Hey there just dropped by to say hello.Hope that you had a wonderful day! Good Night.

5.It is night so put off the light, take a dream’s flight have a sweet dream and good night.

6.Nothing can take your place in my life except a good night sleep. Have a wonderful sleep tonight!

7.It is my wish that you enjoy your sleep as much as the fish enjoys being in water. Have a good night!

8.The way in your heart, Your eyes are full of pain, I Do not know why, dear That same thirst arouses in my eyes, good night…!!

9.I hope my good night text makes you smile and make it obvious that you matter. I hope you have a great day ahead, rest yourself well.

10.As the moonlight dims and the world goes quite, give yourself some rest. Here’s to hoping that your sleep is as sweet as you are.

11.The reason why I am wishing you a good night is because you are my hero, else forget it! Have a great time of sleep!

12.As the moonlight dims and the world goes quiet, give yourself some rest. Here’s to hoping that your sleep is as sweet as you are.

13.I hope my message makes you smile brightly like this full moon, so wish my dear friend Good Night!!!!!

14.Love is in the air, so breathe it in deeply, rest peacefully, and know that I’ll be dreaming of you tonight.

15.The shining of the moon, the glowing of the stars and the dreams of memories calling you, …good night.

16.Promise me, you will come today in my dreams and Take me to the moon with you overnight. !! Good night.

17.Catching up with you and talking about stupid things just feels right. I hope you have a good night sleep.

18.You are my last thought at night; my only thought when I wake up in the middle of night, and my first thought in the morning.

19.Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better. Good night!

20.I hope you are nestled and snug, receiving my long-distance hug, and ready to sleep well, my sweet ladybug! Good night my Princess!

21.Whenever night comes,I Miss you a lot I Don’t know from which city,Your voice also accompanies me,good night….!

22.You’ll be the last thing I think of before I fall asleep and the first thing I think of when I wake up.

23.I wish you come and haunt me in your dream so that you can’t ever forget me there. Good night and sweet dreams!

24.There is a slight noise in the heart, Without SMS, the heart is getting bored. Isn’t that a dear friend is sleeping without Saying GOOD NIGHT ..

25.Nighttime can seem longer than the day when you dream big dreams. Daytime lasts longer for people who make their dreams come true.

26.As the day turns into night I always look forward to holding you and feeling your body. Goodnight my darling.

27.After the nightmare that we experienced at work today, I hope you have a much better night. Get some rest, buddy.

28.Do not go away from me till the last stroke of the night. Today you have to write me on your lips.

29.I just want to say, good night, sweet prince, may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. Sleep well my love.

30.Being your friend does not mean that you are perfect, but it sure makes it easier to deal with all of the stupidity in life. Good night!

31.To wake up with high energy and kick start a day, you need to have a good night sleep honey. Now go to bed and sleep.

32.You are my hero, and I want to be with you even in my dreams. Goodnight hero!

33.After the day ends, I hurry up to get some sleep. Why? Because I want to have a beautiful dream of us being together.

34.Yes, the night is very dark and silent. But it’s the perfect time to reflect on the day you just had. Have a tight sleep and good night.

35.As gentle rain refreshes the earth, and the summer breeze quietly blows, may amazing dreams meander through your sleep-filled night.

36.As you fall asleep, know that you are the last thing I think about at night and the first thing on my mind in the morning. Sweet dreams my love.

37.The biggest gift that a night can give you is not good to sleep, but the promise that your tomorrow holds millions of possibilities. Good night friends.

38.Please walk to the front of your mirror and tell that person you see in there that it’s time to go to bed. Good night, dear!

39.I won’t advice you to dream big tonight since you might not be able to carry all of it with you when you wake up. Good night!

40.Put everything away when you are at bed. Nothing is more important than a good sleep when the day ends.

41.Tonight, the miracle of love binds our hearts in faith, and comforts us, so that we know we will see each other again.

42.When the night comes sashaying in, dressed up in black satin and a thousand sparkling diamonds, her beauty can never compare to yours.

43.I wonder what you dream of at night and how well do you sleep. Good night, dear. Have pleasant dreams and sleep tight.

44.frustrations. As the sun rises once again at the dawn, wake up with new hopes, dreams, and determination.

45.No issue how removed we will ever be from one another, my heart will never be far away from your adoration. Good night.

46.Between a million yesterdays and a million tomorrows, there’s only one today.And I would never let it pass without telling you – I’m thinking of you. Have a good night.

47.Our love is a rushing waterfall, loud and strong, beautiful and deep. I long to feel its passion again, but now, my beloved, we sleep.

48.I was trying to fall asleep but I couldn’t as I sensed that something was missing. So, I got up and grabbed my phone just to say good night. May you have sweet dreams my dear love.

49.Nights are for resting, not for worrying. So, get in the bed and get some sleep. Good night! A new day full of new possibilities awaits you.

50.It is my heartfelt wish that you don’t have any dream about money since you might never want to wake up tomorrow. Have a beautiful night!

51.Count all the sheep you can. When you finally doze off, I wish you have a nice dream to get rid of all the negative thoughts in your mind. Nighty night!

52.Every night before I go to sleep, I remind myself that I’ll have to love you more tomorrow than I have loved you today. Good night my love!

53.The sun rose and set today – like every other day But no one knows my world has stopped. It will move only when we meet again tomorrow. Good night my love!

