138 Long Message For Boyfriend

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1.I don’t care what becomes of our relationship in the future; all I care about is that I won’t ever bring myself to stop loving you.

2.I respect you for being a man of your words. That is why I believe you wholeheartedly when you say you love me.

3.Every emotion that I feel starts and ends with you, you’re all that I need for life. I love you, and my love for you is true!

4.I will be there whenever you need me. Even when you don’t need me, I will be there for you, hon’.

5.Never make me cry for your love honey because you are all I have in this world.

6.Whenever you hold my hand, something in me says we’ll never let go of each other no matter what comes before us.

7.Your smile is my sunrise; And your kiss is my sunset. Thank you for being the most wonderful friend and companion and making my day beautiful every day.

8.Some people look for a perfect person to love. But, they don’t realize that a person becomes perfect when we begin to love them.

9.I couldn’t imagine what my life would look like if I hadn’t met you. I love you forever.

10.You are the moon in my sky. My world is dark without you, my love.

11.You are a priceless jewel I have found; I promise myself never to lose you. I love you plenty.

12.I may not be the perfect girlfriend, but I know how to love you like no one does, and no one will never do. Because I love you more than myself.

13.You’re not a wizard. But your eyes had me spell-bounded right from the moment I met you. Tell me its love, not an illusion!

14.Today I want to say thank you. Thank you for making me know I am worthy of love. I love you forever.

15.You are the sweetest beginning of a never-ending love story. You are the prince charming, and I’m the princess in the story.

16.It is not often that we come across someone who is a true gem, someone who we can look up to, love, and adore. I am lucky I have found you, my love.

17.I want a hug from you. A hug where you wrap your arms around me so tight and assure me that everything will be okay.

18.Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing, and love ends when you stop caring. So dream, hope, and love… it makes life beautiful.

19.You’re love defined, love expressed, and love personified! My experience of love with you is the sweetest memory I’ll hold in my heart forever! I love you to the moon and back.

20.If the amount of time spent thinking about you could be converted to cash, I’d be the richest person on earth. Love you plenty.

21.If loving you is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right; My love for you is strong and brighter than any light; The way we must go is long, but we’ll win every fight!

22.It takes great luck to have someone like you as a boyfriend. I feel blessed every day and every moment for this gift. I will love you till my last breath, no matter what life brings before us!

23.Nothing in this world can ever keep us apart from each other. We may sometimes fight with each other, but we also know how to fight for each other.

24.I can’t decide if the best part of my day is waking up next to you, or going to sleep with you. Hurry home so I can compare the two again.

25.The majority of women have a certain level of fear about growing older, as did I. But as long as I get the chance to grow old with you, I know I will be just fine.

26.I may not be your first love, first kiss, or a first date, but I just want to be your last everything.

27.I searched for the man who will complement me in all ways and found you. Ever since I allowed you into my life, it has been all bliss and no regrets.

28.I was a nobody going nowhere. But you made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Your love is what I need and what I want for the rest of my life.

29.I never knew I could love a man silly until I met you. I am now a helpless romantic, all thanks to you.

30.They say nothing lasts forever, but I want us to be that nothing that lasts forever coz it’s you and I stuck together for life! I love you from now until forever.

31.Every time I try to keep my heart away from you, it revolts and escapes. My heart finds you and wants to be locked up in you forever!

32.I won’t ever promise you everything on the planet, but I will guarantee you everything my heart brings out because you possess my heart.

33.Baby, if you want to have an idea of how much I love you, take a trip to the ocean. As far as it runs and as wide as it stretches, so does my love for you.

34.In your arms, I have found a perfect hiding place for me. I can avoid the rest of the world and still feel like I have everything right here, right in your arms.

35.Darling, there’s something I have not told you, those little minutes with you are so valuable to me.

36.When I think of you my heart skips, when I see you my heartbeat races, I think my heart responds just to you my love.

37.It’s hard to find someone willing to stay with you in every up and down of your life. I feel blessed to have you in my life because I know no matter what happens you will never stop loving me!

38.Not a day would pass without your love proving that we’re meant for each other, I see my future in your eyes and yours in mine, and I say I’m stuck with you forever! It’s you and I together, forever.

39.Each day we spend apart makes me more excited to be reunited with you. Meanwhile, know that you are in my mind (and my heart) every day!

40.There’s a love that only you can give, a smile that only your lips can show, a twinkle that can only be seen in your eyes, and a life of mine that you alone can complete.

