35 Smart Sad Paragraphs About Life

Visit:635   Updated: 2022/11/20

1.I wish I had partial amnesia to erase the memory of you off my head but I hope that one day, I will get over you and move on.

2.It is difficult for me to utter these words but IT IS OVER BETWEEN US! We have to move on with life. Goodbye.

3.You may not be able to reach your goals somewhere, it does not mean that you are not talented. You can always meet up with life if you can forget about the past. Focus more on what really matters.

4.It’s sad how a love story that was supposed to end well turned out bitter and painful. The pain you left in my heart will always be in my heart.

5.Each day, I try to pinch myself out of the nightmare of not being by your side anymore, but right now the reality is upon me and I will live with it for the rest of my life.

6.Sometimes it’s better to let go of what you love to receive a better one. It’s over between us, I have to let you go so I can receive a better person. Enjoy your life.

7.Life has bought us this far and still taking us to better places, we’ve lived life together and now it’s time to live it separately. This is sad but we have to let go. Goodbye.

8.May be we are not meant to be, but heaven knows I will forever remember you for always being there for me. I love you so much.

9.My heart does no longer beat love, it beats pain and hurt you’ve hurt my feelings and destroyed what we shared. You are a betrayal and I hope that you learn your lessons real soon.

10.Breaking up isn’t just ending calls or texts. It is cutting you out of my life and that’s my final decision. We have chosen our different paths and I hope that it doesn’t cross again. Move on, man!

11.I might have loved you with my all but I discovered that it doesn’t take love to keep a man, my love wasn’t enough for keeping you. I’m letting you go forever. Goodbye.

12.Looking at how far we’ve gone, I discovered that no one could have done a better job of breaking my heart. Yes! I allowed you to go. Thank you for doing your worse. I’m done with this relationship.

13.Nothing makes sense to me anymore. The fact that what I cherish so much has slipped my fingers is excruciating. It’s my fate and I will live with it. Goodbye forever.

14.Crying my eyes out won’t be enough to take away the pain in my heart, somewhere in my heart, my heart still yearns for your love but I just have to let go. I’m sad about you.

15.I can no longer put up with your lies and deceit, it has gotten to the brim and your cup is full. Now, it’s time to cut off all kinds of relationships with you. It’s over between us. Goodbye.

16.It’s unbelievable that a heart that once cared for me and loved me is now a stranger to me! It’s better now than in the future. Goodbye forever!

17.The pain in my heart is so unbearable, it feels like I will never get over it but I know you’ve taught me how to be strong. I will get over you, though it’s sad to lose you. I’ll forever miss you!

18.I wish I had said this earlier, I wish I had gathered enough courage to tell you this, but I’m sure life made it now because now is the best time to tell you that I AM DONE WITH THIS RELATIONSHIP.

19.No matter what happens or what you do, just know that I have forgiven you even though you don’t deserve it. Irrespective, things cannot go back the way you want them to. I’m sorry. It’s over.

20.Your love is like that venom that doesn’t harm its prey immediately but one that does it gradually. It shouldn’t be called love but something I can’t explain with words.

21.I am greeting you. You are very important to me, so take it easy on yourself, don’t hurt yourself with worry. I have taken care of that part for you, I will always try all my best to make you happy.

22.The scar you left might heal up but the memories of you will always linger in my heart. Thank you for making me stronger without you.

23.I have found the man of my life and it is no one but you. I have found the woman of my heart the most amazing angel of my life. I wish to be with you in paradise and to set you free from every pain. I am sorry.

24.My life will be different without you. Please don’t be angry at me. I am sorry for your loss and also want to say please forgive me for every single pain I caused –the one I know about and the one I didn’t notice. I am really sorry dear love.

25.I’m sorry, our dreams have been shattered, whatever thing we have planned to do together has been dissolved. What I feel for you is no longer love. Please forgive me. Goodbye.

26.Ever since you left, my loneliness has increased. I don’t have any one to say I care, no one to pet me when I’m sad. I realized that you are the best for me and nothing will ever change my love for you. I love you so much that I can’t stop thinking about you.

27.It is with greate pleasure that I met you the other day, I still want that feeling to continue because that’s the reason why I will always be in love with you. It is so sad that you have to treat me the way you do. I can’t wait to see that you are always happy.

28.Loving you was a choice I will never regret making. Your love was pure until the day… I will never forget all the memories we have shared. Goodbye forever.

29.Being with you in life is happiness that doesn’t have a limit. I am so glad because you are the angel of light sent down to wipe away my sorrow. I realized that since the day I set my eyes on you my life has changed, every sorrow is gone.

30.Your space in my heart is so wide that I can’t sleep without thinking about you. I am willing to be with you all the time so that we can enjoy this world together. I wish to be there for you all the days of my life. I so much love you like never before.

31.No one knows why I decided to choose you above the rest of the women. You are given to me by the one mighty in power. Tell me why I won’t cry for missing you. I wish to be with you soon so that our love story can continue.

32.Moving on is a choice I have to embrace, you’ve broken my heart. Now, it’s time to focus on my healing. Goodbye.

33.It is with love, joy, and happiness that I met you. I felt so sad when I heard that you will soon be leaving us alone. Please don’t go because I will die if you do. I am addicted to your love, no wonder I can’t possibly live without you.

34.For the first time in history, I sick for love. It has not happened to me before but the power of the passion I have for you made me sick. I want to see your smile once again, I want to be the reason why you are happy.

35.I promised to be with you in any condition, and I have not reversed my statement but now, you already having affair with someone else of which you don’t care about me. I planned to spend the rest of my life with you but it is so sad that you are leaving already.