43 + Short Messages Of Love

Visit:3754   Updated: 2022/12/26

1.Your love is what I need and what I want for the rest of my life.

2.All the romantic love messages in the world are not enough to express my love for you.

3.I wouldn’t let this day pass without saying this to you – I LOVE YOU.

4.Ever since I met you, I have known the true meaning of romance and love.

5.I can’t imagine taking a day without talking to the person I love the most.

6.My love for you was true and pure. And you were kind enough to say yes!

7.The bustle of life is tough but in your arms baby, I have found a safe haven.

8.My whole world revolves around you. I can’t wait to have you all to myself.

9.Your love is enough to make my day a success. I’m happy I have you.

10.It’s very difficult for me to write a message of love to you. I just want you to know that you are everything for me.

11.Even if my life is at its worst, your smile makes me forget all my problems.

12.You are too sweet. I wish you were chocolate. And your makeup tastes good too!

13.♥️ I am so lucky that I have gotten you as the first love of my life.

14.You are the missing piece of my heart, I need you to complete it. We can create a complete love story.

15.I love that you have mastered the art of making me happy. I love you.

16.Despite the challenges you are going through in life, I will be by your side always.

17.I’m 100% sure that your happiness is my priority. I care so much about you.

18.✉ Being in your arms makes me feel so good. It is the best place for me.

19.✉ I love to do all stupid things when I am with you, otherwise, I am a decent girl, okay?

20.✉ You are my love, my life, my inspiration, and my reason to survive in the world.

21.When someone wants me to see what love is, I show them your photo. Yes, love means YOU to me.

22.If I were to give you a new name, I would call you MY LOVE.

23.They say the right person will soon come your way, I think I have found mine.

24.I’d write your name on every star so the world would know you mean the world to me.

25.For all that you have done for me, I can only love you more than ever!

26.Darling, the more I think of you, the more I miss and want to be you.

27.The sweetest word I know is love and the only thing that reminds me of it is YOU.

28.When next I see you, I am giving you an endless row of kisses to make up for missing you so bad.

29.✉ I can’t think of a single day without you and you have no freedom from me, dear.

30.If there is one thing you need to know in this world is that you are loved.

31.My best job is to see you smile all day because your smile makes my day brighter.

32.When I am down and weak, the thought of you gives me hope and makes me stronger.

33.No matter how busy I get to be, I always have you in my thoughts.

34.Of all your personalities, your wide side is my favorite. I get to see the best of you.

35.You can only imagine what I would do to your body if you were here right now.

36.I wish to devote the remainder of my life with you. I am in love with you.

37.My love, I am giving you my heart because I know you will keep it safe.

38.I fell in love with the day I saw you. I was restless and it was hard for me to stay away from you.

39.I love my name when you call it. I love my eyes when you look at them.

40.I can win over the distance, can’t win against your ego. I love you so much.

41.I love the way you call my name. My heart melts every time you do.

42.You are the key to my happiness; I love you to the moon and back.

43.Have I ever told you how much I love your sense of fashion? Now you know.