68 Quotes About New Love Beginnings

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1.What I have with you has brought me into a state of solace in the search for a place of rest in love.

2.If love made you blind at first sight, please keep your eyes open when engaged. There’s a lot to see and consider.

3.Your kindness is rare, your loyalty uncommon, and your love expensive. I’ll buy it with my trust dear.

4.Love has come to make its abode with me. So now I know the ones I had before were mere visitors.

5.Making up for past mistakes might not be possible. Let’s make this a new beginning for us. With fresh strength and determination to love each other forever.

6.I needed to explore what love was, and guess what? I got stuck in your world. And I’m going to stay here forever.

7.With every page that I open, I see a better life, a dearer you, a lovelier me, and a transformed us.

8.Everywhere one goes, there’s a kind of answer given to the questions in our hearts. We’ll get our own answers as we find a new definition of our questions about love.

9.Our story is already one with a beautiful beginning. My expectations and assurance are that the remaining part of it would be dear to the ears of all who read us.

10.You’re the trophy I’m getting after a long-time race to find love. You’re like a crown to my efforts and rain to comfort my long dry land.

11.Ours is a relationship that would bounce back if it attempts to hit the rock. It is so firm and rooted in deep affection.

12.Even if I was enthralled by the first sight of overwhelming sensations, I’ve seen more about you now, and still, these sensations have transformed more into strong and beautiful feelings.

13.Through thick and thin, you have been with me. By deciding to live with me, I know that we’ll swiftly cut through restrictions on our path.

14.You have given more to me than I can give you. What a blessing you are and will always be to my life.

15.You don’t act like you’re in control of everything we hold together. You make me feel so equal with you that I sometimes begin to think overboard. Anyway, you’re the best!

16.Even if there’s no benefit of being with you, I’ll still stick. You have assured me from this moment on that you’re meant for me.

17.Making a mistake would have been impossible because your signs were all over the place. I’m only grateful that I agreed, I’m seeing the benefits now.

18.The distance between two hearts that love each other is the shortest. No matter how far apart we might be in the future, our hearts will always be connected.

19.With your beautiful face, heart, and affectionate words, please come fully into my life, and engrave what the word LOVE means. Please, marry me!

20.I’m happy to be sharing the good and bad moments with you. Actually, with me, I see no bad moment, only a trying period that would end up making us stronger.

21.I’ll get you physical gifts, but more importantly, I’ll offer you the best gift of a lifetime. That’s my heart dear.

22.If life throws stones at us, we’ll turn them into snowballs. Our love is magical enough to make life’s hardest trial the least thing to battle with.

23.Cheers to a sweet life with you my dear. I look forward to creating wonderful memories with you. I love you affectionately.

24.You have given more than the worth of a monetary bride price to me even before going to the altar with you. You have won my heart over with the wealth of your love.

25.Some married people live a singles life right there in their homes. When the wife doesn’t understand games and the man knows nothing about women’s fashion? That’s bad! You should get talking the more.

26.What we share would never be relegated to what happened just long ago. It would be relevant as a life that other couples would love to bring into their homes.

27.I feel lighter after every conversation we have. My burdened heart is giving way to affection and being transformed into an entity of love itself. Thank you dear for bringing change to my life.

28.I don’t want to know what love in the world’s context has to offer. I just need what you can offer me as I give mine too. What we share is what defines love to us.

29.You’re first a friend to me, before being a partner. In fact, I see you more as part of me than being a partner.

30.I don’t need so many reasons to boast. You are enough reason for me to boast and pride myself in. You’re worth the totality of the wealth that I possess.

31.A source that gives joy continuously and tirelessly, never making an excuse, and always seeing the reason to give more is what a truly loving partner should be like.

32.It’ll take forever to express what I have in my heart to you. That means, spending forever is possible, as I’ll be available to shower you with love every day.

33.Your smile is the best and your frown the best. Not that I want you sad, but it’s awesome to see your face take different forms.

34.The form I saw you have since we met has been true to your nature. Cosmos needs more people like you to make it a better place.

35.I looked into the future, hoping to see what the end of our love story was like as written in destiny. Guess what? It has no end. That’s the best love story you could ever have.

36.My journey with you is not just an escapade that I felt like venturing into like other people do. I want a real life with you, my dear. I’m happy to be living that reality.

