36 + Kindergarten Graduation Card Messages

Visit:1914   Updated: 2022/12/28

1.You are a little graduate. We are so proud of you. Your kindergarten days are at an end. You have made more progress. Now decide where to go.

2.I can’t believe your kindergarten days end. Still, I remember the first day you entered the classroom and you were a little bit scared. I am happy about your graduation.

3.My heartiest wishes on your kindergarten graduation. You are going to learn more. Everything can be taken from you. But your knowledge can not be taken from you.

4.It’s a proud moment and be grateful to the people who as brought you this far. It’s an important stage of your life. My heartiest congratulations to my granddaughter.

5.Though the journey was so long. But you have come so far. I wish for the very best of your life. It seems that you have been admitted to the kindergarten and now you have graduated.

6.Wow! I can’t believe that you have graduated. You are that little baby who has just started kindergarten and now has become a graduate. I am very proud of you, my child.

7.My dear, you are a graduate now. I am proud that you have come a long way. Do not stop and lose hope. Remember the sky’s the only limit.

8.It’s time to say goodbye to your graduation days. You have made a lot of friends and memories. You have a lot of cherished memories. My heartiest congratulations!

9.My heartiest congratulations to you. You are not that little baby now. You are growing up. It’s one of the best days of your life. I love you a lot!

10.You are the apple of my eye. It’s a blessing to see you succeed. I can’t miss your graduation party. I want to see you successful at every stage of life.

11.Can you remember the first day we walked to your new school? You were so nervous and scared. Now you are making your own dreams. Congratulations my son!

12.Tears came into my eyes. I am so proud that my student has graduated now. You are making your own dreams. I wish that you get more successful years like this.

13.Dear nephew, keep on dreaming. Your hard work and dedication have brought you closer to your success. You have graduated and my warm wishes on your graduation.

14.Well done my grandchild. I am very proud to see your success with my own eyes. My heartiest congratulations on your graduation and the brilliant result. I am so proud today.

15.If you hope to get anything, believe that the universe will help you to get that. You just have to work for it. Finally, congratulations on your great success.

16.My sweet son, I am fortunate to see you succeed. It’s the end of your kindergarten days. You are going to have new friends, a new school. I want to see you happy at each of your milestones.

17.Still, I remember the first day at your school. Time flies so fast and it’s the end of your graduation days. You have made us proud. I wish that you become stronger every day.

18.My dear son, I still can’t believe that you were born on that day and you have graduated now. I wish a very smooth way for you in your future.

19.That’s like my grandson! I am very much happy to see you graduate. Your success means everything to me. A lot more achievements are waiting on your way.

20.You are winning in silence and you have found the secret to your success. I wish that you travel to the golden days with peace and happiness. Congratulations my son!

21.My dear princess, I am so proud of this day. I was eagerly waiting for this day. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you graduate. I love you a lot!

22.Dear student, it’s a proud moment for me that you have graduated. Never give up when you want to be successful. Graduation is just the beginning of more success.

23.Still, I remember your first day at school though you already have completed your graduation. It’s a pleasure for me that a shining future is waiting for you.

24.Your life is a story and you have to write every step of your life with your works. This graduation is the beginning and let’s see what life gives you.

25.You have completed the graduation finally. Nothing could be more precious to me. Your hard work has come to an end. Enjoy your day and celebrate with us.

26.I want you to achieve your success. I know your dreams have come true. I wish you a bright and prosperous future. It’s just a milestone. You have to go a long way.

27.As you have already graduated, don’t stop here. Chase your dream and keep it going. We all are proud of your amazing success. Keep learning and give your best.

28.No one can be successful in a day. It takes a lot of hard work to reach a goal. You have touched one of your significant milestones. I am proud of you.

29.I know you respect your dreams. You have proved again that you can. You will achieve more milestones. Each and every day you are climbing to your destination.

30.I know you have overcome so many challenges to reach this day. This day is making me so joyful. Let’s celebrate the day with our loved ones. Congratulations to my daughter.

31.As a teacher and mentor, it’s a proud moment for me to see my students graduate. You have done very well. You have made me happy and delighted. Congratulations!

32.Congratulations! You are one of my favorite students. I know that you will be doing great and make me proud. You have honored all my efforts. I appreciate your hard work.

33.It’s like a dream come true. I was really speechless when I came to know that you have graduated. You made it. My heartiest congratulations on your achievement.

34.It’s very surprising for me. It’s a special day for me to support you. I have supported you in every situation whenever you failed and encouraged you. Now step toward the biggest dream.

35.Nothing makes me more cheerful than seeing you graduate. I am proud of your hard work and dedication. You have tried a lot and worked more. I wish you a great future.

36.For a grandfather, nothing is happier than seeing the granddaughter graduate. I wish that God always grants you progress toward a better life. You have made us proud. Congratulations!