95 Smart Birthday Quotes For A Male

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1.Best wishes on your birthday! May you have maximum fun today, and minimum hangover tomorrow!

2.Best friends are like teachers, parents and lovers combined into one magical personality. Happy birthday, buddy!

3.Happiest birthday to the person whom I would have made out if he were a girl. Happy birthday buddy!

4.If Facebook is a real thing, mine would only have one friend and that would be you. Happy birthday, man!

5.Happy Birthday to take life too the same room and repulsive. A: Your ever-growing age! been thirty… fifty times!

6.My friend, I wish you would have a glorious day, and an absolutely exhilarating night on your birthday!

7.Happy Birthday! You know you don’t look that old. But then, you don’t look that young, either.

8.I have two messages for you on your birthday: 1) Have a great time, 2) Don’t call me for bail money.

9.Happy birthday to a great guy I know! May each and every moment of your life be as great as our friendship!

10.Congratulations on your special day! May it brings you so much joy, laughter and love that you wish for!

11.Happiest birthday man! May this special day of yours bring you several years of happiness, prosperity and health.

12.You are the best person I know & you definitely make my life worth living. Sending wishes for you to have a fabulous birthday!

13.Happy birthday to the one true friend who stays permanently in my heart and refuses to leave no matter what.

14.Tiramisu, cheesecakes and gooey tarts – may your birthday be as sweet as these goodies. Awesome birthday buddy!

15.Happy birthday, pal! Here’s wishing you a pot of gold and all of the happiness that your heart can ever hold.

16.Every second of every day, these are the times that I think about you daily. Happiest birthday to you my dearest friend!

17.Happy birthday mate! I want to thank you for not just being here for when I needed you, but for also being here with me at all times.

18.You know your birthday is one day where I will tell you that you are special to me. Have a great birthday man!

19.On your special day, I wish you nothing but only joyous surprises and exciting adventures ahead. Happy birthday!

20.Best birthday my buddy! Here’s wishing you an unforgettable day of bliss, amazing joy and a lifetime of happiness!

21.I promise to always provide light into your life even after you blow all those candles away, awesome birthday!

22.Being around you is enough to help me get more out of each breath. Happy birthday mate, I will love you until my death.

23.Happiest birthday to the guy who has always been there for me in the bad & good times. I hope this day brings lots of happy moments.

24.You are someone who makes me a better person. Thank you for inspiring us as you do. Wishing you a colourful & best birthday ever buddy!

25.Happiest birthday to a great person, friend & my support person. May this birthday bring you years of prosperity, health, love and happiness.

26.Happy Happy Birthday to my special guy friend. I know I can trust you blindly. Thank you for being with me at each step of my life!

27.It is truly wonderful to have you as a guy friend. You are as rare as a gem. Have the happiest birthday with your loved ones!

28.Finding the right words for you is as hard as finding a white peacock. Happiest birthday to my best friend. Have a kick-ass birthday!

29.Wishing my awesome friend a very happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead full of blessings and remarkable accomplishments.

30.Happy birthday to the guy who means so much to me! I wish that your smile would never ever leave your face!

31.Lovely birthday to one of my favorite guy in this galaxy. You truly are an amazing friend and an even more amazing individual!

32.Happy birthday to the best guy I have known. Our friendship is like the sun, where even if you cannot see me, I am shining for you only.

33.When you’re not around me, I feel so unlucky. But with you by my side, I feel so happy and free.

34.Facebook just reminded me it’s your birthday. So have a great birthday & don’t forget to give me a treat. With love!

35.Sending lots of love, hugs & smiles on your birthday. Just always be this wonderful person you are. Happy birthday my friend!

36.May this smile on your face never fade away and you have a great day ahead. Happy birthday, pal! Lots of good moments are on it’s way to you!

37.Having a darling male friend who deserves lots of love & happiness. I hope you find someone as annoying as you are. Happy birthday, man!

38.You know that dining room. Happy Birthday… should I call a dinosaur. Happy Birthday. woman who stays you are old! play you.

39.I was going to get you something special for your birthday, but then I remembered that you pride yourself on self-reliance. So get it yourself.

40.I am blessed to have a buddy like you. Happy birthday, dear friend. May your special day be loaded with happiness and love.

41.I cannot claim to be an expert at being your best friend, but I can promise to try again until my dying breath. Happy birthday mate!

42.Just being with you makes me forget all my problems. Thank you for being this wonderful human being. Happiest birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day!

43.I don’t know if you know this, but you make me feel special in every possible way. Thank you for always being there with me. Have a great birthday!

44.Just like wine is incomplete without cheese to munch, not having you by my side is like the same. Have a wonderful birthday man!

45.Having a great friend like me is definitely a gift you will cherish for your life. You are really lucky to have me. Happy Birthday, my man!

46.Not everyone in my life gets an opportunity to meet me. Since it’s your birthday, you have earned a special day with me. Happy birthday, man!

47.Wishing a wonderful birthday to my bestest guy friend. As you grow older, I just hope you’ll be wiser, braver & kind in the coming years.

48.Being so close to you has made me realise that you are a gem person & anyone would be lucky to have you. Happy birthday, man!

49.You are a friend-tastic guy in my life. Thank you for being a person who I can rely on & always look up to as a best friend. Happy birthday, pal!

50.Hey Birthday Boy! I hope you’re enjoying your “distinguished-looking” years because you move right to “old fart” after this.

51.Happiest birthday to you! May all of your bravest dreams come true and all sorrows gone. Thank you for being such a sweet and loving kind of guy.

52.As friends come and go in my life, you truly are the best of the best! May this birthday of yours be the best you have ever celebrated! Wonderful birthday!

