26 Best Quotes For Dating

Visit:4702   Updated: 2023/02/19

1.Dating TIP: Master the art of the follow-up. If you like her, let her know.

2.You’re dating my ex? Ha. Cool. I’m eating a sandwich, do you want those leftovers too?

3.Hating someone for dating your ex when YOU were the one who broke up with them is really immature.

4.Dating has taught me what I want and don’t want, who I am, and who I want to be.

5.Dating TIP: If she’s given you strong signals of attraction, go in for the kiss.

6.Dating can be hard, which makes it all the better when you meet a really nice guy.

7.The only boy I want is the one who kisses me on the forehead and tells me I’m beautiful.

8.If I were Nike and you were Mcdonald, I would be doing it and you would be loving it!

9.A good boyfriend will never want to change anything about you… except your last name.

10.Make sure you can keep up the wit of a Gemini woman before asking for a date.

11.If you’re trying to make someone jealous, at least make the person your dating just a little attractive.

12.Dear guys, when a girl says I’m cold, you’re not supposed to say me too.

13.I’m single, and you will have to be totally AWESOME to change that. So who’s Awesome?

14.When you want a good relationship you must listen to what the other person wants too.

15.I’ve been dating a homeless woman recently, and I think it’s getting serious. She asked me to move out with her.

16.Dear prince on a white horse, if you won’t show up soon, I will start dating with that stupid goat with the new Mercedes.

17.Dating your ex is like backing the Titanic up an hitting the iceberg a second time.

18.Whenever I date a guy, I think, “Is this the man I want my children to spend their weekends with?”

19.A girl called me once and said come over, nobody is home! I went there and she was right, nobody was home!

20.I’ll always remember, I’ll never forget, how you took my breath away, the first time we met.

21.People tell me there is plenty of fish in the sea, well that is nice and all but I’m human, I don’t date fish.

22.The memories of our first kiss, our first date, our first ‘I love you’ are remembered for the rest of our lives.

23.You don’t have to take me out on a date to make me happy, a simple ride in the country or cuddle up with me on the couch and we’ll do just fine.

24.If a guy after the first date remembers the color of your eyes, concern about the size of your breast.

25.Dating TIP: Have good manners. Be on time. Open doors. Pull out chairs. Don’t curse like a sailor. Chew with your mouth closed. Pick up the tab.

26.Most guys date girls because of their looks. True guys would look beyond it, and date girls because of their personality.