16 Reduction In Sentence

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1.Typically, you will just see a very noticeable reduction in the size of a break out.

2.Even the new major highway has forced the reduction in size of some of the bases.

3.Some reduction in fruit size can also be caused by rust mites producing the brownish skins.

4.I've seen a few reviews grumblings about reduction in size, and the lack of a hard cover edition.

5.I noticed a reduction in the size and redness of my current breakouts in about 24 hours.

6.Since using this mask on a regular basis I've notice a reduction in the size of my pores.

7.I put it on at night, and notice a reduction in redness and the size of blemishes by morning.

8.This type of reduction is performed for fractures of the nasal bones that are limited in size and complexity.

9.Other changes in the model include reduction in size of the trademark click wheel and movement of the earphone jack.

10.NATO in May approved a reduction of the Kosovo peacekeeping force by 4, 800 troops to bring the force's size down to 33, 200 soldiers.

11.As in " A . insinuator ", reproductives of " A . ameliae " very much resemble the host species, although with a pronounced reduction in body size.

12.Glock's entry featured an optional ambidextrous magazine release and MIL-STD-1913 rail along with a reduction in the size of the backstrap.

13.In lemuriform primates, the toothcomb may also play a secondary role in olfaction, which may account for the size reduction of the poorly studied upper incisors.

14.Nonetheless, in order to restore the cell size of a diatom population for those that do endure size reduction, sexual reproduction and auxospore formation must occur.

15.This reduction in annulus size at the end of atrial systole may be important for the proper coapting of the leaflets of the mitral valve when the left ventricle contracts and pumps blood.

16.Tim Cook, Apple's COO, told investors that the decline was due to 'cannibalization ' from purchases of iPhones and 'a reduction in the market size for traditional MP3 players. '.