11 + Symbols For Paragraph And Page

Visit:2233   Updated: 2022/12/30

1.Go through the list to find the Pilecrow symbol or ‘¶’ located next to ‘Paragraph’ and click on it.

2.Firstly, position your cursor in the place you want the paragraph mark symbol to be added in and switch to the ‘Insert’ tab in the menu bar.

3.Firstly, select the text you want the paragraph symbol removed from (or by default it will be removed from the whole document).

4.In Display, locate the box next to ‘Paragraph marks’ and untick it. You can find this option located under the ‘Always show these formatting marks on the screen’ section.

5.Now, click on ‘Special’. This opens up a list of special characters available to use in a document.

6.Now, a ‘Symbol’ dialogue box will pop up on the screen. Click on the ‘Special Character’ tab located next to the ‘Symbols’ tab.

7.Located on the right, you will find the ‘Symbol’ option. Click on the arrow next to it to launch a drop-down menu.

8.Once the ‘Find and Replace’ dialogue box pops up, make sure the cursor is in the ‘Find what’ box. Then click on ‘More>>’ located at the bottom left corner.

9.A new window titled ‘Word Options’ will now pop up on your screen. In the Word Options window, find the ‘Display’ setting on the left side.

10.Once unselected, tap on ‘OK’ at the bottom of the window to save the changes.

11.Make sure that the box next to ‘Replace with’ is left blank. Press ‘Replace All’ to replace the symbol from the selected text or the whole document. If you want only specific paragraph marks to be gone then individually replace Paragraph marks by clicking ‘Replace’ at every instance.