40 Best Birthday Quotes For Women Inspirational

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1.Your love and fervor make you a remarkable and indispensable woman. Happy birthday to you!

2.With heartfelt love I wish you a very happy birthday. Thanks for being a good friend.

3.You are one of the best gifts I have ever had. Happy birthday to you.

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5.You are beautiful beyond description and I’m glad I have you. Happy birthday to my darling Sister.

6.Triple blessings for you on this special day of yours! You are my Cinderella and I am your superman! Happy birthday to the force that inspires me.

7.Calling you the best mother on earth is not an exaggeration because you truly are! Happy birthday to you, Mum.

8.No matter how sweet I choose to make my words, you are sweeter than any description. Happy birthday to my mother!

9.Your beautiful smile and loving nature make your day worth celebrating. Happy birthday to you.

10.For being my best friend through the years, I say a big thank you. Happy birthday to my Sister!

11.Sweet words flow spontaneously from my heart to you. Yet, they do not describe how loving a friend you are. Happy birthday to you.

12.Parents should pray for daughters like you. You are such a darling and I’m glad to have you. Happy birthday to you, dear.

13.Our best words cannot describe how much we love you. You will forever be special to us. Happy birthday to you great woman!

14.selfie to take, and I’ve got the a potent potion I like, I’ma kiss who a baby pic. A bit of one.

15.A friend in need, they say, is a friend indeed. You are a friend indeed. Happy birthday to you, Dear.

16.The moments we’ve had together have been remarkable and unforgettable. Your smile lifts my heart and gives me joy. Thanks for being my woman. Happy birthday to you, Honey.

17.Happy birthday to my number one fan, the one who sees possibilities in me, even when I’m failing. I love you, Sister!

18.I wonder what life would have been if you had not been my sister. Happy birthday to you!

19.One of the sweetest things in the world is to call you a sister. Thanks for being my sister and my everyday pride.

20.Of all your friends, you have always proven to be the best. Happy birthday to you.

21.When I see no reason to be proud of myself, you show me a thousand reasons to be. Happy birthday to the best of friends on earth!

22.You do all things out of a generous heart. Happy birthday and thank you for being you!

23.You are more than a friend to me. You are a sister and a confidant. Happy birthday to you.

24.I’ve been waiting for this day to come that I may trumpet it to the world that it’s my woman’s day! Happy birthday to my superheroine!

25.Let’s be real: Your friends and future holds many long time to my birthday, but this selfie my new 365-day life adventure. match.

26.Happy birthday to my dear sister. May the joy this day bring to you keep growing in your heart now and in years to come.

27.A whole journal will not be enough to tell how much you mean to me. I see a great future ahead of you and every birthday of yours brings you closer to it. Happy birthday to you.

28.Your birthdays are not only yours, but they are mine as well. Yes, I started knowing the real essence of life when I met you. Happy birthday to the woman I love.

29.Happy birthday, Mom! I find my motivation to do great and incredible things in you. I love and celebrate you on this special day of yours and greater shall you be.

30.Our best wishes are for you on this day of yours. We love you and wish you the best of God’s blessings.

31.Each time I look at you, I bless the One who made you. You are such a blessing to me and a thousand generations to come. Happy birthday to you.

32.Remembering how you took care of me from childhood till now fills my heart and mouth with nothing but blessings for you. Happy birthday to the number one woman in my life.

33.So many lives including mine have been transformed by you. A mother like you is hard to come by. Thank you for loving me. Happy birthday to my Mom.

34.much you really sting out of still leave me happiest woman in day, I can’t help but make it known many times in greyer your hair them.

35.You are beautiful inside-out. Your joyful countenance radiates everywhere you are found. May your day be blessed and your years filled with bliss.

36.You are wonderfully and fearfully made. You are a store of great treasures. I love you!

37.Dear sister, on this special day of yours, I pray that you flourish like a tree planted by the waters. I love you!

38.You are brave, yet, kind. Your kind heart leaves me in awe. I love you and I wish you the best in all you do. Happy birthday to you!

39.I don’t know what words with which to show my appreciation. I simply say that you are epic! With lots of love from my heart, I wish you a fruitful birthday.

40.Life makes a lot of sense with you in it. Your kindness and tenderness are amazing. You are deeply loved.