37.I’ll pick you over again and again. There’s no better topping to go with my ice cream than you, and no better flavor of candy I’ve tasted as your affection.

38.My sun rises and sets in your heart. You affect my moods and feelings. The great thing is that you perfectly give me the right climate all day long.

39.You’re like a dew sent to comfort me after moments of dryness. I thought the comfort would be momentary until you put a ring on my finger. Thank you, dear.

40.If it is foolishness for me to commit so much into your hands. Then I’m ready to be a fool for the wisest woman I’ve ever seen.

41.Here, now, always, and forever, I want to keep getting the rush of emotions I’m getting with you by my side. Please, take my hand, and trust me to love you forever as we head to the altar.

42.No matter what people say about my heart as being so strong You alone have the ability to so softly, and clearly inscribed on my heart. Come and fulfill what you were meant to do in my life dear.

43.Thank you for making it possible to have a life with you. One full of peace, purpose, and many more blessings. May your heart be blessed the more as you’ve been a blessing to me.

44.You’ve been more to me one who would fill up space in my life. Though my companion and partner, you perfectly complete me. There’s a filling up you give me after every conversation.

45.Were it possible to open my heart today for you, I would have done that. What runs and pushes the heart to pump more calmness, comfort, and affection to circulate around in me is your love.

46.It’s fun to have someone to annoy for a very long time. My troubles would not be less as we grow, because my demands would be higher. So get prepared my dear!

47.The origin of love gives a firm root to the strength and duration of time that such a relationship would stand. And how well it can withstand trying moments.

48.Connecting with you was the easiest thing to do. Your heart is tender and accommodating, it even softened me to link up well with you.

49.Your words form harmony to my ears. It’s a tune so different and melodious. I’ll dance to this lovely tone always as it is the only one worth dancing to.

50.Pearls of affection are well placed around your neck. You portray and display it so well that I can’t wait to wear it having seen it on you.

51.Let’s make this season of our life a memorable one. A time of life in the history of the world that many other couples would crave for.

52.Blessings and everlasting joy would fill our homes in abundance. I’m assured of this because you carry with you a gracious air. It brings happiness to all that find themselves around you.

53.True radiation comes when you are with the right person. This has confirmed my being with you because since I met you, I’ve been efficient and effective in what I do. Thank you, my star.

54.Comprehending one’s partner at once is almost impossible. That’s the reason for the long walk in marriage. All the vacuums are expected to be filled up as you both take a walk hand in hand.

55.I can’t even bring myself to pay your bride price. You’re of more value than what money can buy. I love you, my wealth! I’ll rather buy your heart with my love.

56.Looking through the pages of the story of my life, I saw the difference when you stepped in. The remaining part of this story is going to be the best with you in it dear.

57.The key to marital bliss is held in the hearts of the couples-to-be. If they set their hearts to it, they would successfully open the door to a great life together.

58.You’re my oasis from hurt and pain. A good and stable shade of affection is what you have been. Always there for me. I promise to be there for you too.

59.The flood of feelings flowing from you to me is helping to wash away every past disappointment. It has indeed become blessings for me since they made it possible for me to meet you.

60.Winning you over to the altar is not the peak of my goals right now, but to take you into the depths of my heart. That you would see with your eyes how concentrated my affection for you is.

61.I promise not put rise to my demands from you, except that you just keep on loving me. This covers all that I need from you. Your attention and care encompass all I need.

62.You’re more than a beautiful bride to be shown off on wedding days. You are much more of a friend to me, one who I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with.

63.A moment with you is like a day, and a day like it’s been more. The thought of losing you is already a big blow to me, so I’ll never wish for it to happen, let alone allow such an occurrence.

64.Fighting what destiny brings is like killing the will to live well. Having had our paths linked, let us make it count and worthwhile. That’s what soul mates are for.

65.You’re so much gain to me and nothing close to a loss. I’ve profited from being with you and still look forward to being transformed by the substance you have to pour out in me.

66.In the midst of multitudes, you stand out even without being given a raised platform. Your words and actions separate you from many.

67.No matter the swing in the mood you have, it still interests me to be with you. You give me great concern and I want to just be part of all your moments. Laughing and crying with you.

68.You’re at the top of my agenda all the time. You’re my priority on every of my schedule. I’ll execute your desires first even before mine.