11 Smart Paragraph Short Form

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1.“‘Alright, class!’ said our professor. ‘Open to page seventeen. Who wants to read the first paragraph?'”

2.“Alex rewrote the paragraph from scratch in order to effectively get the point across in a way that was easier to read.”

3.”The English language would never cease to amaze me. I found it especially interesting that paragraphs and sentences were written from left to right.”

4.“‘One of my best friends is a writer!’ Maggie exclaimed. ‘You’d be shocked by how good she is at turning a paragraph into something truly incredible.'”

5.“Working as a writer in New York was no easy task– so many others before me penned paragraph upon paragraph to get noticed by editors for the big magazines.”

6.“I couldn’t believe my eyes. The paragraph I had been searching for in this massive tome was right there, right before my tired eyes, clear as day.”

7.“In the long paragraph he wrote in the letter, he included his email address. Surprisingly, it was a .edu address for a large university on the other side of the country.”

8.“The first letters I wrote to him in prison were brief ones. A handful of paragraphs per letter, accompanied by photographic evidence that I was working hard on his case.”

9.“In the very first paragraph, it was clear that the setting was sometime in the 1700’s. I checked the date of publication on the first page, and was surprised to find the book was published in 1798.”

10.“I searched through all of the footnotes, pen marks, post-it notes, and scribbled words. Then, I finally found it. ‘Para. 9 – Change the names of the patients interviewed for privacy.'”

11.“The massive essay was full to the brim with content. I’m talking about photographs, scanned notes, blocks of text, paragraphs, et cetera. It was clear that tonight would be a long one spent looking for that key piece of evidence.”