23 Best Origins Of Slang Phrases

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1.Rip-off – A purchase that was very overpriced. Eg. “That phone case was a rip-off.”

2.No worries – That’s alright. Eg. “No worries about the mess. I’ll clean it up.”

3.Busted – Caught doing something wrong. Eg. “I got busted for turning in homework late.”

4.Flakey – Indecisive. Eg. “John is so flakey. He never shows up when he says he will.”

5.Score – To get something desirable. Eg. “I scored the best seats in the stadium!”

6.Screw up – To make a mistake. Eg. “Sorry I screwed up and forgot our plans.”

7.I get it – I understand. Eg. “I get it now! Thank you for explaining that.”

8.Crash – To fall asleep quickly. Eg. “After all those hours of studying I crashed.”

9.Lame – The opposite of cool or fantastic. Eg. “That’s so lame that you can’t go out tonight.”

10.Babe – Your significant other; an attractive individual. Eg. “Hey babe!” or “She’s a babe.”

11.Ace – Pass a test with 100%. Eg. “I think I’m going to ace the exam.”

12.Oh my God! – (Used to describe excitement or surprise). Eg. “Oh my God! You scared me!”

13.Shady – Questionable or suspicious. Eg. “I saw a shady guy in my neighborhood last night.”

14.Dump – To end a romantic relationship with someone. Eg. “She dumped him last May.”

15.Pig out – To eat a lot. Eg. “I pigged out last night at McDonald’s.”

16.Have a crush – Attracted to someone romantically. Eg. “I have a big crush on him.”

17.Couch potato – A lazy person. Eg. “Don’t be a couch potato! Let’s go for a hike.”

18.Hang out – To spend time with others. Eg. “Want to hang out with us?”

19.In no time – Very soon. Eg. “We’ll have our homework done in no time.”

20.I feel you – I understand and empathize with you. Eg. “I feel you. That was really unfair.”

21.Cram – To study a lot before an exam. Eg. “Sorry I can’t go out. I have to cram tonight.”

22.Ditch – To skip an event. Eg. “I’m going to ditch class tomorrow to go to the beach.”

23."Up to snuff" became a popular phrase in the early 19th century, just as using snuff was becoming a disgusting habit for rich people. So, when it first started circulating, the phrase probably meant a person was worldly enough to have a snuff habit. It's possible that later it meant that a person would be able to distinguish between high and low quality snuff. Today, the phrase means that something is meeting a standard.