53.If our friendship comes with a legal contract, it will just consist of seven words – I will always be here for you! Happy birthday, buddy!

54.Thank you for listening to words I never said. Thank you for understanding my mind where no one else has ever dared, best birthday buddy!

55.With time I have realized that you are one of the most important people in my life. Happy birthday to my very special & important friend.

56.As for others, this is just an ordinary day but for me, it’s a special day as it’s your birthday. I’m glad to have you in my life. Happy birthday!

57.It is a great feeling when you know that a friend like you is there with you no matter what. You are that person in my life. Happy birthday!

58.Happy birthday handsome hunk. It’s your birthday! Sending a congratulation on getting old my darling friend & cheers to a fabulous future!

59.Happy Birthday to a real swell guy! I’m sending you this ironic birthday wish because I know you’re way too cool for ordinary human sentiments.

60.We’re all here to greet you on your special day. May you have an amazing and memorable day and may all of your dreams and wishes come true today. Happiest birthday!

61.Today is your special day, live it like you are the king of the world and do not ever think of what others say as this day is for you only. Happy birthday!

62.On your big day, I only wish you lots of fun, joy and happiness the world can bring! Happy birthday my best guy friend!

63.Happiest birthday to you my lovely prince. Always choose to dance the beat of your heart and enjoy each and every single moment of your life!

64.On your special day of yours, may everything that you want in life be a path that will take you into the right place.

65.Every moment with you is like a moment to cherish. I wish you a stellar birthday that is filled with lots of love, smiles & hugs. Cheers!

66.Celebrate your birthday like never before! Happiest birthday. May all your dreams come true and no matter what, I’ll always be here with you!

67.Distance becomes smaller when you are with the right person. For me, you are that person. Thank you for being with me as my special guy friend. Happy birthday!

68.It’s my good fate that I have you in my life as my best guy friend. Thanks for being there when no one was. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

69.The first day we met I never knew that you’ll be this important to me. I hope you age like a fine wine. Have a colorful & lovely birthday!

70.Happy Birthday to a great guy! You do so much for others. I hope you can take some time for yourself on your big day. You deserve it as much as anyone, and more than most.

71.There are some special and rare things in life that get better with age. And you, my friend, are one of such special things. Have a wonderful birthday.

72.As for the other people, this day might seem ordinary, but for me, it is not. It’s because it is your birthday. Awesome birthday, buddy! I hope you will have a fantastic day!

73.Happy birthday handsome prince. Look at you… you’re all grown up now. Time indeed flies so fast. You were only a little boy yesterday and now you’ve grown to be such a dashing young guy!

74.Isn’t life ironic? People will often celebrate the countdown towards death and with the same person whom they would be unable to live. Happy birthday!

75.If I will be asked to come up with a birthday wish for you, I will simply draw a heart because that is what our friendship really means to me. Best birthday!

76.Congratulations sweetheart on your birthday. May your birthday bring lots of love, hugs & kisses with moments you will cherish forever. Happy birthday!

77.Being with you is like having a life filled with annoyance & irritation. But I like it this way. Thank you for being the spice of my life. Happy birthday, man!

78.Today is your special day, so live it as you want. Just don’t think that you are the king of the world. Have a fantastic birthday!

79.This is your special day and you deserve nothing but lots of love & happiness. Happy birthday. I hope you enjoy this day just the way you want!

80.Sending you this old-fashioned birthday card this birthday because it’s a sweet memory of our childhood. Have a fantastic birthday & a little hangover tomorrow!

81.I don’t have many male friends but of the few ones that I have, you are the best of them all. I wish you the best birthday ever! May you continue to prosper in life.

82.May flowers grow as you walk in the path, may the sun shine brighter on your youth days and may every step you take become an adventure! Happiest birthday my handsome buddy.

83.Wonderful birthday to the most awesome buy I know! Now that you are a year older, may you turn out to be wiser and braver, ready to face all challenges that you will face through life!

84.Happy birthday to the guy who knows me so well like no one else does and that guy is you. May you enjoy your special day and I hope you will stay happy every single day.

85.Just like how wine is not complete without something at the side to munch, not having you in my life will not also pack a punch. Happiest birthday man!

86.On this birthday of yours, I hope that your cake will be the sweetest cake ever, but I know it can never be as sweet as the friendship we shared. Happy birthday!

87.Wishing you a fun-filled, vibrant and happy birthday to a very good friend. Hop on your birthday ride because this one has goodness, love & hugs to offer!

88.If someone knows you well, then they will definitely know that you are a gem person. I am one lucky person to have you as my friend. Happy Birthday!

89.Having a guy friend like you is as rare as bismuth crystal. I hope you achieve everything you look forward to. Happy birthday buddy & thank you for being there!

90.I hope you’ll get all the happiness this life holds for you on your special day. I’ll always be here with you through all ups and downs. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

91.You are definitely the most genuine person I have ever come across. Thank you for being this kind & lovely person. Have a wonderful birthday & party hard!

92.Happy Birthday to one of my favorite guys! I hope your day is as awesome as you are. And yes, I know that sappy stuff makes you cringe. But we don’t always get what we want for our birthday, do we?

93.Wishing a best birthday to the most amazing guy I know. May your day be filled with lots of joyful moments and may this day give you everything that you love the most!

94.Happiest birthday to the great guy I know. On this special day, everything is all about you, so let us make it all about the things that will make you happy.

95.Best friends make sure that friends like you will have the best birthday celebration ever. It truly is an honor and privilege to be one of your birthdays, happy birthday buddy! Now it’s time to party!