88 Happy Birthday To Me Messages

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1.Some days are more glorious than others! This day is not one of them! Happy Birthday to me.

2.Today is the birthday of one of the world’s greatest men. Happy birthday to me.

3.I’m my only hope. I don’t believe in anyone but myself. Happy birthday to me.

4.Happy birthday to a person that is beautiful, smart, cool and reminds me a lot of myself.

5.I love what I have become after all these years, so to me, I am saying a very happy birthday.

6.I’m officially a year older today and much cooler than ever. Happy birthday to me.

7.This special day makes me a year older and more beautiful than ever! Happy birthday to me.

8.On this day, I wish myself a life filled to the brim with happiness. Happy birthday to me.

9.I just want to thank God for keeping me alive to see this special day of mine. Happy birthday to me.

10.Happy Birthday to me! Here is to another year of terrible decisions and reckless abandon.

11.Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday, dear me. Happy birthday to me.

12.Today is my birthday! My fifth 30th birthday, to be exact! Happy Birthday to me.

13.It’s my birthday today, and by all means, I shall party until I can party no more.

14.I’m alive, self-dependent, and beautiful. I’m so proud of who I am. Happy birthday to me.

15.I am proud of my accomplishments thus far. It feels so good to be me. Happy birthday to myself.

16.Today, I just want to thank God for adding another year to my life. Happy birthday to me.

17.I’m such an awesome person that it’s hard for anyone not to recognize it – even me! Happy birthday to me.

18.On my special day, I just want to wish myself pure happiness that never ends. Happy birthday to me.

19.Most people change when they age; I always manage to stay thirty-five! Wishing myself a Happy Birthday.

20.Happy birthday to myself, keep on loving the life that you are in because it is truly yours.

21.Happy birthday to myself for whom I cannot even imagine how life would be without you.

22.My journey so far in life has been amazing, and I want to thank God for that. Happy birthday to me.

23.On my special day, I wish myself happiness and great accomplishments in the coming year. Happy birthday to me.

24.To be another year wiser, braver, and better must really be something! Maybe next year! Happy Birthday to me.

25.On my birthday, I honor the fact that no one will ever know my real age! Cheers, to me.

26.Once again I am in control of the life that I am living and it is great, happy birthday to me.

27.Happy birthday to me, I am definitely loving this day I hope it would keep being this way.

28.Today, I’m going to be selfish and focus all my attention on me. Today, I make myself my priority. Happy birthday to me.

29.I am thankful to God for blessing me every single day of my life. I’m a truly blessed soul. Happy birthday to me.

30.I walk around believing there’s nothing I cannot accomplish simply because I believe in myself. Happy birthday to me.

31.Happy Birthday to someone awesome, talented, beautiful, and funny! Yes, that’s right, it’s my birthday.

32.When I look back, I see how I’ve managed to grow to this height. Kudos to me and happy birthday to this lovely me.

33.I celebrate me today because I know I’m special and living my life in grace and favor. Happy birthday to myself.

34.Yay for me! I finally have an excuse to wear as much glitter as I want. It’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me.

35.Happy birthday to me and you are welcome to all you fellow 30-year-olds. This year is going to rock.

36.Aww. Thanks so much to all the people who remembered me on my birthday. That equals about: one. Happy birthday to me, from myself.

37.I might be surrounded by bad people. But who cares? Cos life itself is a bitch! Ain’t stopping now! Happy birthday to me.

38.Today is the most important day of my life. And I’m going to celebrate it accordingly. Happy birthday to me.

39.I feel deep within my heart that this special day is going to mark the beginning of a wonderful year for me. Happy birthday to me.

40.Wishing myself a very Happy Birthday! Cheers to another year of mishaps, shenanigans, and other somewhat adult behavior!

41.It is my birthday, and while I should know better, I really do not! Cheers to me, anyway.

42.With many people’s birthdays come a sense of responsibility and maturity, phooey to that! Happy Birthday to me.

43.Those who never thought I would amount to anything should watch my ascension into stardom! I’m getting there. Happy birthday to me.

44.Life and people have turned me down, a lot of times. But, I’ve made up my mind, I won’t settle for less. Happy birthday to me.

45.Yay! It’s my birthday once again! Wishing me, myself and I a memorable birthday full of the Lord’s blessings. Happy birthday to me.

46.Today, I’m going to have fun with my friends and loved ones because it’s a very special day for me. Happy birthday to me.

47.It’s my birthday! And by God, I shall celebrate and party like tomorrow never exists. Thank you, God.

48.It’s my birthday! I’m getting older and cooler at the same time, which makes me special. This doesn’t often happen to a lot of people.

49.Today is my birthday, and by God, I shall treat myself like a King/Queen – even if it’s just for one day.

50.Lord, please guide me in all that I do today and in the many days and years ahead as I celebrate my birthday.

51.Happy blessed birthday to me! I pray for the directions of the Lord and for better opportunities to come my way. Amen.

52.With age comes aches, crankiness, and forgetfulness! But there is cake! There is always cake! Happy Birthday to me.

