27 Moral Booster Phrases

Visit:4783   Updated: 2023/01/03

1.Set an objective. It can be personal or work-related, but don’t miss out on an opportunity to have a directed conversation.

2.Choose a theme and have team members share something in their lives for which they are grateful. It can be work-related or personal.

3.Make it fun! Brand it with a catchy name and create an award for the biggest fail.

4.Appoint a note-taker to make sure any action items are recorded so team members can follow up.

5.Create a trophy for the winning team. You’d be surprised how motivating bragging rights can be.

6.Have employees fill out Individual Development Plans, which layout a framework for personal and professional goals.

7.Make it voluntary – you’ll still get a massive turnout, and it will be more meaningful when people chose to donate their time.

8.“Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.” – Dwight D.

9.Pick one person to present each week. Make sure the leader has some talking points to get the discussion started.

10.Buy small pots, potting soil, and seeds for easy to manage flowers like sunflowers (this will run you about $3-4 per employee).

11.Map out your wall space – or put it on glass to show your creation off to the world!

12.Apply your post-its. Remember, the surprise factor is key here. People love post-it note art because it inspires wonder and delight. The best way to do this is with a small team at night.

13.Have a different department host the event. Encourage each department to create a theme that reflects the character of that department.

14.Research local coffee shops. Half the point is exploring your neighborhood and getting to know the community. Don’t just settle for Starbucks!

15.Research local food trucks in the area and contact their owners. Let them know that you can supply them with customers.

16.Choose an image. Classic pixelated video game images (like super Mario Brothers or Space Invaders) work great.

17.Do it on company time and at the office to demonstrate your company’s commitment to fun.

18.Set ground rules. Try a capture the flag style game, which involves strategy, teamwork, and collaboration.

19.Announce the formation of a company book club at an all-hands meeting or company-wide email, and ask employees to sign up and join.

20.Create a forum for sharing mistakes. All-hands meetings, weekly communications, or slack threads all work well.

21.Make sure to emphasize lessons learned, and what the individual is doing to prevent the same problems from happening in the future.

22.Research locally available on-demand services. Massages, haircuts, laundry services, and carwashes are all popular in the on-demand economy.

23.You don’t have to hire a fitness coach or build an onsite gym. Start a running group or meet for group workouts, yoga, or meditation at a nearby park.

24.Plan events to celebrate the end of the quarter or the culmination of a large project. Sometimes an entire team deserves gratitude for its contribution to the larger company mission.

25.Assign snack (or wine!) duties to individual team members. Half the point is to socialize with colleagues in a casual, low-stress situation.

26.Find a local charitable organization that aligns with your company’s mission. At SnackNation, we’re all about health and nutrition, so we chose Feeding America, which helps fight food insecurity for millions of Americans.

27.Get in touch with an office manager or HR leader in neighboring businesses to coordinate and share information on food truck arrivals. Once your location has a reputation for providing hungry lunchtime workers, the food trucks will keep coming.