21 Best Sentences With Of For Kindergarten

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1.Our server, Jess, took her time with us and explained the menu like we were in kindergarten.

2.Zoe's hair has a life of its own and her parents and kindergarten teacher think its great.

3.My daughter was in the start of 4th grade and my son was in kindergarten when we began.

4.If she keeps going she will be a super math girl by the time she gets to kindergarten.

5.My daughter's kindergarten teacher has a link to BrainPoP on her web page, and it's very good.

6.I am a kindergarten teacher and I speak to my students in a more respectful tone than she did.

7.When they got to kindergarten, they were literally the only kids who hadn't gone to preschool.

8.We follow Robert from his first day in school in kindergarten to throughout his entire life.

9.I bought it expecting a list of things that my child should know prior to entering kindergarten.

10.She started it in May using the kindergarten and by the next year was through the First Grade set.

11.In particular the Sant'Elia kindergarten, the Casa del Fascio and the Novocomum made a strong impressions on her.

12.If this man built houses the same way he managed his anatomy then he would still be in kindergarten.

13.Others have moved up from the Daisies, the name for Girl Scouts in kindergarten or first grade, or ages five or six.

14.This program applies to law enforcement officers, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade teachers, firefighters and emergency medical technicians.

15.Some schools run full-day kindergarten classes while others offer half-day classes to help children adjust to a new schedule.

16.In 1969, almost half of all children in kindergarten through eighth grade walked or biked to school.

17.But it seems unfortunate that the gentle fantasy of Lofting's stories has been junked in favor of nasty little jokes that kids snigger about in kindergarten.

18."' Sumiton Christian School "'is a kindergarten through 12th grade interdenominational Christian school located in Sumiton, Alabama.

19.Five is such a big number, and to turn from a pre school age to kindergarten age is a very big deal.

20.Kassab says his diocese runs 17 charitable programs ranging from help for the orphaned and the elderly to computer and kindergarten classes.

21.In 1840 he coined the word kindergarten for the Play and Activity Institute he had founded in 1837 at Bad Blankenburg for young children, together with Wilhelm Middendorf and Heinrich Langethal.