68 Best Sweet Text Messages Girlfriend

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1.You are the sweetest and most adorable chocolate angel. I’ll love you to the very end.

2.I’m waiting to receive you back with lots of hugs and love. Come back home, sweetie.

3.I wish you, sweet dreams and a healthy body to start up the new day ahead. Goodnight darling.

4.The love I have for you is beyond the moon and the stars. You’re my sunshine..

5.With you in my life, I learned the act of breathing. Love you so dearly, my angel.

6.You’re the girlfriend and best friend I have in life. May your day be filled with profound joy.

7.Take me to anywhere you are, because I find peace of mind just by staying right beside you. Seeing you calms my aching heart.

8.To make sure you have a nice rest, I wish you a fantastic goodnight rest. Sleep tight, my angel.

9.If it’s possible, I’ll definitely wait until it’s the end of time just so I can see your beautiful face again. I love you.

10.Don’t you see that the words “perfect match” was made for you and I? I’m yours forever.

11.Baby, you’re a star. Even if other girls shine high above, you remain the brightest thing that shines around me. I love you.

12.Open your eyes, stretch your body, open your mind and receive the love I sent for the day. Have a beautiful morning.

13.Being in my life gives me enough reason to live. The way I love you can’t be described in words.

14.Everything I need to be happy in my life is you. I love you to the very end, baby.

15.The secret meaning of every morning, either cloudy or sunny is HOPE, the hope of making yesterday’s wrongs right. Have a fulfilling morning.

16.If I could define how much you mean to me, I’d say that you’re the air that I breathe in. You’re the only one I love.

17.The truth is, I’ll love you everyday, tomorrow and forever. Until the end of time, I’ll always love you. Thank you, sweetheart.

18.Saying “I miss you” is underrating how much I miss you. I cry for you because I miss your whole. I love you, sweetheart.

19.Whenever you come around, that vanilla perfume you wear makes me so happy. You must be sunshine.

20.A day can’t break without me thinking about all the lovely moments we’ve shared. You’re my everything.

21.Thank you so much, my very good friend. You’re called a friend today, because you’re more than a girlfriend to me. I love you so much.

22.You’re the one I will not stop cherishing, because you alone are the flower of my heart. I love you.

23.You’re the air I breathe, that’s why I can’t leave you. I will love you until my dying day.

24.I feel the passion of love whenever I’m around you. I’m filled with big pleasure. I love you so much.

25.We have achieved many good things together, shared many sweet dreams and hoped for a better and brighter future but my day isn’t complete till I make it official.

26.Choosing you as my love is never a wrong decision for me. I’m perfectly okay with loving you. Thanks for everything.

27.Baby, I want to be the one to walk the aisle with you. My biggest prayer is that I see you wake up next to me every morning.

28.Today, I don’t need any one to distract you. I need to concentrate on someone who always makes me smile. I love you, my angel.

29.I wish you the best out of life. I am always around for you because I was made to make your world colorful.

30.All I want to do is to kiss your soft lips, hold your hands and be with you forever. I love you very much.

31.Since the day I set my eyes on you, my life turned around for the better. Thank you so much for being this special to me.

32.I once thought I could live this life without you but I’m finally realizing that it’s very impossible. I miss you so much.

33.It’s true that luck smiled at me, the day I found you. I immediately felt absolute love for you. Thank you for accepting my proposal. I love you so much, my love.

34.Just for you to acknowledge my love, I’ll stand and wait in the world’s longest queue to have a moment with someone sweet like you. I love you with every of my being.

35.Love is the sweetest word, but it’s not all that sweet if it’s shared with someone not special like you. Loving you is one thing I will do for the rest of my life.

36.Wake up to the song of the birds and the smell of fresh flowers. Open your eyes and see how beautiful the morning is, have a great day ahead.

37.Don’t forget, one thing that can save the whole world is love. The love I have for you is so strong that it can heal more than a million hearts that are broken. You are everything to me, my sweet girl.

