20 Aloud In A Sentence

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1.I read aloud and find that helps me to set a stage to hear the voice and a tone.

2.To be read aloud to a friend, in bed, with a glass of absinthe on the night table.

3.As a teacher, I thought this was a perfect read aloud to open my geometry unit.

4.It might even be fun to read aloud with a child who is interested in the natural world.

5.I love this story as a read aloud and share it with my students at school.

6.A few who do not dare to read aloud will ask the ones who do to read their stories too.

7.Sure to be popular with a wide range of readers, this will make a great read aloud as well.

8.This was a family read aloud for us and it held everyone's interest the whole way through.

9.Easily read in one night by a fast reader, but could take a few nights if read aloud to a child.

10.Good readers will be able to read it on their own, but it is great fun to read aloud.

11.It did make for a nice read aloud, though I felt it was missing some key punctuation in the writing.

12.Jim Trealease, of read aloud fame, read this story, with appropriate voices to a group of teachers.

13.I was surprised at how familiar each page was as we turned them and I read aloud.

14.My students always walk away from this read aloud with a new found appreciation for oral hygiene.

15._" Yucka Drucka Droni " ( Scholastic, $ 15.95 ) is a tongue twister of a story that must be read aloud to be appreciated.

16.Tough, truehearted and ultimately tender, " Holes " is also a member of that endangered species, the family read-aloud.

17.The littlest youngster who hears this read aloud will follow the story and be emotionally involved.

18.I can't wait until one of my classes picks it as the novel that I will read aloud to them.

19.A visual feast and too clever by half, Hall's latest begs to be read aloud and pored over.

20.He cannot read aloud what he has crafted so as to hear his prose as he means it to be heard.