20 + Can Do Attitude Quotes

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1.“I have no attitude I just concentrate on only those people who are interested in me.

2.“The greatest discovery is that a person can alter his life by altering his attitudes.”

3.“My attitude is to stay strong in a bad situation and stay happy in a good situation.”

4.“The character of a person is made by his attitude in his tough times, not by what in his good times.”

5.“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.” – Captain Jack Sparrow.

6.“We may be capable of doing so many things but it will be worthless if we don’t have a positive attitude.”

7.“When you turn your attitude into ego, You don’t lose friends or love ones, You only lose yourself and your dignity.”

8.“Winner or Looser, They would like to win with the attitude at the cost of real happiness!!

9.“Reflections are very important. Your life is a reflection of your attitude. Save your attitude, don’t change for anyone. Be yourself.”

10.“Attitude exaggerates a Person to Personality… Ego dismantles the same Personality to Ashes. Ego ruins and attitude wins.”

11.“If you call a thing bad you do little, if you call a thing good you do much. This is the Attitude.” Johann W. Goethe.

12.“Our attitude is the reflection of our personality and our personality is the reflection of our attitude.”

13.“Don’t try to change me…My changes will automatically be in your concern when your attitude towards me takes an undeclared twist!!

14.“Winners fight to succeed, losers fight to see others fail. It’s your attitude which defines what you are.

15.“Teaching & Traveling both are the best way of learning  If you have the right attitude you can learn a lot during teaching & traveling.”

16.“I’m too bad at some things, which means that I’m good at the remaining things too!!”

17.“Some say Beauty is all about attitude But without gratitude, attitude is not beautiful anyway I feel.

18.“You cannot please  everyone but you can  piss anyone, after all, something is  better than nothing.”

19.“What’s the use of your beauty if you don’t know how to be kind with others. Shift your attitude towards Kindness rather than  Beautifulness.”

20.“No one “deserves” success- It is either earned with hard work Or lost to the hands of fate.”