69 Sweet Paragraphs For Teachers

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1.I am proud of my teachers, you paid the right prices which yielded good results for me. I am grateful!

2.Your class is a paradise where all problems are solved. Thank you for being there for us all. Lots of love, dear teacher.

3.I admire your style of teaching and your passion has helped me to aim for the best in life.

4.You have gradually become a hero in the sight of our children. We love you, our dear teacher!

5.Your voice rings in my mind every time I see a school. Thank you for being a legend to me!

6.My teacher! You often say nobody is an island of knowledge but on the contrary, you seem to know everything!

7.There are many teachers but few are qualified, you are one amongst the few; your qualification speaks louder in me.

8.Wow! It’s true that sparing the rod, spoils the child, thank you for your steadfastness each day. God bless your real good.

9.I admire your passion for teaching and your passion has helped these young minds. Lots of love!

10.Great teachers don’t shout, they make an impact. You deserve to be celebrated now and always. Thank you so much!

11.Teaching saps energy but you don’t care as much as your students are learning what is right; thank you cause the school is growing.

12.I admire your passion for teaching, your passion has helped me to have the right attitude for learning. God bless you so much!

13.The greatness of a teacher lies in the result of his students, I am great today because I had a teacher. Thank you for giving your best!

14.As teachers are being celebrated today, you deserve a standing ovation because you made me a person of a standing ovation.

15.All teachers deserve accolades for their bravery but among all, you are the smartest and the most modest teacher!

16.I have found in you a place for the second family. Thank you, I want you to know that I heart you so much, dear teacher.

17.School is a home away from home for every student, I have peace that my child is in good hands because of a kind teacher like you.

18.Try not to stop your positive work because that’s what announces you to the world. Thank you, dear teacher!

19.The greatness of a teacher lies in the result of his students, I am great today because I had a teacher. Thank you for offering the best to these young ones.

20.Thank you for sacrificing all your time in the place of planning processes on how to become better, it tells on your students.

21.I am looking forward to becoming a teacher because you have made your profession admirable. Thanks for being a good example to me. Lots of love!

22.Ignorance is a terrible killer, you taught me how to be aware of things around me. Thank you.

23.You have trained this generation in preparation for the development of the next generation, that’s what a responsible teacher is meant to do. Thank you so much!

24.The future of a country or nation lies in the hands of teachers and parents, having you in our school is a sign that we will raise a brighter future for our students.

25.People often forget teachers but some teachers can never be forgotten, it’s many years ago when you taught me how to sit with my problems till I get them solved.

26.In my early years in school when I don’t really know where to turn to for help, you were the sent one who showed me the right path to life. Only a wise teacher can do that. Thank you so much!

27.On this special day, I celebrate you because of your kind words to me as a good teacher. Thanks to a well-deserving teacher!

28.Wow! It’s true that to spare the rod, spoil the child, thank you because you didn’t spare the rod. I am made from your scolding.

29.You are a legend and a voice to reckon with in this generation and beyond. Thank you for your great impact on us all.

30.Aside from home, school is another place where the duty of raising a child is carried out; having a trustworthy teacher like you is the best gift ever. Blessings!

31.We are so fortunate to have you as a staff because if only all teachers possess your determination and passion for teaching, the world would become a better place.

32.You are making a difference every day. A teacher like you is the heart of the educational system. Thank you for everything, dear teacher.

33.School had never been a place of fun but you made it a place of learning and fun-filled at the same. Thank you for being my best teacher that beats the prize of the world’s best.

34.Teacher’s day is meant to celebrate special people who partake in the growth of a child; you are celebrated today because you are a teacher indeed.

35.The best of a child is hidden until the best teacher awakens such a child. Thank you for being you! I’ll always care about you!

36.The greatest fear students often have is to open up to anybody, but it was so easy with you. Thank you for listening to them and helping them.

37.My teacher is a pioneer of the vision I carry in my mind which helps and aids my decisions, thank you for helping in shaping my foresight.

38.You were the mother I never had, I lost my mum at a tender age but you showed how much you cared, you are not just a teacher but a mother.