41.I’ll love you till the end of time, and that’s if there’s really an end. I just want to let you know that I’ll be the luckiest woman on earth since I have you to spend the rest of my life with!

42.The beauty of love isn’t the ecstatic feeling but the beautiful inspirations that come to mind knowing you are willing to share your life with me. I love you forever.

43.I don’t need a million reasons to feel special. All I want is you to reside in this world. You’re the sunshine of my life.

44.The more I spend time with you, the more I fall in love with you every day. You have a very gentle and beautiful heart that I promise to take care of all my life. I love you!

45.My world was so empty and dark that it all seemed so meaningless to me. But when I met you, suddenly it felt like the sky over me has lightened up by a thousand stars. I love you!

46.Life is full of surprises and finding you was the best of them all. Love you madly, deeply, and sincerely. I will always be yours, and I’m so happy to know you feel the same.

47.God especially makes you fit into my life because you are a bundle of awesomeness. I am happy to go down the love lane with you. Having you in my world is bliss. I love you.

48.The thought of you gives me chills, and when you’re around me, I feel like the day is faster, and that’s because I want to spend all of the days by your side! Your love is what makes me come alive.

49.You’re the love of my life, the one I’m in love with, and this didn’t happen just once coz I’m falling in love with you every passing day! I love you, and words can’t express that.

50.I want us back to how we have always been because fighting over every little thing won’t help our relationship. I don’t want to be right anymore because our relationship is worth more than anything.

51.Even your smile can shine brighter than a thousand sun. You light up my life in every conceivable manner. Never stop doing this!

52.They say love can’t be seen, it can only be felt. But they were wrong. I have seen it many times. I have seen true love for me in your eyes. And it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

53.My heart desires to be with you every moment of my life. Your love draws me nearer to you like a magnet. You’re the only person with whom I could be myself without all the worries of being judged.

54.I love you so much, my dear, and I am pleased to have a relationship with you. You are the best boyfriend ever, and I love you with all my heart. You are the only person who can make me feel like the world has no problems anymore and nothing is wrong when we are together, and that’s all that matters in life for me.

55.With you by my side, I’m not scared of anything that comes my way. One thing I’m sure of is that I love you and will always do. I’m never leaving you behind because life makes no sense to me without you.

56.I can’t tell how much your love has contributed to making my world better. But I can tell that you’re the best human in my world. I will shower you with unconditional love. No matter the challenges we face, my love for you remains unshakable. You’re everything a woman needs.

57.Hello babe, I know you’re probably busy with work and all, but this quick message tells you how much I value your advice and friendship and how lucky I am that we found each other. I appreciate you, and I can’t wait to see you tonight. I love you.

58.The most unrealistic thing for me is when you’re not by my side, I can’t explain the feeling, but it’s like when an important part of one’s body is missing! You’re that one important part of me I can’t do without.

59.Will you forgive me and let things slide away, or will you hold it all to yourself and allow what we share to die? I don’t want to lose you, and I don’t want to miss our relationship. I was angry and did some silly things. All I have ever wanted was the best for us.

60.No one is perfect, and people say you can never find a perfect guy, but you are so close to excellence. I love you with all of my heart. You will remain in my heart, no matter how far you are from me. I can’t wait to create more beautiful moments with you once again. I hope our love waxes stronger and lasts for eternity.

61.I will love you till my last breath because not a day goes by without my heart yearning for you and your love. I cherish every moment spent with you and look forward to more time with you. I love you to the moon and beyond.

62.Hi boyfriend! I’m so glad we met, even though it was by chance. We’ve overcome so many obstacles together and always seem to come out strong than ever. I know that I can always count on you no matter what happens, and your support means more than anything in the world. If there’s anything I can do for you, please let me know because there isn’t anything in this world that would make me happier than being able to help out in any way possible.

63.Forgive me for my shortcomings because we are all humans. I pray you accept me back and let peace reign. When we are happy, we achieve more than when we are apart. I love you, and I always put you ahead of anything.

64.We all have our shortcomings, but our ability to overlook each other’s mistakes is the only ingredient our relationship needs to bloom. I want our relationship back because I can’t stand missing you when you are with me.

65.You have a special place in my heart that you alone would occupy forever. Words cannot explain how dear you are to me and how much I love you. I want you to know that your love is the best thing in my life. It is the best thing in the world.

66.Baby, I’m glad we met! There’s no one else in this world who makes me feel as loved and cherished as you do. Seriously If it weren’t for you, who knows what would happen? I’m lucky to have found someone so kind and caring and who always treats me like a princess. You’re the best thing ever, and I can’t stop loving you.

