20 Smart Seasons Greetings Card Messages

Visit:884   Updated: 2023/01/10

1.Season’s Greetings. Take a moment to reflect on the wonder this time of year brings.

2.Season’s Greetings! May peace and joy stay with you during the holidays and the whole year through.

3.Season’s Greetings. Wishing you happy holidays and a new year filled with prosperity and success!

4.The winter’s beauty provides the perfect backdrop for the wonder & magic awaiting you. Season’s Greetings!

5.Season’s Greetings! From warm wishes to festive touches, may everything around you fill your heart with joy.

6.Season’s Greetings. Nothing beats the cold like the company of good friends! Winter’s more fun when we’re all together!

7.Season’s Greetings. Sending this special message your way because the holidays are never really complete without little dogs in Santa hats!

8.Happy Holidays. May the peace and joy of the season stay with you all year long.

9.Happy Holidays! I hope you take time to delight in the festive beauty of the season.

10.Season’s Greetings! As the days grow colder, the sentiments between us grow warmer. I hope your heart is full of joy through the holidays and beyond.

11.If I could bottle up all the magic of the holidays, I’d give it to you every time. That’s because you’re someone so very special to me. Season’s Greetings!

12.Season’s Greetings. The holiday season is a time to gather with friends and family, spread joy and love, as well as eat as many special treats as we can!

13.Season’s Greetings! During this special holiday season, I hope your heart is filled with the warmth and comfort that this time of year always brings with it.

14.Happy Holidays. Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it Snow! Warmest Wishes for this Holiday Season!

15.Season’s Greetings. The season is here for some good old fashioned holiday cheer, so be sure to enjoy it to the fullest! May your days be filled with joy during this time.

16.Season’s Greetings! A serene, snow-covered landscape sets the perfect scene for warm wishes shared between the ones we love. May you savor every moment of the holidays and make new & wonderful memories.

17.It’s “snow” wonder you make everyone feel so warm and fuzzy inside. You have a spirit that shines, especially during this magical season. Happy Holidays!

18.Happy Holidays. The candlelight makes no noise at all, but softly and quietly gives itself away.

19.Happy Holidays! Wishing you enough happiness and good cheer to last all throughout the year.

20.May your days be merry & bright. And may your spirit always be light. Enjoy the wonder that surrounds you this time of year. Happy Holidays!