43 Best Feeling Alone Quotes

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1.“When you feel bored and lonely, get up and say to yourself ‘I am strong.”

2.“I may not have many friends, but that does not mean I can’t survive alone.”

3.“Being alone is nothing to me. The worst loneliness is being surrounded by the wrong people.”

4.“Being in a relationship is not a way to overcome loneliness. You will still feel alone.”

5.“Feeling lonely is not a bad thing. It is the best time you need to be yourself.”

6.“Even with a multitude of friends, I still feel so alone, because none of them cares about me.”

7.“The worst feeling I have ever experienced is being forgotten by someone I couldn’t forget.”

8.“Being alone may not come with a beautiful experience, but it is the best way to find yourself again.”

9.“Being alone helps us to measure our inner strength. If you can’t stand alone, then your strength is little.”

10.I thought you will be staying with me, forever, but you left me all alone, even without saying goodbye to me.”

11.“Being alone is not hard. Feeling alone is the hardest. Sometimes you just have to embrace it and move on with your life.”

12.“Solitude is like a mirror. It allows us to reflect and discover the hidden strength within us.”

13.“I thought a relationship is meant to make us feel the presence of each other. But how come I still feel alone.”

14.“I want to feel your love. I want you to be by my side always. My heart belongs to you.”

15.“You don’t need a multitude of friends to feel good. You just need to be in control of your emotions.”

16.“If other people keep disappointing you, then it’s time to be alone. You can never disappoint yourself.”

17.“Nothing can take you out of desperation unless they take the brunt of your loneliness and make it their own.”

18.“I don’t need to be in many relationships to feel good. I just need that one person I can lean up to.”

19.“If you can endure hard times alone, then you are the strongest man in the world.”

20.“Our understanding about life and other things that surround us comes only when we are having the best time alone.”

21.“I have tried walking with my friends, but they keep pushing me away. All I have left is nothing but myself.”

22.“I’m alone, not because I choose to be. But I was betrayed by the one I trusted with all my heart.”

23.“All I want is someone that will look at my eyes and tell me ‘I love you.”

24.“It is better to fall in love with yourself than to give away your heart to someone who makes you feel all alone.”

25.“You are the best companion I have. Ever since you left me, I have been living in solitude.”

26.“Do not be afraid to be alone. We are the only companion we have from birth to death.”

27.“Being alone is the greatest freedom any man can have. You owe no answer to anybody. Rather, you just do whatever you want.”

28.“I cry every day not only because I missed you. But, I can’t find anyone else to replace you in my heart.”

29.“If I can ever make one request for a lifetime, it is to be with you always.

30.“The best way I cope with loneliness is to keep reminding myself that you will come back to me, someday.”

31.“Your greatest desire should be to find something to live for, great enough to die for.”

32.“I wish life is so easy that you will just wake up every morning and smile.”

33.“I would rather stay alone, eat alone, and feel myself than to be in a relationship and still feel the same way.”

34.“Sometimes we just need to have alone time for ourselves. It helps us remember where we came from, why we are in our current state, and where we are heading to.”

35.“You can measure your strength by the solitude within you. To depend on the presence of the crowd is weakness.”

36.“A season of loneliness is a time when we gather strength for the journey ahead.”

37.“I start every morning with tears, and end my day with pains. I may pretend that I am fine, but I am not”

38.”It is easier for me to wipe a thousand tears from my eyes than to wipe a single tear from my soul.”

39.“That I smile a lot does not mean I am always happy. I just don’t want everyone to have a view of what I am passing through.”

40.“Down in my heart, is this unending pain and tears that flow like an ocean.”

41.“It is better to be single than to be in a bad relationship. That is the worst loneliness you can ever experience.”

42.“Learn your way around loneliness. Make a map of it. Sit with it, for once in your life. It is a life experience you must undergo.”

43."You have the ability to choose your thoughts and focusing on problem-solving will bring you far greater relief than overthinking will. If you see loneliness as a negative state, your feelings related to loneliness will also be negative.”