67.Saying I love you won’t prove I do. I can’t repay you for your tender love, but I can love you completely with my whole heart forever. You have made me understand that life is not the amount of air you take in but the beautiful moments that take those breaths away. I want to spend the rest of my life loving you.

68.When I found you, I knew I just met the right guy. Looking back to how far we have gone, nothing is coming between us. Thank you for making my life worthwhile. I can’t pour out my heart enough on how fortunate I feel with you in my life. I’ll keep holding on to you, loving and adoring you with everything in me.

69.My words were mean, but they were not to hurt you. My actions are uncalculated and unreasonable. You can forgive me because this relationship means a whole lot to me. I take back the words I said to you because I never expected to make you feel bad.

70.They say a woman with a good man finds a good thing. You’ve been my inspiration and motivator. Loving you is incredible because I can’t get enough of you. You love and care for me, and I cannot begin to imagine my life without you. I’m pretty sure it would spell out the word “Terrible.” You are everything to me.

71.I have fallen so deeply in love with you, and even words can’t explain how deep my love for you runs. My adoration for you will continue until my last breath because you are everything I need. You are my heart’s desire, and I will make my heart your home. I love you more than anything in the world.

72.My love for you will keep burning until eternity. You are the love of my life, and I’m here to cherish you forever. My heart is yours now and forever. Thank you for making every moment we share lovely. It feels delightful to have you around. Kisses.

73.My love for you would go on till the end of time. You came into my life, bringing along so much awesomeness that has improved my world. I want you to know that I live to love you, and I will keep on giving thanks to God for sending you my way. It’s a blessing to have you as my King. I love you beyond the stars.

74.Having you in my life is a blessing because you make my day bright and shower me with love each new day. You have made me your number one and given me your utmost love, which compares to nothing. You’ve filled my heart with joy and happiness, and I find many reasons to smile when I’m with you.

75.You came into my heart and took over the throne, and you ruled my heart with love, care, affection, and happiness. I feel lucky to have you as my own. You’ll forever remain enthroned to my heart as my King.

76.I cannot express my sincere gratitude to you for what you have done for me. If not for you, I wouldn’t have known what it feels like to experience real love. You’ve been there for me even during my awful days, and my heart is filled with gratitude for the care and affection. I love you because you are the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to me.

77.It feels good being your lover. It’s always beautiful, and I wish to be yours forever because I love you with my whole heart. I know life wants us to be together. Nothing will come between us because my love for you is pure, and nothing can change it. My love for you is like the wind that you can’t see but can feel it.

78.After tasting what it is like to be in love with you, I wonder how a life without you would be. I’ll forever bless the day I met you. There isn’t a day that the thought of you doesn’t crowd my mind. You’re the best companion any lady could ever wish for, and I am so lucky to have you.

79.Sometimes, it seems like you have no clue how much space you’ve occupied in my heart. Most times, my heart feels like bursting and letting an endless river of emotions flow out. You have ultimately captured my heart, and now I live for you. I love you with all of my heart, and nothing is taking that away.

80.I love you not just because you are handsome but also because you have a beautiful soul. You understand me much more than I know myself. You tell me what I need, even when I have no clue I needed it. You’re my life coach, and I thank you for making my life much better. I love you now, and I’ll keep loving you forever.

81.Like the umbrella offers protection from the harsh weather, you have offered me protection from life’s troubles. You’re my lifeguard in dark moments. You’ve given my life a brand new look, and I’m happy with the feeling. With you in my life, I’ll remain the luckiest woman on earth.

82.I don’t want to miss you the way I have been missing you right now for a long time because my heart might break down. I want to reunite in your arms and kiss your lips at every opportunity. You are the first thing that comes to my heart when I wake up in the morning and the first voice I look forward to hearing in the morning. I love you more than words can describe.

83.I’m grateful for every love you have showered on me and the unmerited care you have shown me. I can’t love you less because you are the one my heart carves for at all times. I feel on top of the world when I’m with you, and I live for you. My entire world and my heart cherish you every day of my life. I love you, darling.

84.When I think of the beautiful love you have shown me, my heart flutters. When I imagine how our future will be, my heart beats faster. Saying I love you doesn’t seem enough anymore, and I don’t know how else to show you that you are the sunshine in my life. My heart will keep beating for you today, tomorrow, and forever.