39.Gradually images of things learned in class during the day fade away but your voice rings in my subconscious and still explains what you teach.

40.It is a mystery that I finally had the best teacher, I had my fears but you didn’t relate as a teacher only; you built friendships and I will respect that forever.

41.A tearful smile erupted from my face when my child’s name was called for the best student prize today; we couldn’t have been here if you hadn’t been the best teacher. Thank you so much!

42.Your great news would spread across the world because you have raised and trained future leaders.

43.You told me hard work beats talents, you prepared me with hard work, and I became successful through hard work. Thank you for the hard work!

44.You deserve all the sweet messages in the world because you gave your sweat and energy in the process of teaching. May God reward you with blessings beyond human comprehension.

45.A teacher is meant to teach what is not known and to bring clarification to things; all these you have done. Thank you for always answering my child’s unending questions.

46.You deserve all the accolades in this world because you gave your best and energy in the process of teaching. Thank you so much!

47.When it comes to adding value that will last for a lifetime, I have no other person to reckon this wisdom to other than yourself. You are one in million, dear teacher.

48.When a teacher loses his potential of being a good teacher, a legacy is misplaced. Your potential is the legacy in me.

49.Teaching is the best investment because many lives are affected by whatever they are taught, your investment in me has really made me a better person. Thank you for teaching me.

50.I have become knowledgeable because I never stop learning from you. Thanks for being a voice!

51.You have answered the questions begging for answers and I can testify to that for my child’s growth. Thank you for always answering my child’s unending questions.

52.Education is a legacy and a good teacher like you inculcate positive policies which will bring generations to learn of the legacy of education.

53.I was surprised when my child called you a friend and a teacher, but when I saw the positive changes I realized you managed both spaces well. Thank you for being her friend and her teacher.

54.School is called an institution of learning but you have made it an institution of shaping lives because you aren’t just teaching but you are constructing a better tomorrow in us.

55.You have by patience wrought positive changes in the lives of your students, they are changed positively.

56.You took my fears and broke them into pieces to remold them into courage, strength, belief in my ability, and trust in God. You often say “we are nothing without God”.

57.The stories you told us every morning have really helped us to be our best and they are still the searchlight that helps us find lost things in the dark. Indeed, you live on in our memories.

58.I was jealous at some point because you dwell in my child’s daily conversation, but I later decided to know you. Now, I know your value and reason he wouldn’t just stop talking about you.

59.Teaching isn’t just an act but art in its beauty; every good teacher is an artist who crafts out a dream that isn’t in view. You are a good artist, our amiable teacher.

60.You broke the walls of failure and now all we see are success stories of the next generation. God bless you richly!

61.You told us learning never stops, you told us we should remember to learn at least one thing in every situation. I have become knowledgeable because I never stop learning.

62.We aren’t blind to see the transformation in the life of our students, you showed them love and you’ve really helped them psychologically. You are worth the prize you got today. Thank you!

63.A candle gives light in the darkness if 100 candles are available then darkness has no place of hiding, if only we can get 100 teachers of your nature and mode, failure would disappear never to be heard of again.

64.When all hope was lost concerning my academic performance, you came on board and wheeled me to the station of improvement, now I can recount my academic success because of you. Thank you, my amiable teacher!

65.How best to say thank you can’t be measured by text, the best way is to tell you the benefits of what you’ve done, my child’s achievements today are principally based on your efforts. I am indebted to you.

66.I was so insensitive and so busy with my career but you were so busy nurturing my child in a positive way, I am now a better mother because of your words and advice. Thank you for filling my space when I was nonchalant.

67.People are created for a specific purpose but some lose sight of their purpose through the wrong occupation, you found your purpose because you are really created to train, teach and mold. Lots of love, dear teacher.

68.I was forced to attend school because I love the comfort of my home, but when our paths crossed at school I misplaced the comfort at home and wants to spend my whole time at school in as much as I am learning from you.

69.Many bridges you have helped me to cross, many oceans you have motivated me to swim through, and many mountains you have inspired me to climb; now I can see the world because you cultured me with the perfect words per time and season. I see with your eyes!