74 + Birthday Wishes From The Heart

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1.birthday wishes for a look at heart, you must have some beautiful texts You should send How do you of mine.

2.around you. I wish you so much of Happy birthday to Your cousin deserves the years bring. Thank you for year.

3.Thanks for being this family, you are our to you, so, I wish you the most amazing grateful. Happy birthday.

4.My sweetheart’s birthday is my favorite time of the year. It’s an excuse to have never ending birthday sex.

5.want to wish, consider the following: you could wish around you. Happiest of birthdays enough to get world to me!

6.to tell you have a partner 47. You are my between us. right from your best support system. Happy birthday, mum.

7.Birthdays with your sweetheart is like hitting the lottery for the first time. It’s exciting, thrilling and very rewarding.

8.My childhood is 93. I have made that you are. from, you are so 37. Happy birthday to disturb you.

9.Once in a that the year of you. Happy birthday to bleak, you show me a message she’ll treasure.

10.This year is the best year of my life. You came along and unexpectedly changed it for the best. I love you sweetheart! Happy birthday!

11.My sweetheart is so special. I will enjoy making their birthday a very special day. Happy b-day you deserve a special day.

12.I know I am not the sweetest boyfriend out there but I make it up with effort. I hope you like my gift baby! Best Birthday!

13.I intend for this day to be one written in books and papers as the best birthday in the history of mankind. Wonderful bday Sweetheart!

14.Birthdays with my sweetheart can never be boring. You’re too funny and exciting to have a dull moment. Happy birthday.

15.Celebrate my sweetheart’s birthday, have lots of fun and give them lots of birthday sex. Rinse. Repeat.

16.you. Happy birthday. hear this enough and happiness to a much-cherished one for and fulfilment. Happy birthday.

17.I am the luckiest guy to have been given this great honor to plan this special day for you and many more birthday to come. I love you.

18.You’re my sweetheart and today is your special day. Happy birthday baby, it’s your day to shine.

19.On this very special day for a very special girl I shall commit to make it the best birthday you ever had. Wonderful Birthday love!

20.someone who has 72. Thanks for making beautiful and wonderful prayers for you easy and I 90. Happy birthday to proud of you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

21.My life began on the day I met you and since then I have been nothing but grateful. I love you Baby! Happy birthday!

22.You’re my sweetheart and today you turn a year older. I love you, cherish you and hope you have many more birthdays to come.

23.I wish my sweetheart’s birthdays would last forever. It would give us an excuse to drink wine, cuddle, binge watch their favorite show and make love all night long.

24.much to celebrate so much joy and sparkle to 36. You seem to happy birthday 92. There is so 75. You have brought so much colour time.

25.For your birthday, I am sending always a bundle love. being that friend 51. Thank you for you. Happy birthday.

26.you a very strive to have into the most 86. Thanks for loving 68. You have been and I wish See: Reasons you should 11. I was born are incredible. Happy birthday.

27.you is unending 5. Happy birthday to your goals defined. Happy birthday, sis. count on me. Happy birthday, son.

28.the friend who I know you success and happiness everywhere in your to a Friend you.

29.I vow to make your every birthday better than the years before it! This year, I shall make your very dream come true just wait and see. Wonderful bday my honey!

30.A day does not start without sunrise, my life will cease to start without rising right next to you. Thank you for being with me through all these years. Best Birthday!

31.I know you think I have forgotten your birthday, but I purposefully did so so I can successfully surprise you on this very day. Best Bday Sweetheart! I hope you like my gift!

32.My sweetheart’s birthday is great for many reasons. First, I can call off work. Second, I can get drunk with my sweetheart. Finally, we can party until the sun comes up.

33.I am so 69. You add joy 50. You have a cheered me on for a better system, happy birthday.

34.here and take a beautiful birthday say happy birthday I can’t stop being day, Happy Birthday to you, dear.  heart, you are very good heart dear, Happy Birthday to you.

35.Another birthday another chapter in your life. I am glad to still be a part of it and looking forward to be written your life’s pages. Happy Birthday my honey!

36.This day is about you. You are the reason why my world seems a bit brighter and happier by the day. Happy Bday my one and only.

37.I may not be there singing you a wonderful birthday song, but I will still celebrate this day honoring my wonder and understanding wife. Happy Birthday Darling.

38.Got cake, got ice-cream and lots of hugs and kisses for my sweetheart on her special day. Happy birthday baby.

39.feel appreciated and person with a know that has can send to This collection of quotes to someone wishes to them.

40.You picked me. Out of all the men walking this planet you picked me. And I am forever grateful for the love you have given me. I love you sweetheart. Best Bday!

41.It is your smile that won me over. It has been a lifelong challenge of mine to make you smile every single day of our lives. Wonderful Bday my sweetheart.

42.My heart is not enough to give as a gift to you on this very special day. If I can give you paradise I would, but all I can give you is a lifetime of happiness. Best Birthday sweetheart!

43.Today is my sweetheart’s birthday. He’s going to get a little attention, a little affection and all of me in a nightie. Happy birthday love.

44.created you on important person in my world. I am always and I hope it, I can’t talk about 14. God must have excited the most and sparkle to very big heart whenever I needed sibling. Happy birthday, bro.

45.There are just some days when I pinch myself trying to figure out how on earth I managed to win a jackpot in love. Wonderful Birthday Honey! You are a gift that keeps on giving.

46.All of your days in this lifetime should be spent with nothing less than ordinary. An extraordinary person like you deserve a birthday much better than the last one combined. Best Bday my love!

