55 + Sweet Messages For Her

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1.Cheesy lines are easy to come by, what is not are the kisses you brought.

2.As I rest in the bosom of sleep, glide in and love me in my dreams.

3.Love me with all that you have and I shall carve out a place for you in my heart.

4.God knows what’s best for each and every one of us, that’s why he led you to me.

5.May the skies align with our hearts desires. Tell me what you wish for, let’s make your dreams come true.

6.I was about going for a walk when I thought of your lovely smile. Be strong my lover.

7.Please forgive me for all my sins, I have failed in loving you as I promised I will.

8.Living in the present means living each day as a gift. You’re my present, muse.

9.Love is not just about feelings, it comes with action. Love is a doing word.

10.Your love has brought about a change in me that affects every part of me.

11.Giving in to the temptation of your lips has forever bound me with you, my liege.

12.I want to have twins, a boy and a girl to show that two become one and the one-two again.

13.They say as couples grow older they look more similar, you’re my twin flame. We fan each other.

14.I love giving, you taught me how to receive. Now I’m greedy for all you can give.

15.How often do we remember that our hearts can beat just for one person as mine beats for you?

16.Letting go of the parts of you that don’t allow for your growth is easier with you beside me.

17.Every time I think of seeing you, gazing at your face, I rest within myself.

18.The angels were right in calling you one of theirs. My mortal life is heavenly with you in it.

19.I want to cook for you today, your best meal shall be prepared in love by me. See you tonight Darling.

20.Please call me as soon as you get this, it’s nothing urgent, just realised I missed my Angel by my side.

21.I get worried that I am not loving you enough, anytime I slip, please tell me to redouble my efforts.

22.As we grow more in each other, I look forward to knowing a better version of you every day.

23.Thank you so much for teaching me about yourself. Knowing you is worth every pain.

24.I want overwhelming peace to rest on you, guiding you in all that you do.

25.Like mother earth you embrace every pain in me, bearing fruits from my rough hands.

26.I bathe myself in a pool of your words, like a soothing balm, they heal my wounds.

27.Many go through life in search of a partner. I partnered through life with you.

28.Most times when my mind wanders to you, it creates special scenes I can’t wait to relive with you.

29.Nobody ever knows what tomorrow brings, we always hope for the best. That’s why you’re my tomorrow.

30.I would have sacrificed my life for yours but I don’t want to live without you.

31.Beauty is found in the eyes that seek. Mine sought and found yours, you are forever beautiful to me.

32.Follow me to the land I shall lead you to, be my Lady and let me be your Lord.

33.Living for love is a decision I make every day. You’re worth every smile I can put on your face.

34.Sing to me in that voice you don’t really like, its what makes me smile every time.

35.Many times you will think of me and search for my face in others. When you need me most, I’ll be there.

36.I want your fantasies to become your reality. Help me help you achieve that dream.

37.Walking arms in arms returning from a nice dinner are the small things I live for.

38.I really can’t wait to wake up beside you every day, for now, think of me.

39.Hello gorgeous, how is work going? I just thought of you and decided to check in.

40.I will keep doing all I can to put a smile on your face, my lover.

41.Inviting you into my life was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

42.I will always cherish the skin you wear so delicately. A kiss here, a kiss there, you awaken in me.

43.I care not for the odd things in life, I am evenly made odd by your caresses.

44.The angels in heaven are jealous of you, they complain that I have more guardians than I should.

45.The way you make me feel, the way you turn me on. My socket blew and its all your fault.

46.Take it all, all of me that you’ve ever wanted. Half my kingdom I won’t give, take everything. Loves and kisses beloved.

47.If love is the fire that catches, water is the way your ice melts in me.

48.True love knocked at our doors, boldly we answered the sirens call. My heart is embalmed in you beloved.

49.To be aware of everything is to move through life as a spirit. Ease your spirit into the heavens with me.

50.I may be separated from you by days or miles, in my heart, you are always there.

51.You found a way to my heart, bulldozed the whole place and now my heart is wholly yours.

52.Joy and happiness radiate in your inner being, it has permeated through to me. Now I reflect on you.

53.You make me feel like, I have been locked in heaven. I never want to escape.

54.The day is full of many possibilities, and I hope you seize them and with your contagious smile as you scale through work hurdles. I love you with all of me, baby.

55.Anyday, anytime, anywhere, you will always be my number one. There are millions of girls in the world, but you are priceless. Thank you for sharing my world with me. I love you endlessly, Sweetie.