53.Most birthdays involve remembering old times. Fortunately for me, I can’t even remember what I did, even five minutes ago! Happy Birthday to me.

54.Dear self, have a wonderful day and don’t forget you can now park in the handicap spaces everywhere. Happy birthday you oldie.

55.I will put a smile on my face and won’t let the troubles of life get me down because it’s my birthday today. A very happy birthday to me.

56.So, what if nobody came? I’ll have all the ice cream and tea. And I’ll laugh at myself. And I’ll dance with myself. And I’ll sing Happy birthday to me.

57.I celebrate my special day with the realization that I am currently in possession of the most priceless gift on Earth – LIFE. Happy birthday to me.

58.It’s my birthday, and I shall rejoice because I know how far God has brought me in this life. May the good Lord be forever praised. Happy birthday to me.

59.Before the avalanche of birthday wishes come in, let me be the first to wish myself a very wonderful birthday. God bless me.

60.Today, I have decided that getting older is great! Well, not for me! For someone else! Best Wishes, on my birthday.

61.Special thanks to the Lord and everyone who has been instrumental in my life. I pray for many more heavenly days like today. Happy birthday to me.

62.Wishing myself a Happy Birthday! My birthday has shown me that age is only a number! One of which I plan to keep a secret, for as long as I can.

63.Even though I’m super old now, I’m glad my taste buds are still working- so I can still enjoy my cake and eat it too! Happy birthday to me.

64.Well, guys, it’s official. I’m old. I was online today and had to actually scroll down to find my birth year in the scrollbar. Happy birthday to me. Yippee.

65.My being alive and healthy today is as a result of none other than the almighty God. I’ll forever be grateful to you, God. Happy birthday to myself.

66.I’m excited today because it’s my birthday. Today, I pray for happiness, peace, and prosperity. I know God will answer my prayers. Happy birthday to myself.

67.Hurray! The day has come again for me to say a wish, and I wish myself success and everlasting happiness as I celebrate a birthday full of joy today.

68.I swear you guys, 30 has never looked so good! Of course, now that I’m in it.

69.When did I get so stinking old?! I can only meet up with friends these days by visiting the cemetery- that’s when you know you’re old. Oh well, happy birthday to me.

70.A person is never too old to dream, or set some goals in life, or enough to strive. Because life gives new opportunity every way. Happy birthday to me.

71.Today is my birthday, and my heart is full of nothing but gratitude. I pray that the Lord will grant me more special days like this to praise His name.

72.Every year I swear I’m getting more beautiful, awesome, adorable, and lovely to be around- congrats on another year and happy birthday to you. Love, me.

73.As I wish myself a Happy Birthday, I can’t help but think of all of the things that getting older brings with it….wait, what was I saying, again? Oh, well! Happy Birthday to me.

74.As I commemorate my birthday, I do not just see someone who is a year older, and has wrinkles. I also see someone with gray hair! Happy Birthday to me.

75.Wishing myself a Happy Birthday! On this day, I am aware of the fact that most of the people in my life, now see me as being old! It is now time to get some new friends.

76.When I woke up today, I remembered that it was my birthday then I forgot about all of the things that I planned to do and fell asleep! Happy Birthday to me.

77.As I celebrate my birthday, I ask for God’s blessings in my life. May I be blessed with happiness, good health, and prosperity. Happy birthday to me.

78.Dear self, stay calm and know that fun is on the way… um, actually, you forgot to order the cake and invite all the people, so it may be a while. Anyway, happy birthday.

79.Happy Birthday to me! Turning a year older has made me wonder about certain things, like how much longer can I get away with telling people that I am twenty-five?

80.Since it is my birthday, I have looked in the mirror, and found that it is not so bad! I can still pretend to be ten years younger than I actually am! Happy Birthday to me.

81.As the years have gone by, I have seen a multitude of things! Thankfully, this year marks my getting closer to be too old to remember any of them! Happy Birthday to me.

82.Hurray! It is here again, and I want to share this special day of mine with you all. Happy birthday to me! The Lord has been merciful to me and I pray for more mercies in the years ahead.

83.Dear friends and family, it’s my birthday! You can drop off all presents at my doorstep or just take me out to lunch. Thanks in advance for all the gifts! Happy birthday to me.

84.The arrival of my special day has reminded me that there are so many things that a person my age should know! I do not know any of them, but I am sure there are many! Happy Birthday to me.

85.Singing, dancing and praising the Lord is the least that I can do to show appreciation for including yet another age to mine. I pray for more jubilant days ahead. Happy birthday to me.

86.I believe that I am the equivalent to a fine wine or a delicious old cheese. The older the better. I am thrilled to be another year older today! Happy Birthday to me.

87.Here is to me, on my birthday! Being the oldest person in the room really says something about me! I am not sure if it is good or bad, but it really says something about me.

88.On my birthday, I took a nice, long look at the friends I have who are about my age. Then I left the room, to get away from all of those old people! Happy Birthday to me.