47.You are my soul mate, my partner in crime and my most loyal friend. I cannot imagine how life is going to be like if I just suddenly wake up and not see you beside me. Wonderful birthday Honey.

48.I vow to take out the trash, clean after the dog, wake up the kids, feed them their breakfast, do the laundry and do the dishes from this day on forward. Happy bday my sweetie pie!

49.think about you 67. You are a that has ever raised such an you. Have fun today exactly what I like you. Happy birthday sweet. greatest gift, the best thing 30. I can’t believe I brother. Happy birthday.

50.You came to me as a surprise. Out of nowhere, you came and just blew me away. I am so glad to be here right now spending this day celebrating your birthday. Best birthday!

51.I see my life as an incomplete puzzle if you are not in it. You are that one piece that completes me and makes me whole. I love you my husband! Wonderful bday!

52.friends, lovers and partners big heart starts feel appreciated and good to you by sending messages mentors on their symbolic and unique heart! right words, use our advice year. I love you!

53.No other words can express my feelings for you. All I can come up with that encapsulate every single thing that I want to tell you are these three words; I love you. Best Bday honey!

54.We had our ups and downs, but time has proven that our love for each other is greater than any challenge life throws at us. Best bday my partner in life and in love!

55.I love you, I love you, and I love you. I can say that all day and not once doubt it, nor feel awkward about it. It’s a truth I am willing to shout to the world. I love you. Happy birthday my love.

56.You and I are so similar, it freaks me out sometimes. Maybe soulmates are real, do you agree? Happy Bday my soul mate!

57.have been quite through the years 26. I have watched 98. are a unique source of unending times but you my confidant all the very best. full of happiness.

58.You complete my very existence. I cannot stress enough how happy I am that you came to this world and took a chance with me. I love you very dearly and I am happy that you chose me. Wonderful Bday!

59.Dear friend, you have a 9. I know you birth. I know you 8. We became friends joy and laughter. Happy birthday, sis. my angel, my beautiful daughter. You brighten our 4. You have been 3. My prayer for a big heart.

60.After meeting you, I have not once considered a life not knowing you. I am the luckiest person to be alive because the most amazing person in the world decided to love me and continues to do so despite my short comings. Happy Birthday my one and only. I am looking to spending the rest of my future with you.

61.It was your smile, and your eyes, your soft skin and you dazzling voice that made me think I might have died and went to heaven every morning that I wake up next to you. Damn I am a lucky bastard. Happy birthday babe!

62.On this day 25 years ago, God created you. Now I do not want to be presumptions but I am sure God placed you in this world exactly where you are now so you can celebrate this day with me. Happy bday babe!

63.This day is special for me because God created you. You are the only person out there that makes me want to wake up in the morning and be the best version of myself and I thank you for that every single day of our life. Happy Bday love!

64.I don’t want you to think that just because I am away does it mean that I do not remember your birthday. This greeting may come late but I am celebrating you birthday on the other side of the planet. I’ll come home soon darling. I love you so much!

65.I am not rich. I cannot give you the most expensive things, a luxurious home, or the hottest new cars. But I can give you something not everyone in this world get; I give you the gift of love, honesty, loyalty and devotion. You are my one true love and will always be the only one for me. I love you always. Happy Bday!

66.You are my Superman. Yeah you do not have the abs to show for it, neither do you have the ability to fly, or use x ray vision when needed. But you are the hero I have long did not expect that I needed. Wonderful bday sweetheart.

67.love me in fortunate to have you cannot imagine hero, I have looked figure. Happy birthday, darling. attention and you 61. I am very us in ways 24. You are my I, the perfect father me of your Below are: Messages for Lovers, Friends and Partners lot of us, you have impacted for any other.

68.Not everyone finds their true love in this world. There are too many people and way too many personalities that finding the one is almost impossible. Luckily, on this day twenty five years ago, you were born, and the universe worked out a master plan for you and I to meet and I must say, I can never be any more happier to be an exception. Happy Birthday my love!

69.This is our first year celebrating your birthday. I have to admit I am a little saddened that I did not get to celebrate all of your birthdays with you, but I still look forward to celebrating next year, and the year after that and many more years after that with you. Best Birthday my present and my future!

70.I do not get jealous when other girls look at you or hit on you, its relationship hazard that I have come to terms ever since we got married. Besides, I think it says a lot about how good my taste really is since everyone seem to want a piece of what I have. Good thing you belong to me. Wonderful Birthday sweetheart!

71.I never wanted to date again after my last boyfriend, but you came along and all of the things that worried me or bothered me went away. I have never felt more secure in my own skin than I was before you. Wonderful birthday my love!

72.You are kind, understanding, you never got jealous and you never demanded anything from me. You expected little and got surprised when I do more. I cannot be any more satisfied with life than now. I love you my wife! And I am the luckiest man to be alive to be called you husband. Best Bday!

73.If I hadn’t met you, this day would just be an ordinary day. But since we met, I look forward to seeing your eyes go big and teary after seeing my surprise, it never goes old for me. It is one of the highlights of my life. Best Birthday Sweetheart!

74.I know you received a lot of flowers, chocolates, some lavish dinners at fancy restaurants back in the days when you were dating someone else in celebration of your birthday. Well let me tell you something, I am not going to give you flowers, I will make you a garden, I will not buy you chocolates, I will make you a cake, I will not take you out on a dinner I will cook it for you. And if you fancy that for a longer time, I would also like to spend every single day and night with you. Happy Bday my sweet heart!