23 Sweet Loving Messages For Her

Visit:2317   Updated: 2023/01/10

1.I miss you when you are here with me. I miss you more when you are not here.

2.I love the way you shower me with love and attention in a way I never imagine before.

3.Do you know the one thing I fear the most in this life? Losing you!

4.Your love, beauty, and charm give me the strength to face life and conquer it.

5.Your coming into my life has made me a better man and I love you for that.

6.You are the queen of my heart, baby girl. I thought you should know this.

7.I promise to kiss you to the toe the next time we see each other.

8.The best day of my life is the day when I met an angel you are.

9.I can’t wait to come home so that I can see my beautiful angel again.

10.You know what? Loving you is the best thing to have ever happened to me in a long time.

11.I love the little things you do for our love. It is those little things that matter, darling.

12.Thank you for all the love and support you are giving me. I love you so much.

13.For the love you are giving me, I will do my best to return it 100 times more.

14.Long legs, a beautiful face, and a perfect body. You are the true definition of beauty.

15.My favorite candy flavor came close, but you remain the sweetest thing in my life.

16.I was looking for a woman I can live with, but God gave me a woman I can’t live without. I love you, babe.

17.You are the song in my heart, the melody that keeps me going when things are tough.

18.There is something about your waist that will make every man go crazy. You have such a beautiful body.

19.My love, I want to let you know that I notice the little sacrifices you make for me. I appreciate it and promise to make you the happiest woman in the world.

20.If I were a streetlight? I would turn red every time you are passing so that I could see your beautiful face longer.

21.I once believed nobody is perfect; until I met you. Forgive me; I was very wrong!

22.Why do I feel lonely every time you are not around? We should be together always, my love.

23.Do you know why God created our hands with spaces in between fingers? Because he wanted us to fill those spaces by holding hands together in love.