38.I have checked through my heart and what I could discover is, you’re the most compatible angel for my heart. You’re much sweeter than honey.

39.I miss you loads. This is because you are extra special, wiser and nice than ever. Thanks a bunch.

40.The world is a better place because you are mine. Having you gives me hope that all my other heart desires will come into reality.

41.Whenever you think you’re lonely, just know that there’s someone somewhere who can’t stop thinking about you.

42.Met so many ladies, before our paths crossed, but none was as perfect as you are. You possess all the qualities of an angel. I will never stop treating you right, baby. I love you.

43.When we’re together, the time runs faster. But when we are apart, it’s always very slow. I’m sure time isn’t against this beautiful love. Well, I hope to see you as soon as possible. I miss you every day.

44.Whenever I go, whatever I do, I will always have you in my heart, because you’re my motivator, my inspiration, and the sweetest thing that makes my heart bubble.

45.I’m completely willing to dwell in you for the rest of my life. You’re my paradise and I see you as the best person in the world. I really love you.

46.I believe that beautiful people really exist in this world whenever I look into your eyes. Your beauty makes my heart beat really fast. I love you, my damsel..

47.You are the only reason I am still standing strong, despite all I have had to go through. Thank you for always holding my hand and bringing me happiness. I love you.

48.Good people live in the world, beautiful people exist, but amazingly blessed people like you live in my heart, where everything is gorgeous.

49.The greatest punishment I’ll serve is not being with you while you give your love to another man. I wouldn’t wish to experience that all through my existence.

50.I want to be the king of your heart, the ruler of your world because I have the basket of love and care to make everything lovely and sweet.

51.I enjoy doing this every morning, that is telling you good morning and praying for you to have a great day ahead.

52.You are always on my mind every moment. I can feel you on my mind this morning because the morning reminds me of how beautiful you are, I love you, baby.

53.Hope you know why I see my world as so perfect? If you don’t know, I see it that way because you are my world. And, you will always be my world. I love you, my adorable princess.

54.You’re all I’ve ever wanted and you’re always all I will ever need. Thanks for being you.

55.I’ll always appreciate the fact that you’re perfect and beautiful for me. Thanks for your complete support in this world.

56.Searched the whole world for someone as beautiful as you, I couldn’t find any. That means you’re the only beautiful woman existing. That also makes me smile lucky man.

57.You are the most beautiful woman I have ever known. Your divine presence has a way of appealing to my soul. Loving you is the least I’d ever do. I love you more than anything else in life, believe me.

58.It doesn’t matter where you are or what happens, you will always be close to my heart. I will always see your beautiful face, and feel your heartbeat. I love you so much, sweetheart.

59.I just hope that someday, I’d be able to love you as much as you love me. I don’t know what else to do to show how grateful I am. You’re the best gift from God to me. I love you a lot.

60.Each time I look at the sky, I realize how lucky I am to have someone so kind as you as my girl. It is an honor to be your man. I love you, baby.

61.I love you and will always stay with you as long as the sky remains blue. You are my sunshine, and whenever you wake up, my world lights up.

62.I stopped worrying about what the world throws at me since the very day you told me that I meant the world to you. It’s so lovely to have the most beautiful girl in your life. I love you, cupcake.

63.I told the sun, the flowers and birds to welcome you to another day. Please accept this with a smile and open heart because today will be awesome. Enjoy this beautiful morning.

64.I’m just texting to wish you an excellent morning, filled with petals of roses, a basket of smiles and the light of the rising sun. You are the reason for such a beautiful day.

65.If you know how sweet it is to wake up with your thoughts on my mind every morning, you will wish the morning never ends. You are one thing that never leaves my mind, not in the morning.

66.You have woken up! Welcome as you live to be alive, to breath, to think, to enjoy and to love someone special this morning. I love you. Have a nice day.

67.I’ve dedicated my whole heart to loving you. I am sure you understand the power of what’s called “true love.”

68.Whenever you’re close to me, the world looks entirely perfect and I’m willing to be yours forever and ever.