85.I love to love you, baby, because you represent the meaning of life for me, and I will always adore you. Every moment of my life is filled with happiness because you have made my well-being your priority. My love is for you and will forever be for you. I trust you, and I will love you no matter the challenges we might face.

86.No matter how life is, I won’t lose hope because I have you in my life. Your presence in my world has made it serene. Right from the first time I met you, I strongly felt you would mean so much to me. With all of me, I love all of you. I hope our love lasts for eternity. Always remember that I will still be by your side, loving you dearly no matter the circumstance, because my life without you has no meaning.

87.My love for you is like a spell with no antidote. Even if there were an antidote, I wouldn’t take it because I want to remain under your spell and keep loving you. The more I think about you and how amazing you are, the more I find myself helplessly in love with you. You came into my life and transformed it. You’ve wiped away the pains in my heart and filled every day with a million reasons to be happy. I love you dearly.

88.I love you so much, and you have no idea. You are the only man in my life, and I will love you forever. You’re so handsome and intelligent, and it makes me so happy that we can be together forever. Thank you for being such a wonderful boyfriend and friend to me. It means so much to me that we can share our lives like this.

89.I thank you for loving me for who I am and not for what I am. I thank you for believing in my future, and not counting my past. In turn, I will love you with everything in me today, tomorrow, and until my heart ceases to beat.

90.Everyone sees who I appear to be, but only a few know the real me, you only see what I choose to show, there’s so much behind my smile you just don’t know. And give me a chance, because I want you to know.

91.Love that we think we cannot have is the one that lasts the longest hurts the deepest, and yet feels the strongest. We’ve been through our fair share of struggles, but I am sure we will always be together through thick and thin. I love you.

92.When I say “I love you,” I mean every letter in that sentence, I can’t imagine a life without you, you’re the light that brightens my day, and you’re the hope that I see each day, I love you more than you can imagine.

93.I cannot imagine my world without you, and you’re not just my love but also my man. Your love is like a duvet that shields me from the cold weather of life. Your love is the air I breathe, for me to live I need you every day. I try to do things just like you, and I want to be as amazing as you are. With each day spent in your company, I feel great. Your presence does magic because it makes me feel special.

94.Your presence brings joy and happiness that has no bound. Nothing else matters to me as long as you are with me. Falling in love with you is one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me. I love you beyond what words can describe.

95.Sincerely, I love you with all of my heart. Life smiled at me when you came into my life, and I can’t stop being grateful even for a second. Your love is that dream I spent my whole life praying to come true. You’re the best in the world, and I’m happy to have you here. You remain my baby boy forever.

96.You’re as unique as you can ever be because I can’t define what you mean to me. Not even words can explain how much you make my heart feel. I enjoy the sweet feelings of your love because it is the best thing that happened in my life. All thanks to you, I am living the life of my dreams.

97.I’ve always admired your smile because the looks in your eyes have always captivated me. It’s hard finding someone who knows your flaws but loves you anyway. I could burn the world just for you because you mean everything to me. You are the perfect match for me, and I’m so fortunate to be yours.

98.I would stand against everything and everyone I know just for you. You have become a significant part of my life, and I wouldn’t trade you for anything in this world. I’ll keep loving and cherishing you until my last breath. I love you, baby.

99.My soul is at peace whenever you’re with me because you leave my heart in utmost joy whenever you’re around me. Nothing can blow off the flame of love in my heart burning for you. Wherever you wish to go, I’ll go with you because we are now one and must work together.

100.Women aren’t the only beautiful creatures on earth. There are also cute men, and you’re one of them. You’re beyond my wildest imaginations, and I’m in awe of your beautiful soul. You’re not only beautiful on the outside. Your heart is so pure and kind, which makes it the most beautiful thing ever. You are my entire blessing, and having you is what made my life this beautiful.

101.Billions of smiles, but none compares to yours. There are billions of souls, yet never have I came across one so innocent and pure. Your thoughts and wishes for me are too good to be true. Thousands of gems are worthless because they can’t give me the feeling of completeness your love brings. Am I not the luckiest girl out there in the universe? Yes, I am.

102.Endless time, but none is as precious as the time spent with you. Every moment spent with you remains the best time in my life. Being in your company gives me so much peace and joy. Being with you for the rest of my life is my wish, and I can’t imagine living without you.

103.Every day is worth looking forward to with you in my life. You make every day a pleasant one for me. My heart is always at peace, and I’m happy when you’re around me. You have no idea how much you mean to me. I want to remind you of how much I love and cherish you.

