33 Jewish Condolence Card Messages

Visit:693   Updated: 2023/01/10

1.We have lost a formidable member of our community. [Name] impacted the lives of so many people.

2.[Name] will be fondly remembered and greatly missed. I could set my clock by her/him.

3.As the life of this tree flourishes, may your loved one be connected to the Holy Land.

4.S/he was always the first to arrive when the community was in need. That was such a great lesson for us all to learn.

5.We are sorry for your family’s loss, and we hope you can each hold onto the moments that brought joy, peace, and wisdom.

6."Death Be Not Proud" is a great poem because it effectively conveys the theme of death being an illusion, and the speaker's defiance of death's power.

7.We wish you lasting memories to fill your heart now and always. [Name] left an indelible mark on all of us.

8.[Name] was kind of heart and generous of spirit. Everyone here at [place] admired her/him.

9.[Name] was a person of positivity and sincerity. S/he lit up every room s/he entered.

10.Our family respected your [grandfather] as a great guide to our community. May your family know no further sorrow.

11.Our community will not forget everything that [Name] contributed. We will be honoring [Name] for all of their dedication.

12.I am sorry we were unable to attend the funeral, but we wanted to share our condolences. A tree will be planted in [name’s] honor in Israel.

13.As the Jewish Proverb says, “I look not for a lighter burden but for stronger shoulders.” May this tree signify the strength that will grow to support your family through their grief.

14.We are sorry we didn’t send our regards sooner. We only just found out about [Name]. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.

15.With the planting of this memorial tree, may your loved one create a mosaic of life for future generations.

16.Unfortunately, we won’t be able to attend [Name’s] shiva. Please know we’ll be there with our hearts and minds. A donation will be made in her/his honor to [charity].

17.Every time I see a beautiful garden or smell a beautiful rose, I will think of [Name].

18.In the space of profound hope and optimism for your family's destiny, we have planted a tree that honors your loved one and secures the future of Israel.

19.I learned a great deal from your [grandfather’s, grandmother’s, etc.] wisdom. Today, I honor them, Min haShamayim Tenuhamu and may you find peace together.

20.I learned so much from [Name]. S/he taught me to love [subject] more than any other teacher I have ever had. I have [Name] to thank for me becoming a [occupation].

21.[Names of surviving family members] are all in our thoughts. Our family extends our home and hearts to each of you in this time of sorrow. A small donation will be made to the [Temple’s name].

22.Your [father, mother, etc.] was a great leader. May you take comfort in knowing the impact of their teachings lives within the generations of our community.

23.Upon the planting of this tree, we honor those before us and those who would come after us. May your loved one stand tall among the memories and move with the dancing wind of tomorrow.

24.I am not just here to share in your pain today, but to share in the many reasons why you loved [name of the deceased].

25.No matter how broken you feel today, know that I am dedicated to supporting you through this journey. Everything that you feel, I feel. And any support you need, I hope to be able to provide it.

26.Grief finds us in the small moments and the lost memories when we least expect it. So, know that I am here for you not just today and in this moment, but also whenever you need me.

27.[Name’s] friendship meant a great deal to me. I want you to know [Name] was always praising you and your family. S/he had the highest regard for all of you.

28.Imagine living a life never knowing this beautiful human and never feeling their light. Believe it or not, your grief is their one last gift to you as it’s a reminder of how deeply you loved them.

29.We have planted a tree to honor your loved one and our cherished friend. Like the mighty and unforgettable tree that secures the future of Zion, may your loved one's memory be rooted throughout generations to come.

30.No matter how broken you feel today, I am dedicating myself to supporting you on this journey. Everything that you feel, I feel. And I hope to be able to hold and uplift you when you are too weak to stand along in this grief.

31.Like the tree that steadily grows, gaining a foundation and reaching its limbs outward and up, may this tree planted in honor of your loved one provide strength, relief, and shelter to those who would sit beside their memory.

32.We hope that you can all lean on each other in this time of great sorrow. And that you may also discover perseverance and hope – each day becoming stronger together – as you remember the love of an amazing [father, mother, etc.].

33.Don’t put away your sorrow for another day. Embrace it, knowing that no matter how difficult the reality of the loss may seem, grief is akin to loving all that is living. Welcome it knowing that you are embracing a life well-lived and well-loved.