50 + Funny Good Morning Greetings

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1.Good morning! Please remember to be grateful for having a husband like me! Good morning, Have a beautiful day.

2.Greetings, dear buddy. What an awful surprise to find out you’re still alive and well! Good morning, Have a happy day.

3.They say love is blind, but I can see your beautiful face. Good morning my love! Good morning!

4.Life is a 24-hour party! I’ve got my lipstick on and everything. And then the alarm rings … Good Morning!

5.Morning! I’m so glad you’re here with me today. Good morning, Have a happy day.

6.Why should I get up early if you’re not a cup of coffee? Good morning nice day.

7.I was going to make breakfast but the alarm rang. Looks like I’ll have cereal today! Good morning.

8.If you don’t wake up, you are going to miss the cream of the sun. Good morning, Have a happy day.

9.The sun is already up, the sunshine is beautiful and so are you. Good morning sweetheart!

10.I had everything I could ever want in life … then the alarm rings. Hello, world! Good morning, Have a beautiful day.

11.Wake up and start your engine with a cup of coffee because the day is going to be so long. Good morning my dear.

12.Good morning to you. Pleasant luck in your efforts to be in a good mood today! Good morning, Have a beautiful day.

13.Always have positive thoughts as you will never find them in real life. Good morning. I wish you a great day! Good morning.

14.You are so privileged to have a king like me in your life. Good morning, my love. Good morning my dear.

15.A cup of coffee and your good morning text are the ideal mixes of enjoyment in the morning! Sweetheart, Good morning, Have a beautiful day.

16.At the start of another difficult day, I’d want to wish you a good morning. Good morning darling!

17.Get out of bed and be grateful that I’m your friend. Because I’m the best buddy you’ll ever have. Good morning nice day.

18.Morning is the best time of day. The only downside to it is that you have to wake up so early! Good morning.

19.Good morning. The sun is already calling you. I decided to answer it for you. Good morning nice day.

20.Because it requires no work, ability, or practice, sleeping is possibly the one activity in which you can easily exceed me. Greetings, dear buddy! Good morning my dear.

21.Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of the morning. It’s just that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day. Good morning nice day.

22.Morning is wonderful. The only downside of it is those annoying things called time zones! Good morning my dear.

23.Good Morning! Just because Monday is not liked, does not mean it will be a bad day for you. Hope you have an amazing day! Good morning!

24.This is not fair. I was about to wish you good morning only to realize you have already woken up. Good morning nice day.

25.I was cuddling you as I whisper sweet words into your ears and then something weird happened. The alarm bell rang. Good morning darling!

26.In my dreams, you’re a lovely prince, but in the mornings, you’re a nightmare. This is why I enjoy sleeping so much. Good morning darling!

27.You need to learn how to get up early and prepare your partner a lovely cup of coffee. Good morning, Have a happy day.

28.I heard your alarm clock is causing you problems. When you’re having an affair with your bed, this occurs. Hello there, mate! Good morning.

29.You’re as obnoxious as an alarm clock. At the very least, I have someone to shout at in the morning. Good morning, sweetheart!

30.I got out of bed to send you a good morning text, and now I’m going back to sleep. I’m hoping you’ll respond and wake me up. Good morning!

31.Sending a good morning greeting to someone who will view this text in the afternoon when they wake up at noon. I’m hoping to hear from you later tonight! Good morning, Have a happy day.

32.Apart from your hug, your kiss is my favorite part of the morning. Is it possible that I’ll get them today? Sweetheart, good morning!

33.Make yourself a cup of coffee and start your car because you’re in for one more difficult day before the weekend! Good morning!

34.People often tell me to be more of a morning person. I could only achieve this if the day started later in the afternoon! Good Morning!

35.Good morning! Relax no hurry to wake up; you still have tomorrow to do what you had planned for today. Good morning darling!

36.I know it’s hard to get out of bed when you never really slept, but everyone needs me at work. I’ll try my best for them! Good morning, Have a beautiful day.

37.Good morning to the person whom I would like to spend another day with. I am crazily in love with you. I wish you a good day! Good morning, Have a happy day.

38.Wake up sleepy, I wanted to be the first person to wish you a happy birthday! Oops, wait a minute, it’s not your birthday. Good morning! You can now go back to sleep. Good morning, Have a beautiful day.

39.Good morning sweetheart. You look more beautiful in the morning than in the other hours of the day. Wake up and have a wonderful day! Good morning, Have a happy day.

40.Your good morning message inspires me to get out of bed every day. If you want to have a miserable day, don’t forget to text me first thing in the morning! Good morning my dear.

41.I can’t tell you how much I want to lie in bed and text you all day, but the alarm clock is blaring and a mug of coffee is waiting for me. Good morning!

42.I was attempting to compose a romantic good morning message for you. But then I discovered I wasn’t a poet when I awoke. Good morning my dear.

43.You’re not the kind to text a pal a good morning text first thing in the morning. So I’m the one that gets to play the part. Good morning nice day.

44.Good morning, and thank you for knowing everything there is to know about me and yet refusing to abandon me. You’re a wonderful buddy! Good morning darling!

45.You are so lucky your alarm didn’t kick you out of your bed, but I am sure your bed will, If not try sleeping the whole day. Good morning, Have a beautiful day.

46.This morning, I was considering borrowing a kiss from you. Will you just give me one? I have no qualms about returning it with zeal! Good morning!

47.I never believed procrastination could be contagious until I met you. Good morning, and best wishes for another day of lazing in bed and messaging each other. Good morning!

48.A friend is someone you think about first thing in the morning. Yes, I was thinking of you and pondering whether or not you were still alive. Good morning my dear.

49.Every morning is a war between the superego and the id, and I’m just a foot soldier with dirt on her shield and a snooze button. Good morning.

50.I can’t believe you did it again! You have me all to yourself for another day. I’m so excited, I going to make sure we both enjoy every minute of our time together today. Good morning darling!