76 + Make A Sentence With Its

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1.Since ITS release in 2001 the Apple iPod has become synonymous with the term Mp3 player.

2.Its very nice, has some great stars and extra magnetics with it, for up to 4 kids.

3.No matter how smooth the period is, it does come with its own sets and problems.

4.L Arginine is one of the nonessential amino acids, which means the body produces ITS own supply.

5.Visualize how the putt will enter and leave each section as it makes its was toward the hole.

6.Some of the drinks can get pretty pricey and I don't feel like its worth it.

7.It bridged the gap of the early 90's and even surprised its competitors with its tenacity.

8.The Nokia N93, with ITS stunning looks and high tech specifications is a fully featured smart phone.

9.Before I felt comfortable leaving it with a child I tested its strength once more and it was fine.

10.Now let me say I am very happy with the look but do I think ITS way over priced.

11.ITS most likely to end up at a local grocery store or serving at the local diner.

12.For the market outside of ITS domain in Japan, Mazda produced the Mazda 626 family car.

13.I have it on a counter desk with the outlet above the desk, and its a little bulky.

14.They know how long it should last and what ITS residual value is going to be.

15.Fleas live off pets and it's usually the first place that you would detect its presence.

16.I've been reading about its making for years, and couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

17.Its primary use is to make removal and tightening of bolts faster, and it does that very well.

18.Ever since Apple launched the iPhone all the talk has been about ITS new touch screen display.

19.Due to ITS perceived kinship with the gods, the Chinese named it the root of immortality.

20.Its quite nice to see somebody else 'normal' in the castle and get some help from it.

21.Its not far, but just the concept and when its 110 degrees, it will not be fun.

22.Sadly enough its very entertaining and very much worth the 8$ it costs here on amazon.

23.Lenders are risking their money so they will be much concerned about ITS recovery as well.

24.The Limited trim level uses chrome on ITS 16 inch wheels, door handles, and roof rack.

25.On the back of the box it simply states what its not compatible with, and WV64 is one of them.

26.But it isn't without its challenges, and a big investment can also mean a big loss.

27.If the answer to any of these questions is yes, maybe ITS time you learnt what Brain Surgeons do.

28.I've had some of this wax on hand for years and am pretty familiar with ITS properties.

29.In fact, there were about some 160,000 units of these that were called back to ITS mother ship.

30.It can help define you and your business as one of the respected leaders in its field.

31.But this one stays firmly closed on its own, and pulling out an twisting a knob makes it fall open.

32.Similarly, a business builds ITS own Web site but the Web host maintains the network of web servers.

33.Once again, Nokia has duly reaffirmed ITS acumen by introducing the highly powerful Nokia N series.

34.There is always an old saying that money does not grow on trees to imply ITS severe shortage.

35.This is because its weather is affected greatly by the mountains and valleys that surround it.

36.On this premium line and price, you need to be somewhat forgiving of its faults to buy it.

37.It has fun, but not annoying sound effects and it can pick things up in its mouth.

38.The body texture has a nice feel and the phone looks very stylish in ITS black and chrome design.

39.Has just reported ITS fourth quarter profits in 2005 were more than doubled that of 2004.

40.The beauty of the Internet is ITS almost infinite variety of ways to use money making programs.

41.ITS a bit heavy and the pads don't last long but it gets the job done well.

42.ITS definitely worth a try if you take your time drying and stay away from sharp edged badges.

43.If it is an antique then you most likely should leave it alone and sell it in its current condition.

44.The number of laser types is as many as its uses and the fields of medicines where it can be used.

45.Alcoa is going to lay off most of their workforce, and probably close ITS plant in Maryland.

46.This covers the house and ITS contents but also other personal possessions which the house secures.

47.On one hand it was pretty good for Vegas, and on the other, it didn't live up to its caliber.

48.She came out and takes the backyard and then it rained and another tree dropped all of its leaves.

49.Its not that you plan to buy certain wholesale apparels and it will be easily sold off.

50.There are many pieces to the puzzle, and each piece plays ITS own important role in the process.

51.Many ancient cultures held the pelican in high esteem for the way it cared for ITS young.

52.I was definitely expecting better quality on the handle, I'm afraid ITS gonna break on me.

53.What I love about Pizzeria Bianco is that it lives up to the hype and maintains its modesty.

54.You probably then know how its is supposed to look and most importantly how it is supposed to taste.

55.But, over the past five years, the spot price of uranium has reversed ITS decline and stagnation.

56.When not in use it sits in its charger in the garage and is always fully charged and ready to go.

57.It is a larger NERF gun but looks great and my son says its very accurate.

58.The pack also includes a brochure about its research and the two health problems that it resolves.

59.He then comes over and said he had another manager look into it and its being taken care of.

60.Everything has ITS day and ITS time, and Wedgwood China is no exception to the rule.

61.They wouldnt admit its their fault and told me it took a few days to recover the number.

62.They fail to understand that its a normal thing and accepting it is the best solution.

63.We actually just pulled it back out for my daughter to enjoy so its great for boys and girls.

64.It talked about anxiety anxiety attacks and said its quiet a common problem in this day and time.

65.Its one of the only translated RPGs on the Saturn, and because of that, I have enjoyed it a lot.

66.An herb is a plant or plant part valued for ITS medicinal, aromatic or savory qualities.

67.I asked him how to port forward and he said its not his problem, it is your internet.

68.Here is an adaptation of a business practice for family use, and it is compelling in ITS simplicity.

69.It is also known for the innocent beauty of its women, as well as for its rich culture and heritage.

70.Its even worse when its the owner doing it and you can't boo the guy because he runs the place.

71.And because of its lower center of gravity, it's slightly less prone to chattering and tilting.

72.All in all, its cute and great for imaginative play and any Cinderella fan would love it.

73.It's undeniable that reality TV shows never fail to captivate its audience, both young and old.

74.While each program has ITS own benefits, they can all help you get out of debt sooner.

75.Does it compare to picture of of dogs of ITS breed of old or of famous dogs bred in ITS breed.

76.Its graphics r not as good as the ps3, and xbox 360 but it has great graphics for nintindo.