104.When I have you in my life, why do I have to stress? Having you alone in my life is everything I need. You’ve put a big smile on my face, and I’m the happy woman I am today, all thanks to you. I’m beyond blessed to have you in my life. Thank you so much for every time you’ve had my back.

105.Your love came like a hurricane and swept me off my feet. You have engulfed my heart and filled my soul with happiness. I’m more ready than ever before to be yours forever. Never worry about what might come up. I believe in our love and know that it will always survive whatever. I love you, baby boy, and there is no doubt about it.

106.I will stand with you, my baby, no matter what happens. I will love you even if the whole world is against you. I will give you my entire heart, and I don’t care if it causes discomfort. You are the King of my heart that will always rule it until the end of time. For the first time, my whole body feels alive. I will love you forever.

107.You are the sun in my dark world that eludes sweetness with every step you take around me. Meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. I have never felt this happy, and you’re the reason for my happiness. I can’t imagine a life without you, and I can’t even think of any perfect way to spend the rest of my life. I love you so much, baby.

108.Love is blind because I looked beyond your flaws to see the most fantastic person in the world. You are perfect for me because what the world thinks doesn’t matter. My heart leaps with joy whenever I spend time with you. Some things can not be exchanged for another, and you are one of the most valuable things in my life. I love you, handsome.

109.Every second reminds me that I have a goldmine in my domain. You’re the only man my heart calls out to all the time. I desire your love, and my heart has never stopped adoring you. When I say you mean the world to me, I mean every alphabet in that sentence. How on earth am I not supposed to fall in love when you are completely awesome?

110.The years I have spent with you are the best years of my life. They have been exceptional, and I have nothing else to do than to shower you with the best love you can’t find anywhere in the world. I can’t wait to share my future with you because you have beaten my expectations and have made it into the list of best things that has ever happened to me.

111.Saying I love you isn’t enough because those words lack the magic to explain how my heart feels about you. A life with you will be a dream come true because you have awoken the deep feeling of love buried inside me. I can describe you in three other words, but I know that it’s still not enough. You are my heart, soul, and world.

112.I love you and want us back because we are perfect for each other. While we might want to be right sometimes, I cannot be right at the expense of my relationship. I value you, baby, and I love you more than you can imagine. There is no doubt that my heart beats for you. Please forgive me.

113.I take back the words I said, and for the actions I made, I beg you from the bottom of my heart to forgive me. I love you, and I want you always to remember that. You are my man, and I will forever show you how much you make my world.

114.I’m filled with regrets, and I want you to know I’m sorry. Things are not how I thought they would be. I feel entirely terrible and wish I never took the actions I did. I love you, baby, and I promise to make things right this time.

115.You mean the world to me, and I don’t want the world to take you away from me. I will always love you without limits because no one else deserves my love for you. I can’t explain why I love you and don’t care to know why I am so much into you. Until my dying day, you will always be my superman. I cherish you every day.

116.I found my other part when I first saw you, and when you first spoke to me, I realized there is no mistake about my feeling for you. Your love and care are enough motivation and encouragement I need to survive. With the passing of each day, my love for you keeps growing, and it has been the best thing I have ever done.

117.Your presence in my world brought me beautiful and awesome things. You lightened up my world and filled it with love and happiness. You are the first thing on my mind in the morning when I wake up and the last thing on my mind at night before bed. Remembering the mornings when I didn’t wake up next to you and nights when I didn’t cuddle in your arms, I realize I’ve been missing so much of your presence. I love you, darling.

118.The only time I get to see a love like yours is in romantic Bollywood movies. I can’t thank you enough for being there for me whenever I call on you. I will live to cherish and adore you dearly. My heart is all yours, and no one can take it from you. A life without you would be incomplete, and I am thrilled to have you in my life. My love for you will continue for the rest of our days.

119.I am thankful for having you in my life every day. Your presence has impacted my life in ways words can’t explain. From the moment you came into my life, I felt alive, and my days began to make sense. I love everything about you and even enjoy the whole concept of you and me as one. I will always be there for you, never letting you down. With my entire heart and all of me, I love you deeply.

120.I always wake up feeling thankful every day for having you in my life. Right from the first day I welcomed your presence into my world, you made it serene and filled it with love and beautiful moments. You care for me so much more than I care for me. Loving you has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You’ve filled a special place in my heart that no one can replace, and I would hold you dear to my heart forever.

121.Our relationship is the best love story that surpasses any other love story. I hope our love for each other waxes firm with the passing of every new day. Words cannot describe how much you mean to me, and I love you to the moon and back because you rule my life.