54.Being open and straightforward is what I like about you as a friend. Thanks for being honest. Good night and sleep well.

55.I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes! So I’ll think about you as I turn in for the night. Good Night!

56.Blessed memories of a day spent with you rain gently down as I remember and sleep. May your dreams be blessings too.

57.I started to count the stars for every blessing God has blessed me with. I found myself saying your name every time.

58.They say you must always end the day with a positive thought, my day ends with the thought of you.

59.As you fall asleep, I want you to remember what a good person you are. Remember that I admire you and care for you. Sweet dreams!

60.I wish moon always be full & bright and you always be cool & right. Whenever you go to switch off the light, remember that I’m wishing you …Good Night!

61.As I picture you lying there, my love for you overwhelms me, and I can never put into words how much you mean to me.

62.As you fall asleep, I want you to remember what a good person you are. Remember that I admire you and care for you.

63.Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder where you are? Up above the sky so high, where you are I wish you were mine.

64.As the darkness of night follows, may you comfort and rest well. Sending you warm wishes and my love on your way. Sleep tight.

65.Like prayers drifting heavenward, my thoughts of you float freely through my mind, so that I fall asleep in total contentment.

66.The stars shine so bright in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes. Goodnight sweetheart.

67.I cannot wait to meet you in my dreams. So I shan’t delay it any longer. Goodnight dear.

68.Good dreams come to those who sleep so close your eyes and go to sleep! Your dreams can’t come when you’re wide awake! Shut those peepers and get some sleep! Good night my love.

69.I was very happy today with you, I’m so thankful to you and I would like to say thanks for tomorrow in advance. Goodnight sweetheart.

70.Twinkle, twinkle little star. Can I keep you near or far? Goodnight my little shining star.

71.I wish you the sweetest dreams, my Princess! Rest your head on your pillow and close your eyes. I will be right beside you. Let’s meet together in our dreams! Where shall we go?

72.I hope you get some undisturbed sleep once you are in bed. Sleep well my love!

73.Black sky with the solo moon with millions of stars brings you silent hours to take a nice rest to enjoy the whole night with sweet dreams.

74.As a mighty bird soars, and stretches its wings, that’s how your love makes me feel; you’re my everything. Sleep well my Love!

75.Whilst everyone else dreams of a Fairytale…I dream of you. Where’s the difference? Goodnight my Prince/Princess.

76.The night has come to help you get rid of all the stress and pressure you had all day long. Get as much rest you can get before starting another stressful day. Good night.

77.If someone expresses love, it is not necessary ..If you remember and tell someone it is not necessary….The wearer cries in the heart….It is not necessary to have tears in eyes..

78.Beautiful imagination: Sweet dream people of this world. So turn off Facebook and go to bed, close your eyes and enjoy my company in dreams or nightmares.

79.The only way you can be sure of a sweet dream is dreaming about me. Sleep tight!Don’t forget to send me a good night message because I won’t sleep until I receive it. Have a wonderful sleep!

80.If any monsters come out from under your bed, they will be mesmerized by your beauty, so don’t fear and get some sleep.

81.Our love is an open field where dreams run free like wild horses, and because of you, my life is complete. May your dreams be spirited. Sleep tight my Love.

82.At night don’t waste your time doing worthless things. Sleep early and get ready for a new day to start. This day may bring you a perfect chance to fulfill your dream. Good night and sleep well.

83.I just hit the sack and I have this wide smile on my face. You know the mere reason behind that smile is the satisfaction of knowing that you are mine and I am yours. Goodnight!

84.Pack all of your sadness. It’s time to say goodbye to them. Take a break from all the negativity of life and get yourself a soft, warm bed to sleep on.

85.Get some sleep, so that we can be together even in your dream. Goodnight my love!Go to sleep and I hope you have a wonderful dream today that leave you smiling.

86.I hope you have health, wealth and peace in your life. And, to have all these, you need to sleep well.

87.Sleep like today is world sleep day but make sure you don’t slip out of the world in the process. Have a sound sleep!

88.Every night you remind me of all the beautiful things in life. Your stunning hair surrounds you like a nimbus and I just want to look at your beauty. But, for now, all I can do is to send you this SMS and my admiration. Good night darling.

89.Even in my wildest dreams, I could never imagine a love as sweet as yours. So tonight as I close my eyes, I dream of the morning when I can see you again because nothing in my own imagination will ever come close to the reality of your embrace. Goodnight my love.

90.My love for you increases with every passing day. Sometimes, I cannot imagine how I could possibly love you more than I do today, but every morning, all my doubts are gone. I can’t wait for tomorrow to love you even more. Have a goodnight my love.

91.You are sleeping now, and I am thinking of you. I really miss the way your face lights up when you smile. I couldn’t believe how lucky I am. You are a wonderful person and a beautiful girl, I’m really happy that I have met you! Good night my dear love.

92.I have sent your way the most comforting pillow comprised of my warm wishes and a huge blanket made up of my care for you so that my love you may have the most comforting sleep in the whole wide world. Goodnight!

93.My wish might have disturbed you while you were on the verge of falling asleep but I cannot the perfect person in my life to fall asleep without the warm good night wish that I have to say. May your life be filled with everything that you ever wished for. Goodnight honey.