122.It’s been a little while since we’ve seen each other, and it’s been tough being apart, but that’s what we both need right now. It’s good for us to be apart so that when we come back together again, we’ll have more to share than ever before. I hope you’re having a great day wherever you are today, and whenever things get tough, remember that no matter how far apart we may seem, nothing stops us from feeling connected to one another.

123.You’re so cute, funny, intelligent, and great. I’m so happy you’re my boyfriend. I love how much you care about me, and I can’t wait for us to spend more time together. I know our lives will be fun because you will be with me. I love you loads.

124.You have been my boyfriend for almost two years, and I don’t think I could bear life without you. Your smile makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world, and your laugh makes my heart skip. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before. Thank you for putting up with my crazy ideas and being such an incredible partner in life. I love you so much.

125.Even if the stars fail to shine, and the moon refuses to light up the world, I know I have nothing to fear. I have my guardian angel to look after me, care for me, and love me forever and always. I love you!

126.I have always dreamt of having a loved one breathtaking and unique, just like it’s in the movies. To get love as exquisite and astonishing, just like it’s in love books. And here I am today, living that dream, because of you, my life is all brilliant, meaningful, and ecstatic. I am glad I have you in my life. Thank you.

127.I feel great joy and happiness whenever I find myself in your company. You’ve loved me unconditionally and made me a happy woman. You gave me your undivided attention and supported me in hard times without complaints. Your love for me is indescribable because it’s the best thing in the world.

128.When I’m with you, I feel loved, cherished, adored, and happy. No day passes by without receiving love from you, and I feel more satisfied with each day passing by. When I’m in sorrow and press down, you give me your helping hand and put a smile on my face. Being with you gives me the happiest feeling ever.

129.With you, there is no broken heart, and there are no scars. When I’m with you, my heart is filled with happiness. You are everything I will ever need and everything I have always prayed for in life. The more I see you, the more I want you, and I know deep down me that what we share isn’t just a fling. We have a future together. I can’t wait for that day. I love you, sugar pie.

130.Dating you was one right decision my heart has ever made. Loving you is the best decision of my life. If there is no you, then there will be no me because my existence relies on the unconditional love you shower on me. I love you with my entire heart, and it looks like I’m mad over you. Do not be alarmed because I enjoy the feeling it gives.

131.What more can one wish for than a cheerful heart like yours filled with love? I’m happy to inherit such an asset. There is no life without your love. I don’t want to sleep, and I don’t wish to breathe if you are not mine. When I hear you say ‘I love you my whole body comes alive. You are amazing, my dear.

132.Seeing you and being in the comfort of your arms is what I long for every day. It’s hard coping without you for a second. When I’m around you, I feel on top of the world. Your presence gladdens every corner of my heart. I can’t explain the blissfulness inside of me when I am with you. I don’t need anybody to tell me how lucky I am to have you in my life.

133.Being with you has been my source of happiness. The love and joy you elude at every point in time is rare and compares to nothing in the world. If I get an opportunity like this once more, I’d still choose you again. You’re the man I’ve always dreamt of having in my life. You’ve been the love of my life, and nothing can change that.

134.There’s a great feeling of joy that overwhelms my heart whenever I share moments with you. Your love is the most adorable feeling ever, and I enjoy every bit of it. Every day I’m always up and thankful to my stars for sending you my way. You are a priceless gem that I’ll live to cherish forever.

135.I’ll climb any mountain and swim through any ocean if I have to spend a moment with you. Nothing can come in between us because you are my destiny, and I am yours. We are the perfect combination, and that’s why our stars joined us together. Every passing day with you gives me enough reason to believe our love only keeps getting stronger.

136.Our love is the most beautiful feeling ever. We’ve got a flame that would last forever, and nothing has the power to tear this relationship apart. We have grown a bond that will remain for eternity. I’m all yours as you are all I’ve got. I love you to the moon and back.

137.My King! Your smile is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in all my life. It’s powerful enough to make a depressed mind impressed. Your loving arms give me warmth and comfort sufficient to relieve me of my stress. If only you have the ability to see yourself through my heart, then you would understand why you are so special to me. I love you, dearly.

138.I’ll always bless the day I crossed paths with you because my life took a different turn when you came into my life. Words are not enough to express how much I love you. You’re the one I’ll cherish and adore forever. You are my dream man, and I long to share every moment of my life with you. Being in love with you is the only thing that gets my world rotating.